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2011-03-29, 10:46 AM
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Turn 1: There is no income this turn as you have spent it (on your initial units). You each have a lvl 1 keep, and 1000gp of income per turn.

Circle's End
Myrmillion attached to centaurs
Gwilkin attached to OOTS
WarDanes (10)
War Slingers (10)

Map: You occupy a square continent. Due to interesting mountain ranges and roads cut through them, you can only reach regions adjacent, but not diagonal to you.


Legend: X = Neutral Nations
T = Thunderous Laughter (Croverus)
C = Circle's End
B = Burning Ones

2011-04-01, 09:50 PM
Circle's End

Story(for story's sake):
Myrmillion overlooked the expansion of the strange complex he had begun to call home. His world was changing was so fast, it felt like he was caught in a gale blowing across the vast plains. He watched as the old druids instructed those of their order to work on his compound of twisted caverns shaped into halls, hedges lined into walls, and great trees coaxed into playing watchtowers. The space was getting large, and the barbarian leader was hoping to fill it with the tribal horde he commanded. Yet, he caught one of those old druids looking at him atop the draconian shaped mound he called his shelter. Those eyes were judging him, so much like the elders of the tribes. His forces had been recalled so the elders could convene for council. Always the elders mistrusted him, but the warriors knew better.
The warlord of the fey knew what he must do. He was like a leaf being blown about by their machinations, and their distrust. To control his own fate, Myrmillion had to prove his own power and let his strength call out to those who would truly follow him. The shaman found Gwilkin, his druid war leader, and commanded him to bring together all the troops ready to rampage: the fey, the druids, and the few barbarians he could convince to stay beside him. The forces of the Circle's end would march south, to prove their new leaders strength of arms.

Circle's End is going to march all of its forces as a horde towards the south against the poor unsuspecting neutral nation. The splintwaifs will be used as scouts, but Myrmillion is itching for a fight to prove his might.

Marching from 3-1 to 3-2.