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2011-04-05, 06:08 PM
Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=189905) is the main story, other llinks can be found there.

Update #1:
“Ugggh.” Waking up is not fun. But... why was I up this early? 4 o’clock in the morning? My alarm wouldn’t have woken me was I awake. As I turned my head, I realized a paper had been placed on it. Bleh. Probably an April Fool’s joke. Moaning, rubbing my eyes, and otherwise waking up, I dropped the paper on my desk.
After getting dressed, I looked at the paper. It was mostly covered in ink, that much I could tell. After actually reading the first line, I saw it for what it was: My character sheet. Why would any of my friends do this? I already had made several, usually about level 5. this one showed me as level one, not very kind. Hmm... it did know an awful lot about me, and I was sure I hadn’t told any of my friends my religion, so I had no idea who made it. It said I was a Wizard 1//Psion 1. I had about 4 hitpoints. Not good. Was a friend planning to surprise me with a realistic game later? I hopped on my bike and headed over. On the way, I noticed my friend, John, biking on our route. He held a piece of paper in his hand.
“Hey, what’s going on?” He shouted to me.
“What, you got a character sheet too?” I replied. Dismounting from my bike.
“Yeah, woke up with it on my face.” He replied. By now, we were both off of our bikes and sitting against a tree.
“Weird. What classes are you? I’m a Psion, gestalted with wizard.” I asked, showing him my character sheet.
“Erm,” he said uncomfortably,”I’m a Fighter gestalted with Ranger. Not the best, unlike you.”
“Ha!” I laughed.”At least you ahve more than four HP.”
“Ouch,” The dark-haired teen said. “Maybe I could tank for you?”
“Sure. But we’d better get a move on.” I replied. “The sun is rising, and other people are bound to find their sheets too, and run through the streets killing people for XP.”
“Alright, let’s go to my house, my dad has a bunch of guns.”
After a while, I managed to convince my parents (via phone) that I should be allowed to go to John’s house for a sleep over. Those negotiations finished, my phone was available. John called up two more friends, asking if their day was weird, and rufusing to answer questions when they didn’t mention character sheets. We decided to play a game of D&D while waiting. Us two sitting at the table, looking over our stats, we realized we needed a DM. Both of us had only 4 years practice-it had been 4 years ago when I discovered D&D, and we were still only 13-and so we called over John’s dad. He was, as always, a surly DM, not caring about our characters, but that’s what made him great. We had to fight to survive, and every death was amazingly described. As I went to grab John’s dice, I had to climb up stairs. I felt a die being rolled as I ran up the stairs. 1. I fell on my face, and (after another die being rolled, this one a 5) I tumbled back down the stairs. Wait, did I just fail both a balance and a tumble check? What had happened to the world? As a psion would suggest, In my mind. I found a mental barrier as I looked through what I knew. I threw my will at it, not caring if I got tired as long as I could reak down the dam holding back my powers. In one last thrust of power, I broke the dam, sending flying, icy-cold crystals everywhere, and slammed my head against a wall.
I woke back up about an hour later. John and his dad, Peter, were concerned about me. I was too giddy to speak! I had found my powers, I was a psion//wizard! I explained what I hand discovered to John, and he wondered if he needed to practice with a sword. He and I pulled out some foam swords and had a jumping duel on the trampoline. He was doing normally, beating me as always, when he suddenly jumped over me, dodged my feeble strikes at his legs, and spun in air, knocking me forward. He landed with a roll, offline by now, and stood up.
Looking awestruck at his hands, he laughed. “Looks like I found my powers!” He exlaimed. We high-fived and went back inside. Looking at our character sheets, my intelligence had gotten boosted, but my strength decreased, and John had a better dexterity, but at the cost of his wisdom. “Well, looks like I got 300 XP for that.” He said, gesturing at his character sheet. I guess I counted as a challenge, even though I hadn’t used any spells.”One third of the way to second level, I guess.” I replied. “I’m going to go check on the immediate area, see if I find anyone else with powers. I’ll wait for an hour, so I can re-change spells.”
“Sounds good.” He said. “I’ll head out with you, taking one of my Dad’s pistols with me so I can have something long-range.”
He spent the hour crafting himself some armor from metal. We lived fairly near a scrapyard, so it was pretty easy to find the scrap. He even had a hammer and anvil, becuase his dad, apparently, was a blacksmith for a Renaissance Faire. I never knew that.
As we set out, I had Mage Armor, Grease, Sleep, Acid Spray, Detect Magic, and Ray of Frost. My psionic side had 4 power points, and I knew a few powers; Mind thrust, Astral Construct, and Ectoplasmic Screen. Time to head out.
Update #2
“Let’s head out.” John picked up his pistol, spun it around his fingers, and pulled out a bokken he found (apparently his dad was also a ninja. Maybe I should recruit him.) “You got your spells ready?” He asked.
“Yeah. I got some battlefield control, it’ll help against people with sharp pointy things.” I replied.
“Alright then, let’s rock and roll.” I replied, picking up a spell book that had materialized when I went to the bathroom. No, not like that. I was looking in a cabinet for a book, and found a leather-bound tome. It had spells in it.
As we were leaving, we told his dad that if anyone came, he should aim a pistol at the door and open it while shouting he had a gun. It would probably help him if Pc’s came walking around. We walked down the street after I had casted Mage Armor on myself. We found a group of four people, seeming about 17 years old. They were talking to each other, something along the lines of “Pwned that noob, haha.” We saw them, and so we ducked down behind some bushes and got ready. I manifested my other protective spell on him, Ectoplasmic Shield, so he had more of a chance of surviving. I cast Grease on the sidewalk, falling enemies can’t attack very well. Apparently, I had the Invisible Spell feat, which showed up on my character sheet after a few seconds. So they couldn’t see the grease, and John was preparing to shoot them when they get close. I had spells, and I was going to run up and cast sleep as soon as they fell. Unless they happened to be level two, it was a will save or lose spell. It all worked as planned. John shot one of the leaders, a sinewy man with a shotgun. He yelled out in pain, and ran forward to where he thought he mght find us. The rest of his group sprinted along with him. They hit the grease running, and slid down about 5 fecoming to a stuttering halt. “What-” was all they managed to say before I hit them with a Sleep, knocking all of them out except the shortest person, who was in the back. He blasted us with a Burning hands--didn’t he know anything about optimization?-- which scorched and hurt like hell, but allowed us to attack him, me with a Ray of Frost and John with his handgun. With them down, we used healing checks to stabilize the injured one, took their wallets, phones, a spellbook, and a sword. I mananged to convince John to give them back their phones and some money, but we kept the sword and spellbook. They were the hardest to find of the items they had, and the most likely to be sued for offense. This was still some awful nice loot to bring home, especially with the fact that we both got 450 experience. We were halfway to level 2, John just a little ahead of me. As we walked back to John’s house, the sun was falling, and the sky turned scarlet. The color of blood. As if the universe heard my thoughts (of course, it might have), a zombie walked down the streets in front of us. Using a few more spells and bullets, it went down quite easily, but the fact of the matter still stood.

