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2011-04-10, 12:19 AM
Chapter I

The Man That Wasn't There.
Thought of the Day:
There is nothing to fear but failure

It came as quite a shock when the servo-skull floated to your side, whirring in the air, and informed that Inquisitor Soldevan himself has requested to see you in private library. In the years you’ve spent in his services, you’d rarely heard of anyone entering his sanctum or disturbing the privacy of his work. All in all a reclusive man, he devoted himself to his studies- and tolerated neither distractions nor deviations from his rigidly prepared schedule.

As such, whatever the Inquisitor wanted must be rather been important.
Why wouldn’t it? After all, you (And your cell) had developed a reputation for your effectiveness and the rigorous quality of your work- an impressive task, considering the Inquisitor’s high (and peculiar) standards.

Following the Servo-skull, you reach the doors of Soldevan’s study- and area as elusive and ominous as his private laboratory at the bottom of the headquarters- but unlike those hallways, where screams of agony were commonplace- here it was deathly quiet.

“You may enter” The Servo-skull’s cold, mechanical voice- barely a whisper- distracts you from your thoughts, and the massive doors silently swing open, a testament to the peace and quiet the Inquisitor demanded of everybody (and everything) on this particular floor.

You enter the library and find yourselves immersed in the smell of old books and papers. All around you, rows upon rows of tomes fill the countless shelves and bookcases that line the wall. Stacks of them tower here and there, piled up all around the room, alongside reams of dishevelled papers- giving you a glimpse at the Inquisitor’s notorious thirst for knowledge and information.

Ahead of you, the Inquisitor’s chair sits unused behind his desk- he must be somewhere within the aisles.

Navigating across the books, you hear the rustling of pages beyond a bookcase nearby- and the faint whirring of a servo’s skull propellers. Rounding the corner, you spot his immaculate uniform at the end of the aisle, his back to you, flipping the pages of a book

“Ahh, Punctuality- an admirable quality.” He says, then shuts the book and hands it to the Servo-skull nearby that grabs it with a metallic pincer before darting off somewhere beyond your line of sight.

“I have called you here today...” He begins, before turning to face you- his eyes passing from acolyte to acolyte as if gauging your collective worth. “Because I have been monitoring your progress...” His tone is serious; his gaze stern.

“An Adequate performance...” He says, not particularly proud- nothing more, nothing less. “But I have a special task for you; a matter of personal importance- and a chance to prove you have what it takes...”

In the distance, you hear the Servo-skull’s familiar whirring before it floats back into the aisle and drops a file into the Inquisitor’s extended hand. He opens it and reaches inside, pulling out a Pict.

“This is Andreyus Keetling.” He says, showing it to you- It depicts a smiling young man with blond hair and blue eyes in his late twenties. His clothing is fanciful and his demeanour overly comfortable, clearly of noble Origin.

“According to his sister, he has been missing for two weeks now- and the Local Arbites have been unable; or unwilling, to find any leads.”

He then places the Pict back in the folder and hands it to the arbitrator.

“I expect you to travel to Prudenza, a small coastal hive here on Malfi.” He continues, grabbing another scroll from the Servo-skull. He opens it, and hands it on the latter’s pincer- revealing a map of Malfi- upon which he points to the hive in question.

“Prudenza Used to be a prominent port-town. Until that is, an accident shattered the rail systems connecting it to the rest of the hive; leaving it rather isolated, and making it a rather difficult location from which to transport large quantities of goods. Though repairs started years ago, they are nowhere near complete: as such, the hive has been more or less cast aside by the Administratum; and is now a hotbed of criminal activity.”

He rolls up the scroll, and waves the servo-skull away.

"Now, you are well aware that vendettas in Malfi are commonplace; as such, it is Imperative that the situation not devolves into a blood bath: though Prudenza is isolated; these nobles are all connected- by ilk or marriage; and such an incident could spark a blood feud across the entire planet.

Remain subtle, and discreet with your investigation, regardless of what you find. Do not attempt to contact me before your task is complete, one way or the other: you never know who might be listening. If word of our involvement reaches the wrong ears, then hasty conclusions would quickly be drawn- and that would lead us back to the bloodbath- you are strictly to remain undercover. In two weeks time, I will send a shuttle to a predetermined location to pick you up- That should give you more than enough time.

I have secured you transportation to the hive- Head up the landing pad when you’re ready, you'll be leaving this evening. – However, once you reach the hive, you’ll have to fend for yourselves until the pickup time.

First, you’ll want to meet with Sarah Keetling, Andreyus’ sister: she’ll tell you whatever she knows- The coordinates, and a few other details, are in the report- the rest is up to you.”

With that, he waves you off. Picking up a book from a nearby shelf, he opens it and resumes his research, leaving you to show your own selves out.

As you turn to leave, he coughs, stopping you in your tracks.

“Oh, and acolytes- Keep in mind: the Keetlings are personal friends of mine. Their father, before his untimely passing, was a staunch supporter of my research- and provided valuable aid to the Inquisition.

I trust you’ll succeed in this task; I wouldn’t want to have to find out what went wrong.”

At this, you remember the rumors pertaining to Soldevan’s treatment of disappointing acolytes and shudder. Visiting his library was one thing and You certainly did not want to visit his interrogation room.

Leaving, you wait until your off the floor before you let out a loud sigh: the next two weeks weren’t going to be easy- but at least it was a chance to prove your worth to the Inquisitor, and advance further in his organization...

2011-04-10, 08:36 AM
Nikolaos remained silent through the Inquisitor's speech, hearing and registering the words, but letting his eyes roam. The old man, old far beyond his 50 years, was clearly paranoid. Even here, he was expecting to find malevolence behind every bookshelf, things desiring only to end his time in the galaxy behind every stack of papers.

The smell, however, reminded him of the Schola, of hours spent amidst stacks of books like these ones. How simple life had been then, before the Munitorum took his oath of service and broke his innocence.

