View Full Version : Cardea's Excuse for Motivation

2011-03-30, 02:29 PM

So I did NaNoWriMo 2010, and I really liked it. I finished my story at well over 60,000 words, but I didn't feel satisfied with it by the deadline. Something as missing. Over the past couple of months I've been editing and revising it and passing it off to friends for their revisions and so far it's improving by a lot. But while I'm finishing up that story, I'm going to start another one...

I don't want to give the plot now. I want it to come to people as they read it. So to that, every Friday, I will post one more chapter of the book in progress, to get feedback, to have it saved somewhere besides my laptop, and to see if people enjoy it so far. There is no title yet, too, so feel free to chalk one up if you feel like it.

In any event, please enjoy...


“You know what the problem is in this time of the world? Most kids are satisfied with the life they have. Most kids are happy with what they’re given. And while that’s a virtue in and of itself, there’s something that we don’t notice. Some kids want something more to happen. Some kids want something magical to happen. They know we can’t give it to them, so they wait. They wait for a letter to arrive and whisk them off to a world of magic. They wait for strange beings to tell them that they’re needed. They wait for that special voice to tell them that they’re unique. They realized something that we were unable to break, something that we were unable to stop for our children. That we were unable to stop something so heart-breakingly tragic and so overwhelming that we as adults don’t realize it for most of our lives.

That there’s no magic in the world.

And as adults, we can accept that unicorns and dragons and vampires are just myths.

But could you tell a kid that, and expect him to stay happy?”