Zombies were real.
Update #3
With the knowledge of zombies, I could use my fall-back plans for a zombie apocalypse. What teen doesn’t have one? Let’s see, I was already at John’s house, so we could use his two-story house to our advantage, zombies don’t climb stairs very well. And his dad was a ninja-gunman-blacksmith. We would be mostly safe if the living dead came swarming around, but high enough numbers would force us to evacuate. For now, however, it was time to sleep.
Waking up was as not-fun as always, but I could at least see what had changed on my character sheet. I had 600 exp, John had 900. Very close to second level. I was already dreaming of the spells I would pick, and John was probably drooling for the time he would get Rapid Shot. Thinking about the world as it was, I wondered if I could write on my character sheet and make meger or smarter. I went back upstairs to John’s room and grabbed a pencil. If this worked, I could be invincible. I reached the pencil slowly towards the paper, hoping whatever cosmic DM there was wouldn’t notice. As the tip of the pencil touched the paper, my arm filled with searing pain. All of my muscles clenched and unclenched, I screamed, and the pain moved up my arm, reaching towards my brain, until I could swat the pencil away from the paper with my other arm. Glancing at my character sheet, I saw I had lost a hitpoint. Damn, that would be annoying later.
“Are you OK?” Peter said, as he ran down the stairs, apparently having been woken by my screams. I saw him holding a piece of paper.
“Yeah, I’m mostly fine. I tried to edit my character sheet.” I replied, massaging my right arm in an effort to shake of the lingering pain.
“That’s good,” Peter said, holding out the paper. “It looks like I found a character sheet with my name, I’m a Rogue/Ranger according to it.”
“Great. The world has changed, we’re not playing a joke on you.” I replied, seeing him about to roll his eyes. “See?” I said, casting a ray of frost on the door handle next to us. “The entire world is D&D style now.”
“Wow. That’s a lot to take in,” he commented, “Huh, you’re missing an HP?”
“Yeah, that’s why I was screaming earlier. Sorry about that, by the way.”
“No problem. Let me see.” Peter lifted my arm up, and looked at it. “Take some pain meds, it should be fine.”
“Let’s go fight off some zombies.” I said, stretching my arms.
“I saw John take one of my pistols, but it’s okay. I have my best gun here, under lock and key. It’s a Remmington 760, one of my favorite sniper rifles.”
Key in grip, his hand dips in and out of his pocket, coming to rest on the drawer. He grab the silvery handle, pulls it open and slides out the gun. It is about four feet long (or a bit over one meter, for you European people), with a 22” barrel. Inside the drawer are several packets of .308 Winchester rounds, one of which he opens. He load the clip, pushes it into the gun, and finally speaks.