But that was a long time ago. More than thirty years, ten of which he'd spent serving the man before him now. He had not failed in his tasks, though most of them had been relatively tame in comparison to his work at the warehouse, for Nikolaos was a scholar. A man of words, and not so much of deeds. He leaned on his staff as the Inquisitor spoke, the simple brass-chased rod giving away nothing as to its origins. It was munitorum issue, like most everything else the adept owned. The exception, of course, being the exceptionally light mesh armour he wore concealed under the outer layer of his simple drab robes. That was special.

Adjusting his glasses on the end o his nose, Nikolaos spoke at last, his voice sounding exactly like you'd have expected from looking at him. Dry and pedantic, like the scratching of thousands of auto-quills on thousands of books.

"It will be as you command, Inquisitor. I shall ensure all orders are followed to the letter. Keetling shall be found, and the reason for his vanishing uncovered. Anything else would be unnacceptable."

His piece said, the old scholar shuffled towards the exit, his staff making soft tok noises on the floor every other step.

2011-04-11, 12:12 AM
Nox looks around the inner sanctum of her Lord and Master, amazed by the scale of the collection, though she would expect no less. So lost is she in the view that she doesn't notice her Inquisitor until he speaks, a slight twitch the only obvious sign of this suprise.
She stands stiffly at attention, taking in his every cadence and mannerism with excruciating detail, this being the first time she had seen the man in person, besides the occasional glimpse at a distance during training.
Her breath catches in her throat, He's looking at me! At his pronouncement of her mere adequacy she seems visibly crestfallen, but perks up at the chance to prove herself as his Acolyte. An eager, almost hungry expression on her face, she listens intently to his instructions. Two weeks.. I shall need more Umbra Dust.. she shivers at the thought. Seeing that Nikolaos had already affirmed their intentions, and with only a mild look of annoyance at his stealing her spotlight before her Inquisitor, she instead gives a deep bow, her white hair cascading over her shoulders to her annoyance, she adjusts her hair and her dark goggles, making sure they are back in position before taking her leave.
Upon leaving she heads to the Chymistorium to see if she can requisition some more Umbra Dust, About 14 or 15 doses ought to do...

Lol Chymistorium :smalltongue:
Creepily devoted much?

2011-04-11, 12:26 AM

It didn't take you long to reach the Chymistorium. It was neither the first time, nor would it be the last, that you left your team behind and followed the winding hallways to the bottom of the spire- the route more or less engraved in your mind.

You reach the familiar doors and slide your data slate past a security console on the side.

"Security Clearance- Checked." A mechanical voice drones from within the machine- and the doors slide open, revealing a large white room- half of which is taken up by a immaculate desk.

Behind it, a scrawny young man sits with his face tilted over what appears to be important paperwork. Upon hearing the doors, he lifts his head- and pales visibly as you approach.

You don't recognize him; strange- you were quite familiar with everybody else here. Most probably a new recruit, his first day on the job- filling in while his supervisor was elsewhere.

"Uhhh, hmmm- C-can I help you?" He mumbles when you reach the desk- clearly not expecting visitors.

2011-04-11, 07:55 AM

Smiling inwardly, Nox approaches the young man, placing her hands on the desk and looking down at the recruit, "Yes, I believe you can. I am Lord Soldevan's Acolyte. I am required for a mission of the utmost importance. For this mission I require a substantial amount of the drug, Umbra Dust. About twenty doses should be sufficient. If you could sign me out some I would be most appreciative. As would my master."

Charm or other skill test: [roll0] vs 10 (Charm)

2011-04-11, 02:02 PM

The young man looks around, confused, before rummaging trough the papers on his desk. "Uh- but wasn't it a bit later...?"

At the mention of the Inquisitor, he begins to tremble- such a large order could only mean an important interrogation- and the Inquisitor was a stickler for punctuality.

"Hmm- You should probably... Uhh... wait for Scholar Octavious... That's a lot of it... Hmm, I don't think I can...." He mumbles something about being unable, or unauthorized to release that much of the drug to Just anybody- and something else about the scheduled interrogation being early...

But then, realizing that you got passed the locked door in the first place- he tentatively changes his mind.

"I.. I don't think we have 20... At least not here, maybe in storage: we'd only keep about half of that in back- If you just sign your name here" He says, handing you a sheet of paper and an autoquill from behind the desk."And here, and there- and on the other page. Initial here as well... and put in the date and the time- don't forget your authorization code. J-just be sure to get everything... I will be back with your order..."

He turns to leave, a large door sliding upwards before him- leading into another white room which he proceeds to enter.

Moments later he steps out carrying a case. Placing it on the desk, he reaches out to take the form.

You can either fill up the forms with real and/or fake information, or get creative! (Ps: due to the lack of any batting eye-lids or suggestive pose, I took the mention of the inquisitor's name to be an Intimidate Check instead of a charm one- which luckily was to your advantage.)

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 12:49 PM
Detective Arkham Vogel casually walks through the Inquisitor's library, his hands resting in his pockets. As always, he's wearing his flak jacket, which looks like a mundane brown trench coat, and his favorite fedora, which actually is a mundane brown hat. Beneath that, he's got on black pants, black shoes, a white button up shirt, and a red tie. His Arbitrator Badge was fastened to his belt, tucked out of plain sight but easily revealed. His Carnadon pistol was holstered under his left armpit, ready for any trouble. And he was really craving a lho-stick, but he knew better than to light up in a library.

When they stumble upon the Inquisitor, Arkham quickly snaps to attention and focuses on his Master's every word. An "adequate" performance? Eh, better than nothing. Besides, he was being given a chance to actually prove himself as an Acolyte. This was a make or break case. And he'd been given orders. Justice would be done.

"I'll get to the bottom of this, Sir. You have my word..." he nods solemnly to the Inquisitor. He then tips his hat and leaves the Inquisitor to his work.

Knowing what must be done, Arkham turns and begins to stride purposefully out of the library, his jacket billowing in his wake. Once outside the room, he pauses to wait for the rest of the team. "I'm heading to the Armory, to see if I can scrounge up anything useful. I'll see if anybody I bump into on the way knows anything useful about Predunza. I'll let you know what I find out..." he says, before turning to leave.

