View Full Version : Legal ways to avoid doing the census.

2011-03-28, 12:36 PM

Now I find my self in the position of asking for help, lately my cousin from England has asked me for help in "Legal ways to avoid doing the census", which is a law enforced questionnaire which he finds a gross invasion of privacy. I have turned to the playground as I believe the play-grounders will have a answer, also can I please not have any jokes here, posts like "Just do it" or "lol just write a big no on the front" are useless and I don't want to return to him empty handed, with lies or with illegal methods. So for his and my sake, I turn to you. :smallsmile:

Thank you, Xelliea

2011-03-28, 12:37 PM
We cannot answer any questions about legal advice, due to forum rules. It is suggested he ask a legal professional for his country of residence about such questions.