“I’m ready.”
“Good,” I reply, “Night is falling, and zombies are around.”
“For real?”
“Sadly, yes.”
We went off to barricade our doors. We had a small repair kit from IKEA, with a hammer, nails, and an electric screwdriver. We set to work, covering the glass windows with scrap wood from an excess table then screwing it on. A bolt was added to the front door, but instead of being lifted, it had to be unscrewed. If there were any intelligent monsters hunting use, it’d at least slow them down.

Update #4
With all our safety precautions in place, we felt it was time to go to bed. Each of us would take a 3-hour shift watching, and spend 6 hours sleeping, except for one of us.
In the end, it was decided that we would rotate, and Peter decided to go first. John and I went to bed, dreading what was in store for us tomorrow.
I woke up at 4 in the morning, when my guard was up. I decided to spend the time making scrolls; three scrolls of Shield gave us all one hour of 20% higher protection. Normally, one magic item, no matter how cheap (the Shield scrolls only cost 1 xp and $12.50!) takes a minimum of one day to craft, but apparently the cosmic DM allowed the minemum to be 1 hour. Everyone woke up around seven o’clock, and we buffed up and headed out.
We all had Shield active, which gave us a +4 to Armor Class, and we planned on taking out some zombies. Both a good deed and a nice method of getting XP made it number one on our to-do list. Four zombie were outside our front door, moaning and trying to shove the door open. I saw their decaying flesh smash against our door over and over from a nearby window, until the saw me and went over. I climbed to the second story and out onto the roof. The zombies tried to get up, but lacked the coordination to do so. Peter pulled out his Remmington 760, a sniper rifle, and started shooting the zombies in the back. Because peter was downwind of them, they couldn’t smell him and so ignored when their fellow zombies started falling. When there was just one left, John ran in, equipped with his gun and the non-lethal foam sword, taking out the remaining zombie, which got finished off easily by Peter. As the batttle finished, I felt a rush of adrenaline through my veins. it increased and increased until I was crying out from the presssure. Suddenly, the pressure receded, leaving me with a headache and a new level. Wizard 2 got a new spell, and Psion 2 gave me more power points. John got more HP, as well as Rapid Shot for ranged weapons. He could fire twice as much, with only a minute penalty to accuracy.
“Man, I feel useless.” John said. “I need to get a better sword, bu maybe when we’re in the streets I could be a tank.”
“Yeah, we need you for tanking.” I replied. “We both have 4 and 7 HP respectively, and your 13 is much, much higher.”
“I guess. I really should go pick up a better gun though, I’ll go get the M16.” John said, much more happily than before.
“Okay. We’ll wait.” I reply, sitting down on the couch. I pulled out my gun, the Desert eagle, and loaded it up while John ran off to grab his stuff.
After five minutes, we headed out. John took the front, leading with his AK in his hands. Peter and I stayed back, ready to leap into action if someone jumped out. Zombies were scattered around all the buildings, shuffling into the buildings and back out. Their rotting skin’s smell permeated the air, sending waves of nausea through us as we walked. As we walked, we planned what we wanted to do after leveling. “We need to create a shelter for PC’s and NPC’s alike, a safehouse for everyone to live, stay, and be safer. Of course, evil people we’ll have to banish from it, because we want to keep it theft and murder-free.” I explained. “We also want to eventually rid this continent, and eventually the world, of these monsters, but that’s a much more long-term goal.”
“I agree.” Said Peter. “Getting us (and others) safe should be our priority.”
“Totally.” John replied. “Well, we should get started by getting some cars, out-distancing zombies will help survivors other than us.”
We continued walking after that, eventually finding a car with a persl inside it. They were zombified, of course, but that was fairly easy to deal with. Sniper rounds do tend to smash windows.
Once the zombie was dealt with, we simply pulled the corpse into a trash can, got into the car, and sped off. Peter was the only one who knew how to drive, so John and I looked outside for easily shootable zombies. After killing about 5 of them, Peter leveled up too, getting Evasion and his Rapid Shot feat. We found a nice place on our map nearby, a Cosco store, which would have plenty of food and other materials, and few enough entrances for it to be easy to barricade. We drove off, now with a destination.