Arkham first heads to the mess hall, or wherever else there may be several Acolytes gathered together, and tries to dig up information about Prudenza and what to expect. He then heads to the armory, and tries to see if there's anything noteworthy he may be able to purchase or... borrow.

I'll keep it simple and just roll for my info gathering and weapon scrounging. :smalltongue:

Inquiry +20: [roll0] vs Fel 35 = 55

Search +10: [roll1] vs Per 35 = 45 Aw...

2011-04-12, 06:21 PM

Its about time for Dinner- or at least it soon will be, so the Mess Hall seemed like the most appropriate place to find other acolytes.Though generally a somber or studious lot, there will still members of Soldevan's general retinue that gathered together there for food and nourishment, feeding the body after having fed the mind.

Walking around the tables; you recognize a group of acolytes sitting together, seemingly enjoying a nice meal- Occasional laughs punctuating their conversation.

Luckily, these were just the kind you were looking for; considerably friendlier- and more talkative, then most of the people stationed at the headquarters (Surely they must recently from a mission somewhere else).

"Prudenza..." The first turns towards you at the mention of the hive, "Prudenza...?" He snaps his fingers a few times, trying to recall.

"I had to go there once; It wasn't a pleasant trip- I can tell you that." The second interjects. "Its gloomy, to say the least: you could cut the tension there with a knife."

"Hey, Isn't that where they sent Rabalias?" The first one continues, having recalled his original idea: "Seems things are in pretty bad shape over there- Only the nobles have any fun. Too much fun- If you know what I mean: He was off investigating rumors of several potential cults."

"Other then that though, the town's dead- The Bureau here's written it off. With the rails down, its in its own little bubble- I wouldn't want to have to take that trip..." The third ones concludes, before the group, not knowing anything else, resume their original conversation.

Leaving them behind, you make your way to the armory. Unfortunately, you find the doors closed- and locked. Swiping your Data slate at the door, a message flashes on the security console:

"Access Denied- Inventory in Progress."

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 06:27 PM
"Well, that's inconvenient..." Arkham growls, leaning against the wall next to the Armory door. "Where's a friendly Cogboy when you need him, huh? Oh well. Guess I'll just check again before we leave..."

His conversation with himself concluded, Arkham walks off to find the base's Chapel. He'd like to have his Aquila necklace blessed before he left, and a few rites and prayers said for his body and soul, just to be safe.

2011-04-12, 06:50 PM

Considering the Inquisitor's strange and peculiar methods, a chapel was a vital tool in ensuring the purity and faithfulness of the men and women in his retinue.

Perhaps the second largest chamber after the main library, the chapel was brightly decorated with stained glass windows and religious icons designed to inspire faith, while the smell of burning incense relaxed both the mind and the spirit of those who entered.

It takes but a few minutes for you to find a Cleric. With a wave of his hand, he draws the symbol of the Aquila over your necklace- and dabs it with holy water.

"Carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows" He prays; repeating the sign over your shoulder.

Reinvigorated, your feel ready to face the darker things of this world- Emperor willing.

In the beginning of your next post, let me know how much time you intend to spend in the chapel- keep in mind you have about an hour before you have to leave for Prudenza, if you intend to visit the armory later.

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 08:42 PM
Arkham will spend about 15 minutes in the Chapel confessing his sins, praying to the Emperor, and meditating. He will then swing back by the mess hall to grab a quick meal of decent food, just in case the food in Prudenza is terrible. That's another 15 minutes. He will then go to his quarters and pack his things, which are probably already organized - that should take another 10 or so minutes. So he should have 20 minutes before he has to leave, during which time he will attempt to swing back by the Armory and take a quick look around for anything useful.

2011-04-12, 08:54 PM

Twenty minutes before your scheduled departure time, you return to the Armory.

You reach out to touch the security console, hoping to hear the familiar sliding sound of the opening doors...


Security Clearance: Checked.

The console beeps and a green light flashes as the door opens and grants you access. Walking in, you find yourself in a relatively small room. Perhaps defying your expectations, the walls here are bare; no filled gun-racks or packed shelves line them.

Instead a few weapons are on display; On one side of the room- Maces; ranging from the more common Punisher's baton to the more effective Shock-mauls. On the other: Guns and rifles of a strange make and model ranging. Some you identify as webbers, but most of the others are peculiar.

From behind the now familiar white desk, consistent in most rooms, a tapping sound rises as a hooded figure fiddles with a cogitator- apparently oblivious to your presence.

If you'd like to ask for anything in peculiar, roll for its availability & any charm, intimidate or other tests you want to try out!

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 09:19 PM
Arkham sighs. A bit disappointing, but he already had what he really needed. He was just hoping to find something nifty, or perhaps some grenades. He quickly looks over the room, hoping to spot some grenades of any sort, or maybe some extra bolt shells. Yeah, bolt shells would be useful, if push came to shove.

"Hey there. Whatcha working on?" he asks, casually waving at the hooded figure working on the cogitator.

2011-04-12, 09:30 PM

The man looks up from the Cogitator screen, giving you a clearer look of his person. Dressed in red robes, a Skull and Gear emblem decorates his chest. Where his mouth should, several tubes stick out from a complex respirator.

"Finalizing the Registry." He answers, his mechanical voice reverberating from his internal vox-box.

A few seconds pass- and he doesn't appear to be more open for discussion. Though you can't see any weapons or ammunition behind the desk, you recognize the faint outline of a door on the wall- that you suspect would lead to a more complete weapons cache.

You don't need to roll for any search checks; with your rolls having already determined what your going to find- more so try and get passed this guy, or have him bring you something from inside.

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 09:37 PM
"Ah. Well, I hate to be a bother, but I will be leaving on a very important mission within the next half hour. The Inquisitor has personally tasked me and the rest of my team with the matter..." he allows his words to hang in the air so that their full weight may fall on the Techpriest's head. "I was hoping that perhaps I could take a look at the Armory, in hopes of finding some gear or equipment that may aid me in this task. I'll need all the help I can get, lest the Inquisitor be disappointed with my performance..." he sighs. "Do you think you could possibly help me out, honored Mechanicus?"

