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Totally Guy
2011-03-30, 02:14 PM
I was browsing online and came across this awesome dungeon mapping tool (http://www.davesmapper.com/).

I hope some of you can make use of it some time.:smallsmile:

2011-03-30, 02:18 PM
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
At this point, you can't save the individual tiles together as one image, but the creator is working on it.
Besides, if a DM is willing to sweat a little, he can do it himself!

2011-03-30, 06:14 PM
This is pretty awesome. I faved it already I'll check it out in detail later.
Thanks for sharing!

2011-03-31, 12:40 AM
HA! That website is a hoot if you're using an outdated browser! This is the message I got:

"Your browser is a hot mess.

IE 6 is damn near 10 years old, and I know 5 year old children that can render CSS better with a box of crayons and a pack of construction paper than IE 6 can. It doesn't even know how to render most of this app, and quite frankly I don't have the time or ambition to hammer it into submission."

However, it won't let me see the website until I upgrade. Perhaps it is finally time.

2011-03-31, 06:43 AM
I'm afraid so. Nothing that they said was hyperbole. IE 6 needs to die in a fire.

2011-03-31, 06:56 AM
right, looks neat and all...now...how does it work?

2011-03-31, 08:10 AM
Well this should prove usefull.

2011-03-31, 03:00 PM
Interesting. If I'm looking to make a dungeon for a 1 op or need a dungeon in a short amount of time, I know where to look.

Thanks for sharing!