2011-04-05, 08:26 PM
You do know that a couple is 2 right? you should have said few in the last line

Dragon Elite
2011-04-05, 08:37 PM
Ah, thanks. I was originally planning on having just two, but I then realized that that was not what the rules said. Thanks for catching that! New update should be up tomorrow/day after that.

Dragon Elite
2011-04-05, 10:48 PM
Second update is up.

2011-04-06, 11:46 AM
It's great! I laughed at his dad secretly being a ninja.

There is a discrepancy in the first update:
One minute he thinks that his character sheet is one big prank, next he has fully accepted and quite at ease with the fact that D&D was real. Where was the transition? Was there a transition?
You need to make that more gradual. Perhaps have him chatting with John for a while, discussing what on earth is going on, until finally he realises and accepts it.

Also, his alignement is very unclear. He seemed to be a good guy, but then he was just attacking other PCs for no real reason, seemingly because they were there. Could his alignment be shown next update?

Dragon Elite
2011-04-06, 05:58 PM
It's great! I laughed at his dad secretly being a ninja.

There is a discrepancy in the first update:
One minute he thinks that his character sheet is one big prank, next he has fully accepted and quite at ease with the fact that D&D was real. Where was the transition? Was there a transition?
You need to make that more gradual. Perhaps have him chatting with John for a while, discussing what on earth is going on, until finally he realises and accepts it.

Also, his alignement is very unclear. He seemed to be a good guy, but then he was just attacking other PCs for no real reason, seemingly because they were there. Could his alignment be shown next update?

Also, I think the transition was finding the mental barrier in his mind, then being able to do stuff. Also, finding a spellbook.

Alright, I'll have it shown that he just wants to get EXP, maybe asking John to give back their money and stuff.

EDIT: Edited, and I need a good gun for Peter (John's dad) to have in the next chapter. Considering a SMG or hunting rifle.

2011-04-06, 08:38 PM
There would be some kind of 'oh my god. It's actually real!'
In mine it's remembering a dream and having proof it was real in his hands (his Sheet)

Dragon Elite
2011-04-06, 09:40 PM
Hmmm. I think I'll add him saying Ray of Frost and casting it, mybe freaking out. Should be up soonish.

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Once again, this has fallen onto the last page so I am bumping it back up again so it doesn't get lost.

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Thanks, new update will be up later today.

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Third update is up. Next chapter will have a morally justifiable fight scene, I promise.

2011-04-21, 01:48 AM
Apart from a few typos this seems great. Have another quick read through and correct them, and the new part will be perfect.

Although, earlier, you said you'd edit the bit where he first realises whats going on, and then you didn't. Huh?

Also, just realised that if you hadn't put in a post that Peter is John's dad then we wouldn't know. You need to edit in that detail.

Other than those minor nitpicks, a good update!

Dragon Elite
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I edited in the document on my computer, but not here. Will make the changes once my brain is coherent again. Thanks for the critique.

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New chapter is up, fighting zombies and heading off to Costco

2011-04-23, 12:57 AM
Where is yours set? Do you mind if my characters hear of your safehouse and go there? But that would only work if yours is set in London.
If not, don't worry, I have a different plot idea planned.

Dragon Elite
2011-04-23, 10:42 AM
It was in London, though I do not live there. I wouldn't mind at all if they came here.

2011-04-23, 11:49 AM
Okay, thanks. It won't be for a while yet, but I would quite like for that to happen. I'm not going to say anymore in public because of spoilers, but I'm going to PM you other details.