2011-04-12, 09:54 PM

"We have just completed the Inventory. To disturb the Cogitators while they are compiling would be most shameful." He answers sternly. "You will have to wait until the machine spirit is ready to accept, and record, new changes to the stock."

For all you know, it could take hours! But your certain you'll be able to find something useful in that armory...

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 10:08 PM
"How long will that take?" Arkham asks, a hint of worry purposefully present in his voice. "Would it not be possible to make note of the changes in stock on a scroll of parchment or something, and then make the proper changes to the record after the compiling is complete?"

2011-04-12, 10:21 PM

The Tech-priest scoffs at the mention of parchments, and grumbles.

"The Machine Spirit is hardworking and efficient- we must not rush it, it will be ready when it is ready." He answers Arkham's question...

"Those extra measures of security are obsolete, The cogitator is more then capable of processing changes in the stock; Only in the Chymistorium do they insist on using both recording formats." He continues, and you sense a hint of disdain in his voice for those who do not rely exclusively on the wonders of the machine spirit- and perhaps, to demonstrate the efficiency of his system, he does something unexpected...

"Pray tell me what you need, and I will bring it to you from the backroom. If the Cogitators are done by then- you'll be able to sign it out." He proposes, pressing on a nearby button- and causing the door behind him to rise up, revealing the backroom- and the countless racks and shelves full of weaponry.

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 10:30 PM
"Oooo..." Arkham oggles the weaponry visible through the doorway. He then smirks at the Techpriest. "Sorry 'bout that, I'm just a bit of fond of firearms. At any rate... I was hoping for some grenades, either offensive or defensive. Maybe a few extra bolt shells or exterminator cartridges, since there's no telling what we'll be up against. Or if there's something you think I'd find useful in your own opinion, don't be afraid to suggest or show it to me..." he smiles, pleased with the results thus far. Looks like he'd be owing this Cogboy a drink. Or an oil change. Or... whatever it is they liked...

2011-04-12, 10:50 PM

"This armory specializes in non-lethal weaponry; any of our more deadlier items require direct authorization from Lord Soldevan himself before they are handed out for assignments." He says and turns to enter the room. "I will however return with things you might find of use."

Moments later, he fades away from your line of sight as he crosses the threshold into the armory proper.

He comes back out carrying a small crate, which he then places on the desk- moments after; the cogitator beeps loudly- and you think you can see the techpriest smile.

He proceeds to type out the contents of the box while reciting them.

"An amount of Five Stun Grenades; Five Photo Flash Grenades and Five Hallucinogen Grenades- and lastly, 2 Choke Gas Grenades- Those are only MOSTLY deadly, so no authorization is required for them- though they are very potent..."

When he finishes registering the stock changes, he turns to look at you and asks for "Your name, Identification code; and mission number"- which he proceeds to enter into the cogitator as well.

Assuming you give them to him, he nods to you and slides the box across the counter- leaving you to your business.

2011-04-12, 11:00 PM

"I suppose what you have here will be sufficient." Nox flicks through the paperwork, signing off on it. After all, it was necessary for the mission, in a way. Her work would be sufficiently diminished without it. She waits for the youth to return, tapping her foot impatiently.

2011-04-12, 11:00 PM
Nikolaos, rather than going off to find anything he might need, was quite sure that he had already prepared adequately as far as material possessions went. The scholar, however, was not nearly so sure about the destination. He intended to make use of the vast amount of material at his disposal here, amongst Soldevan's collection of information, in order to get a better idea of what exactly they were heading into.

To that end, the thin scribe went in search of a cogitator he could hook up to his dataslate in order to download a few files about Prudenza.

Lycan 01
2011-04-12, 11:02 PM
Arkham gives the Techpriest the needed information. He doesn't lie - he figures that even if the Inquisitor gets irked by his borrowing of resources, it won't matter upon his return. The Inquisitor will either be too happy about the results of the mission to care, or he'd have more important things to worry about. Hopefully, it would be the former...

"Thank you, honored Mechanicus. I suppose that when I return, I'll have to buy you a drink..." he smiles warmly, before carefully picking up the box. "Seriously, I owe you..."

2011-04-12, 11:16 PM

He takes the form, his eyes scanning it quickly- before he sits down at his desk and begins typing the information into a nearby cogitator.

"Uhh, Everything- Hmm... Seems to be in order... here's the..." He mumbles, handing her the suitcase.

Assuming she has nothing else to add, he nods to her politely before going back to his work.


You make your way to the central library: the largest room in the headquarters, it extends upwards- several stories high. Millions of books and records contain information collected from all around the sector (Sometimes even further then that)- Undoubtedly one of the more extensive libraries on Malfi...

Making your way across the long central corridor, you enter a nearby small room (that might as well have been your own; for others have noted your preference for it so it has remained mostly unused). Within, a single cogitator sits on a desk, connected to the archives by large tubes and cables extending from behind the various keypads and consoles.

Sitting down, you press one of the buttons- and the screen turns on with a flash, before subsiding and revealing a single line of text.

Please Enter Query:

Please specify a topic of research and roll inquiry!

2011-04-12, 11:35 PM
Nikolaos plugged his electro-graft into one of the cogitator's data ports. The small device was one of the few cybernetic augmentations he had acquired, and he had found it quite useful in the past for his research. Hoping it would work just as well now, he typed a few words into the cogitator and told it to 'find.'

Topic: Hive Prudenza. [roll0]
Topic: Keetling Family [roll1]
Topic: Established Noble Vendettas [roll2]
Just in case I missed anything relevant, floating roll for whatever: [roll3]

All vs. 50. Inquiry +10, Fel 30, and +10 for the electro-graft.

2011-04-13, 12:51 AM

A few moments later, a loud whirring rises from behind the desk as the cogitator processed your request. Soon, several lines of text begin to fill the screen in response to your query.

Hive Prudenza:

Population: ~3,000,000 (+/- 1%).

Area: Split into two main hubs- Spire Temperenza (240 Floors) & Spire Lusinga (175 Floors)- Each divided into Four Quadrants, which are then divided into 75 Sectors.

History: Port-Town founded approximately ~100 years ago, later expanded into Noble's retreat due to its proximity to the Ocean- and the impressive view from the top of the spires.

