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2011-03-30, 09:14 AM
So, me and, er, he-whose-forum-name-I-have-forgotten, created this game called Freefall. It's like a computer game (a puzzle-platformer), but is played on paper, mainly due to the take-anywhere-able-ness of paper and to my lack of programming skills in anything other than Scratch. Everything else is so darn complicated! I'm working on a Powerpoint tutorial, but it might end up not being any quicker than reading through the whole... rules? instructions? the stuff about it below. Which you should do, or at least skim it, to get the gist of the game. Then look back for more detail when you need to. It's fun!

It would be great if any of you programmers wanted to program it, maybe in a team, since it'd be a big project. You'd get a bunch of credit for the finished game of course.

EDIT: This game is forever expanding. We make up new stuff all the time, and you are welcome to as well.

Object of the game: to get The Disk to The Door. Then you will have ultimate control of matter and unlock the secrets of Atlantis! Or something. Or sometimes, the object is simply to get the spider to it's web.

1. Characters: Specifically, your characters. Obviously, you control their every move.
A. Stickman: He can walk left and right, climb ladders, and push crates, but not jump. He's drawn two spaces tall, but is actually one. He is from the original version of freefall, which was much smaller, and was a total ripoff of Professor Fizzwizzle.
B. Spider: Can walk left and right, climb ladders, and shoot web to swing on, 1 square to the side and up to 3 squares up or down. It only sticks at the corners of blocks.

2. God powers: You can see which ones and how many you have by the symbols in the corner and the numbers next to them.
A. Lightning: The lightning must hit something at a perfect diagonal angle, meaning the angle of the longest line you could fit in 1 square. So, even if something is open to the sky it may be safe from lightning if you can't get a clear shot coming from the sky at this angle. Lightning is deadly to Goombas and wood. Metal or water will conduct the charge, killing all Goombas touching the metal.
B. Fist Smash: A fist 2 squares wide comes down crushing all Goombas and crates in those two adjacent columns. If there is a non-crate roof anywhere above what you want to smash, you can't smash there.

3. Elementals: This is stolen from "The Chaos Code". It's a book. You should read it. Like the god powers, what elementals you have are shown by a number after the letter of the element. When you make an elemental, it must be made out of element. NOT all elementals can press buttons. Only the humanoid ones ("dude") can carry disks and such, and go up stairs.
A. Earth Dude: 2 squares. Can kill Goombas and press buttons.
B. Water Dude: 2 square. Can kill Goombas and swim in quicksand.
C. Fire Dude: 2 square. Can kill Goombas and burn wood.
D. Air Dude: 2 square. Can fly.
E. Earth Rat: 1 square. Can press buttons.
F. Fire Bird: 1 square. Can fly, kill Goombas, and carry disks.

4. Wizards: Yes, they're the Harry Potter kind.
Anyway, all wizards can do automatically is walk and carry disks, but they have word bubbles where their spells and other powers are shown with pictures. Word bubbles also show whether you control them. Wizards are two spaces high, so they can go up stairs.
A. Spells:
I. Reducto: Destroy Crates (They're more destructible than most stuff).
II. Imperio: Take control of another character or jellyfish.
III. Avada Kadavra: KILL
IV. Lumos: Let there be light! The light extends from your wand in every direction, until it hits a barrier. Useful for disposing of unwanted vampires.
V. The Bubblehead spell: Allows someone to breath even in CO2 or water.
VI. OTHER: Make up whatever you need. Fire-breathing teddy bears!
B. Character abilities: Some characters have certain abilities, even if their word bubble doesn't say.
I. Albus Dumbledore: can drill through stone with his pointy hat. Yessiree, we take ourselves very seriously around here.
II. Sirius Black: Can turn into a dog. His word bubble will include some powers that can only be used as a dog, like eating people, and some only as a wizard, like casting spells.
III. Horace Slughorn: Can hide by being a couch. No one notices a couch! Even in a jungle!
IV. Generic Vampire: He can bite people and make them vampires. Controlled by you, no less. Will die on contact with light.