Relatively recent destruction of the trails has caught off the city from the rest of the hive, severely reducing legitimate traffic from and to Prudenza thus wreaking havoc on the economy & population quality of life.

Current Situation: Both hives are in a sorry state; with criminality on the rise (+292%) since the incident. Arbites forces dispatched to ensure maintained control over the population, deemed a potential Rank 5 Rebellion threat. Investigation into the Incident has yet to determine a culprit, however strong evidence points to [----Expunged----] Involvement. Stark Contrast between Spires/Middle-Hive/Under-hive further incites local populations.

Criminality: Lax imperial involvement is directly responsible for power vacuum filled by various local crime lords. Smuggling operations common-place; presence of local and visitor Noble Population brings the clientele to them.

Mutant & Psyker Population: Rising. Reported Nascent Psykers and/or births on a record high- Links to heavy drug use. Mutant population attributed to exposure to dangerous smuggled material.


The Keetlings:

Heads of Family: Andreyus (28) and Sarah (32) Keetling .
Previous Heads- Gustos and Trantia Keetling (Deceased).

(1) Current Recorded Scandals and/or potential Vendettas.

- "Accidental" Death of Patriarch & Wife: suspected of participating in smuggling operations in order to keep business afloat, may have been victims of Vendetta and/or assassination (suspects unknown).


1- "Keetling Inc.: Import/Export Company, Owns multiple flight-capable cargo-haulers.

2- Invested heavily in "Port Esperanza."

Organizers Of the: Promotion Of Prudenza Galas & Celebratory Festivals- "City of Stars" & Most Recently- Fundraisers for the Arts.

If you any more specific questions, feel free to ask.


The Tech-priest nods to the Arbitrator;

"Pay your respects to the Machine Spirit- and your debt is waived." He says to the arbitrator as he watches him walk out of the armory. "When you return, I will remember your offer."

2011-04-13, 05:00 AM
Nox hefts the suitcase full of drugs, heading back to her room to pack her meagre belongings for the trip. Once finished she checks her chrono to see how much time she has left before leaving.

2011-04-13, 06:22 AM
Nikolaos saved the files to his personal dataslate, then went looking for more information. Where the Keetlings lived, for starters, and any extra information on their import/export company. That sort of thing could easily be a front for a smuggling operation. If Keetling had his hands in any less than legal activities, the scholar wanted to know.

Basically, looking for any links between the Keetlings and illicit activity, aside from the death of the old family heads, though any extra information on that would be helpful. Also looking for a general location of their living area. Once he's got that, any available information on crime lords in that area wouldn't go amiss either.

2011-04-13, 10:24 AM

Checking your chrono, you find that you have about half an hour left before the scheduled departure time- just enough to run one last errand.

Scrolling down, you manage to locate most of the other information.

Prudenza (Page II)

Potent Crime Lords: Mutable, determined on who is cable of controlling access and transportation into Malfi proper.

Unfortunately, no more information is forthcoming due to their constant change.

All in all, The Arbites Forces were deemed sufficient & and the city has been both literally and figuratively off the grid. Not desiring to waste any more funding on it (with the rails repairs costing a fortune)- the Admnistratum is leaving it to its own devices and only very loosely keeping tabs at it, if at all.

The Keetlings (Page II)

Known Addresses- Keetling Domain, Seventy Fifth Floor- 4th Quadrant of Spire Temperenza

Detailed Investigation Into claims of illicit activity- [Expunged]

It seems that any more detailed information of the investigation has been more or less removed. Either the Keetlings were innocent, and someone was trying to protect their reputation or they were dealing with powerful people...

2011-04-13, 11:18 AM
Nikolaos sniffed over the destruction of valuable data. Such a thing seemed quite unwarranted to the old adept, though of course other people might have reason to do it. Checking to ensure the files had downloaded successfully, he disconnected his dataslate and stood, pushing back the chair he had been using and exitting the room.

By that time he had realized that they would be leaving soon, and it wouldn't do to be away from a source of food that was guaranteed to be safe to eat. The last task the adept set for himself before the group departed was to visit the kitchens and scrounge up a few ration bars (individually packaged and unopened) and a canteen of water (filled by him from a source used for the entire kitchens).

Let it not be said that Nikolaos Augustin was one to take unnecessary chances.

Lycan 01
2011-04-13, 01:36 PM
Arkham nods to the Techpriest, and then heads back his room, grenade box in hand. He puts most of his gear into his backpack, including his prized possession - a compact boltgun. For now, the weapon would stay in its black case, stored within his backpack until it was actually needed.

Slinging the backpack over one shoulder, and carrying the box of grenades under one arm, he then begins to casually walk up to the rendezvous point. Once there, he finds a seat in the waiting area, puts his stuff down, and lights up a lho-stick. "Wonder if the others found anything useful..." he mutters, exhaling a cloud of calming smoke. "I'm sure Nik dug up something useful..."

2011-04-14, 01:43 AM

You gather up the some rations from the kitchen yourself- the staff being too busy cleaning after dinner to really assist you. It only takes you a few minutes, and you manage to scrounge 5 rations packs (That you could, push comes to shove, stretch out for about 10 days- 2 weeks in case of emergencies.)

With your time now running out, you climb up the spire towards the landing pad and reach the waiting room- where you spot a familiar face sitting on a bench next to the hallway leading to the roof's doors...

Looks like Arkham's ready to go.


Speaking of the devil, you see Nikolaos walk towards the waiting room from a nearby hallway.

2011-04-14, 08:03 AM
Nikolaos sits down on the bench, near Arkham but not too close. "Still waiting for the others," he notes, eyeing the empty benches filling the rest of the room. "I hope they haven't run into problems."

Lycan 01
2011-04-14, 09:43 AM
"Yeeep..." Arkham exhales another breath of lho-smoke. "So, dig up anything useful? I managed to find out a little bit of info. Apparently Prudenza is "gloomy," according to one person I asked. The Nobility seems to be involved in a lot of less-than-savory affairs. There are rumored to be several cults operating in the area, which some elements of the aristocracy may be involved in. And on top of that, there's the crime and corruption expected from a degrading hive. So yeah, this'll be fun..." the detective sighs, blowing out another breath of smoke.

2011-04-14, 12:42 PM

Looking at her chrono, Nox is struck by that irritating feeling where she feels there's something she should be doing, but can't for the life of her figure out what that is. She is tempted for a moment to try out some of that new Umbra Dust, but realises that there's probably not the time to truly savour it. With a shrug she decides to head to the landing bay early, impatient to be off. Seeing nobody there at first she conceals herself off to one side and sits, content to just watch the others file into the room.
A voice emanates from a shadowy area of the landing bay, "Oh my yes, very fun," Nox's grinning face emerges from the shadows, "I can't wait to meet them..."

2011-04-14, 07:31 PM
"Fun is not the word I would choose for it," Nikolaos replies, sarcasm being lost on him as always. "Gloomy may, however, work quite well. I have indeed found some information, though nothing on the less than legitimate exploits of the Keetling family. Those records were deleted." The adept made a sour face, partly at Nox and partly at the loss of information.

"At very least, I have a place of residence for them, and a small amount of information on their more legal ventures. I also have some general information on the hive itself." Nikolaos pulls up his dataslate and relates the relevant information word for word, his dry voice not doing the dryness of the material any favours.

Hive Prudenza:

Population: ~3,000,000 (+/- 1%).

Area: Split into two main hubs- Spire Temperenza (240 Floors) & Spire Lusinga (175 Floors)- Each divided into Four Quadrants, which are then divided into 75 Sectors.

History: Port-Town founded approximately ~100 years ago, later expanded into Noble's retreat due to its proximity to the Ocean- and the impressive view from the top of the spires.

Relatively recent destruction of the trails has caught off the city from the rest of the hive, severely reducing legitimate traffic from and to Prudenza thus wreaking havoc on the economy & population quality of life.

Current Situation: Both hives are in a sorry state; with criminality on the rise (+292%) since the incident. Arbites forces dispatched to ensure maintained control over the population, deemed a potential Rank 5 Rebellion threat. Investigation into the Incident has yet to determine a culprit, however strong evidence points to [Expunged] Involvement. Stark Contrast between Spires/Middle-Hive/Under-hive further incites local populations.

Criminality: Lax imperial involvement is directly responsible for power vacuum filled by various local crime lords. Smuggling operations common-place; presence of local and visitor Noble Population brings the clientele to them.

Mutant & Psyker Population: Rising. Reported Nascent Psykers and/or births on a record high- Links to heavy drug use. Mutant population attributed to exposure to dangerous smuggled material.


The Keetlings:

Heads of Family: Andreyus (28) and Sarah (32) Keetling .
Previous Heads- Gustos and Trantia Keetling (Deceased).

(1) Current Recorded Scandals and/or potential Vendettas.

- "Accidental" Death of Patriarch & Wife: suspected of participating in smuggling operations in order to keep business afloat, may have been victims of Vendetta and/or assassination (suspects unknown).


1- "Keetling Inc.: Import/Export Company, Owns multiple flight-capable cargo-haulers.

2- Invested heavily in "Port Esperanza."

Organizers Of the: Promotion Of Prudenza Galas & Celebratory Festivals- "City of Stars" & Most Recently- Fundraisers for the Arts.

Prudenza (Page II)

Potent Crime Lords: Mutable, determined on who is cable of controlling access and transportation into Malfi proper.

Unfortunately, no more information is forthcoming due to their constant change.

All in all, The Arbites Forces were deemed sufficient & and the city has been both literally and figuratively off the grid. Not desiring to waste any more funding on it (with the rails repairs costing a fortune)- the Admnistratum is leaving it to its own devices and only very loosely keeping tabs at it, if at all.

The Keetlings (Page II)

Known Addresses- Keetling Domain, Seventy Fifth Floor- 4th Quadrant of Spire Temperenza

Detailed Investigation Into claims of illicit activity- [Expunged]

OOC: All credit to Saldre, I just copypasted.

Lycan 01
2011-04-15, 05:49 PM
"Hey Nox. I see you decided to come join the party..." Arkham muses. For a mutant, Nox was alright. Abnormalities aside, she was still a devout follower of the Emperor and a devoted servant of the Inquisition. There was no question of where her loyalties lay. Admittedly, she made him a bit uncomfortable at times, but typically he got along fine with her. Plus, she knew more ways to kill a heretic than he could ever dream of. Definitely the sort of person he was happy to have around, all things considered. "Of course, I'm a bit concerned at how gleefully you said that..." he smirks.

He then turns his attention back to Nikalaos, who once again fails miserably at detecting ironic humor and sarcasm. "Purged records, huh? Sounds sketchy. Alright, lets hear this info..."

Almost instantly, Arkham regrets his decision. The scholar's voice does the boring quality of the material no favors, and the detective quickly finds his eyelids growing heavy. Oh Emperor, why did the old guy have to drone on and on and on like this?

The Adept's droning complete, Arkham stifles and yawn and tries to piece together something from the information provided. "Alright, so the place is a stinking rat-hole, the Arbites there are useless, the aristocracy is corrupt, and our target may have inherited a smuggling operation," he takes a big drag from his lho-stick, flicks away the useless stub, and then releases a smokey sigh. "Blessed frik, this is gonna be a fun trip..."

2011-04-16, 05:42 AM
Even Nox, with her obsessive need to please her master, begins to nod off thanks to the Adept's droning, she takes that opportunity to drag her suitcase over to the bench and sit down. "Yess this will be fun.."

2011-04-16, 07:53 AM
His recitation finished, Nikolaos harrumphs at the casual misuse of the word 'fun' for the second time by both other parties. "It will most certainly be interesting," he conceeds, "and most probably dangerous."

The adept, for his own part, had brought such weapons as he had, primarily pistols. He shifted slightly away from Nox as she approached, but that too was nothing new. Unlike detective Arkham, Nikolaos had never quite gotten over the fact she was a mutant.