5. Items: Usable stuff just lying around.
A. Spell book: Learns you a new spell! It has a word bubble. Only wizards can use them.
B. Sword (of Gryffindor?): Also has word bubble. It's powers will involve slicing things.
C. Polyjuice Potion: It mentions who it'll turn you into on the cauldron.
D. Mushrooms: eat them to gain the power of another character, depicted on the mushroom. Even elementals can eat them! Can you say "SpiderMan"?
E. OTHER: Make up whatever you need. Spaceballs: The Flamethrower!

6. NPCs: Non-Player Characters.
A. Goombas: They are your enemies.
I. Normal Goomba.
II. Ninja Goomba: can defeat Earth elementals.
III. Gas Mask Goomba: can breath in CO2.
IV. Snorkel Goomba: Can swim and kill Water elementals.
V. Fire-Resistant Goomba: Cannot be killed by fire or Fire elementals.
VI. Key Goomba: Killing the Goomba gives you a lettered key to the corresponding lettered door.
VII. Cigar Goomba: When you kill him, you can make Flame Birds from the cigar.
VII. Goomba on Stilts: can go up stairs.
VIII. Flying Goomba. For The Win.
IX. Flamethrower Goomba: Can kill Air Elementals. The flame reaches 2 spaces in front of the Goomba.
B. Jellyfish: They don't actually do much, but... well... they're in this section anyway, okay? They are usually pointing diagonally. Spells bounce off their heads like a mirror, and the tentacles kill those fool enough to touch them. Also, if you press a button connected to the jellyfish, light comes out of the tentacle end like a lamp. If the fish is pointing diagonally, the edges of the light will be directly up or down and left or right. If pointing up, down, left, or right, the angle is that of the longest line that can fit in two adjacent boxes.
C. Other wizards: Their objective is shown in their word bubble. You may want a GM to decide what they will do, though they mostly only react to relevant things when they see them.
D. Chocolate people: These stick figures have nothing in their heads other than getting to the chocolate bar. They are OBSESSED, man! Trick them into pressing buttons.

6. Blocks: the scenery.
A. Earth, Water, Air, Fire: Make elementals from them. Air is just anywhere without a block or CO2. Fire is usually in a sort of pedestal. Presumably there's a candle inside, it makes more sense than random patches of ground being on fire.
B. CO2: Carbon Dioxide. Stuff that needs to breath can't go in it.
C. Metal: It's what ground, walls, and floor are usually made of. It's conductive.
D. The Disk: Get it into The Door and you've beaten the level! Also from the Chaos Code.
E. Gate: Pressing it's corresponding button makes it slide open or closed. When opening, it will slide as far as it can until it hits something.
F. Button: Activates things. Anyone can press it except for some elementals who are too light.
G. Hose: A Goomba can use it to kill Fire elementals, but Water elementals can be made from the spray.
H. Wood: Flammable.
I. Wooden Crate: Flammable, and is affected by gravity. Crates can be connected to a block they're touching (even diagonally), and so will not fall unless the other one is destroyed or is falling too.
J. Metal Crate: Conductive, and is affected by gravity. Can be connected, see above.
K. Goomba Door: If there is one, a Goomba faced with an enemy it cannot defeat will flee through this and escape forever.
L. The Door: Get The Disk in this to win.
M. Locked Door: Like above, but you need the corresponding key or button.
N. Fire Extinguisher: Goombas can use it to kill Fire elementals.
O. Conveyor Belt: Arrows show which way it turns.
P. Quicksand: Most will sink and die, but Water elementals can swim in it, and Fire elementals can walk across it.
Q. Element/God Power Token: Get it into the door to get another of the depicted Element or God Power.
R. Anti-Aircraft Guns: Will shoot down any flame birds it can point at. It can swivel.
S. Stone: Like metal, but not conductive.
T. Spikes: They kill EVERYTHING. You say you're literally made of fire? No, too bad. Spikes kill EVERYTHING.
U. Rain Cloud: Air elementals can push clouds around. You can make Water elementals from the rain.
V. Hinges: sometimes blocks are on hinges, so they turn when the spider swings on them.
W. Laser: when it is activated by a button, it shoots a laser, destroying the first thing it hits.
X. Grease: The spider can't swing on a greasy block.
Y. Cannon: Anything or anyone stuffed into a cannon will be shot out and fly until they hit something.
Z. Antimagic field: Blocks spells, but other things go through it fine.

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Reserved for playgrounder expansion.