Lycan 01
2011-04-16, 03:10 PM
"We're being sarcastic, buddy..." Arkham smirks at Nikalaos. "Of course it won't actually be fun. But I think we can handle it. What's everybody packing, anyway? I've got the basic gear - spare clothes, gas mask, pict recorder, yadda yadda. Weapons wise, I've got my Carnadon and Chain Knife - both suitably silent for a covert mission. But, for when the frak hits the fan - which it will, as always - I'm packing my bolter."

"Oh!" Arkham suddenly exclaims. He then picks up the armory box and rests it on his knees. "Anybody want a grenade?" he asks, before popping open the crate. Contained within, perfectly spaced and padded, are 5 Stun Grenades, 5 Photo Flash Grenades, and 5 Hallucinogen Grenades, and 2 Choke Gas Grenades.

2011-04-17, 01:01 AM
Ooh, I'll take a few Hallu Grenades. Wonder where the others got to... Anyways, I brought the usual weapons, plus supplies enough for a few interrogations. she gives the suitcase a pat.

2011-04-17, 08:09 AM
"Same as always." The adept had most of his weapons hidden away, the compact lasgun stowed under his robes and the bolt pistol shoved into a shoulder holster for easy access. His stubgun he wore at his hip, as well as a small equipment pouch that probably contained a few of the heavy Metallican frag grenades he favoured over their smaller counterparts.

Selecting a couple of the photon grenades, Nikolaos slipped them into one of the pockets of his robes. "I do believe I shall add these to my arsenal, though. You can keep the stun charges."

Lycan 01
2011-04-17, 12:48 PM
Arkham nods, and allows Nox and Nikolaos to take 3 Hallu grenades and 2 Photon grenades, respectively. He then seals up the box and sets it back down on the floor again. "Alright, so... What's the plan? Should we snoop around a bit and try to get the lay of of the land first, or should we concentrate on finding a secure base of operations first? Well, I suppose we should check with the target's sister first, actually. See what Miss Keetling has to share with us... Whenever we see her, should I try to put the charm on, and see if I can weasel some extra Thrones or a place to stay out of her?" he muses.

2011-04-17, 03:35 PM
The group:

No sooner do you finish splitting the grenades that a sign above the door begins to flash, indicating your ride's arrival. Exiting the waiting room, you find yourselves standing outside, bathing in the light of one of Malfi’s three moons, a powerful gust of wind blowing across the rooftops.

Directly ahead of you; you spot your “transport”- an old and battered Arvus Lighter: dependable, yet discreet. With it, you’ll be able to slip into Prudenza unnoticed: one of the thousands of ships that land in the Port-town daily- this, despite the broken rails.


All around the Arvus, hooded figures (tech-priests no doubt) raise their arms in supplication, performing rituals of cleansing and maintenance on the vessel; while servitors roll across the floor beeping loudly and flashing signal lights- readying the ship for its journey.

As you approach them, a loud hissing sound rises nearby as the rear boarding ramp slowly comes down, revealing the inner hatch of the ship- your cramped quarters for the next several hours.

Hurrying inside, you’re surprised to find Rosco missing- Though the man was peculiar, and perhaps not as "motivated" as the rest of the group, he was always dependable: Perhaps the departure time had slipped his mind...

No sooner do you enter and settle down that the ramp closes behind you, clamping shut; leaving you momentarily immersed in darkness until a pair of yellow lights flicker on, faintly illuminating your surroundings- and a woman’s voices rises from surrounding com-links.

“Hello Boys, Welcome Aboard this flight to Prudenza; I’ll be your pilot this evening"- You recognize her name, then her voice, almost immediately- Rosco often mentioned his wife who was quite a skilled pilot. "Expected travel time will be around 8 hours, so we’ll arrive at our destination early tomorrow morning.” She explains, and you feel the ship begin to vibrate as it prepares to lift-off followed by the faint whirring of the exterior propellers.

“Please note the following Address- Keetling Domain, 200th Floor- 4th Quadrant of Spire Temperenza; Lady Sarah will be expecting you during the day.

As for your pickup; I will be back in two weeks time at the same landing dock where we’ll be dropping you off.” The ship begins to rumble loudly, interrupting Merica, whose voice fades into a giggle.

“Please strap yourselves in; we’ll be taking off in a few seconds- Stop tha-” You hear her mumble to someone just as she cuts off the link- and the sound of frazzling static is drowned out by the roaring engines of the Arvus as it lifts into the air- and speeds towards its destination.




You arrive several hours later; a smooth journey with no complications (If only things would stay that way). The engines begin to slowly die down as the Arvus lands with a heavy clank, causing you to shake in your seats.

Soon, the hissing hydraulics heralds the opening of the hatch; and a bright light seeps into the hatch from the world beyond. Loud crackling echoes in the distance- Fireworks perhaps? Malfi was, after all, the planet of Festivities and Carnivals- It is only when you peer outside that you notice how wrong you were: the common-folk of Prudenza had long ago lost their drive to celebrate – now living in a state of near constant misery.

The air here is rank and oppressive; all around you countless people huddle in masses, walking silently over here and over there; towards some destination unknown. Scores of ships rumble in the sky above your heads, while hundreds of workers trample the floor carrying various boxes and crates, both big and small, from warehouse to warehouse; no doubt oblivious to their contents (for those were questions better left unasked around these parts).

In the distance, you spot the source of the crackling- a large chest is sprawled on the ground, its contents shattered beyond recognition, scattered all over the floor. Two men are arguing nearby; fists flaring- ready to come to blows over their spilled cargo. Though no one interferes- tensions run high here, and people would rather not meddle.

Behind them, a disheveled man covered in rags- a reflection of the general state of the hive- holds up a sign above the crowd: “Rejoice and be glad!” It reads- but the message falls on deaf ears who can only hear the growling of their own stomachs and the dying wails of a slowly agonizing town.

“Remember- Landing Depot 445- Two weeks from now.” Merica’s voice crackles on the Vox as you step out into Prudenza proper.

“Good luck.”

You exit the Arvus just as the doors close behind you; leaving you to your fates.

So; you guys have the address- you can pretty much head there whenever you like- or take the times to establish yourselves: Find a Hotel room, or some such- you can even split up- and more details on investigative skills in the OOC thread.

Lycan 01
2011-04-17, 04:10 PM
As soon as the ship's door shut behind him, Arkham lights up a fresh lho-stick. After taking a thoughtful drag, he exhales a deep smokey sigh. "Alright. So. I vote we wait until after this mission is over before we inform Rosco that his wife is crossing wires with her ship's Tech-Priest. Do I hear any complaints? Nope? Its agreed, then. Moving on..." he remarks with deadpan tone and expression.

"On to more serious matters. What shall our next course of action be? Our business partner," he avoids using Miss Keetling's name in case of prying ears, "Wanted us to meet them during the day. You think it'd be too early to swing by and bug them, since it is still morning? Y'know how these nobles are, always uppity about details and specifics..."

"No offense," he mutters to Nikolaos.

2011-04-18, 01:15 AM
Nox disembarks the transport, long black coat billowing, loose enough to hide small weapons. She stretches for a moment before picking up her suitcase and following after Arkham. "I dunno, Nik you're the expert on being punctual, what say you?" she says, with a slight grin, especially at his face on being called "Nik", never fails to amuse, however slightly.

2011-04-18, 02:14 AM
Nikolaos makes another 'hmph' sound and a sour face at Nox's casual use of his name's short form. "It would be entirely foolhardy to go rushing into any meetings without properly establishing ourselves first. Let's find a handy bolthole, and then we can go meet our associate."

Reckon we can gloss over locating a hotel room. Nikolaos would be looking for something defensible in a pinch, and not too expensive, with at least one back way out in case of trouble.

2011-04-18, 01:00 PM
The Group:

Minutes after landing, two uniformed men (which Nikolaos immediately recognizes as working for the custom's office) move towards the ship.

Well aware that the Departmento Munitorum deals in all places, and that Prudenza is particularly problematic because of the smuggling trade, he moves to question them about the office's location.

"All of the Port's administration is in that building over there-" One of them answers and points to a large, somber looking edifice that looms over multiple landing pads. "Including the custom's office, if your looking to report something."

Judging by their stern faces and serious attitudes, you judge it best not to inquire about "shady" hotels- instead opting for a more inconspicuous approach.

"A place to stay?" The second one continues, replying to a more generic question. "Just walk out of the port, plenty of hotels lining the strip."

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 01:01 PM
Arkham stays silent while the Customs officials talk to Nikolaos. Once they're gone, he turns back to Nox and Nikolaos. "Reckon we should try chatting with the locals?" Arkham gestures at the two workers arguing over the spilled crate, and the religious fanatic with the sign. "The dock workers might not like us intruding. But the luny with the sign might be able to give us a decent idea of just how 'fun' the situation here is."

2011-04-18, 01:20 PM
"Thank you, but we have nothing to declare or report to customs at this time. I shall ensure all relevant paperwork is completed and submitted expeditiously." Detangling himself from the officials, Nikolaos marched purposefully towards the administration offices. Once inside, he meant to find the Departmento Munitorum main offices, or whatever passed for them here.

2011-04-18, 01:33 PM
Nikolaos (And anybody who went with him)

The Port's administration was a Bureaucratic nightmare, or a dream (depending on your point of view).

Upon entering, a small hallway lead to a simple waiting room with few benches spread lined up in succession around the walls.

In the center of the room, drawn on the floor, multiple lines (each of a different color) spread out to other branching hallways and doors. Hanging above them, several screens and panels display both Landing Pad Statuses, Arrival Times, Departure Times- and finally, a legend explaining the color code.

Custom's Office- Open: 24/7.
Ship Registration- Open: 8am-6pm Weekdays.
Administratum- Open: 5am-10pm All week.
Security Office- Open: 24/7.
Departmento Munitorum- Open: 8am-5pm All week.

Following the appropriate royal blue line trough a maze of hallways and corridors (a trivial task for Nikolaos), you eventually stumble into the Departmento's offices. In here, much like the waiting room, a few benches line one of the walls- but it is the counter at the end of the room that draws your attention.

Behind it, a middle-aged clerk with short brown hair (a military cut) and a pale complexion, sits at a Cogitator. Actively tapping at its keys, too busy to notice your approach. Until that is, you reach the desk- and he speaks up.

"Can I help you with anything?" He says, without even looking up.

2011-04-18, 02:35 PM
Nikolaos walked up to the desk, glancing back and forth over his shoulder as he did so. The office was similar to so many others he had spent time in, and he knew most of the paperwork off by heart. Forms. Bureaucracy. Mountains of red tape. This was what he was best at. The adept almost allowed himself a smile, his habitual humourlessness wavering for but a moment before he regained his composure. "I need to requisition a Department vehicle. I'm conducting official Imperial business in this sector, and I have need of transportation around Hive Prudenza. I shall need pages One through Seven of the Departmento Vehicle Access Request Form #31-18 and pages One and Two of the Sanctioned Resource Use Checklist, version 83A."

2011-04-18, 02:48 PM

Without missing a beat, the man reaches for several compartments and file-holders, pulling out the required forms and paperworks.

"Fill in your name and authorization code here, and here- Initials here, and there" He says as he flips trough the pages, and more or less goes trough them with you. "And any other appropriate information or particular requirements (In terms of Vehicle make and model)- be sure to also note the changes to Paragraph 6, Subsection 8 of Sanctioned Resource Checklist- which require you to fill out an additional Claims form for security purposes."

Once you finish looking over the paperwork, and hand them back to the man- assuming you have put in your Departmento ID- he runs the papers trough a verification check.

"Your vehicle will be ready in about an hour or so, assuming everything checks out- you can pick it up at the Entrance of the Port" He says, handing him a Data-slate. "Simply present this slate to the garage agents and they will bring it to you."

He nods to Nikolaos (a form of acknowledgment) and goes back to work.

2011-04-18, 03:04 PM
Removing his auto-quill from the pocket of his robes, Nikolaos goes over the paperwork, filling out all the appropriate information (in triplicate), and signing on the appropriate dotted lines. He put in his name as usual, and his original Departmento access code, with the modification for special circumstances. His one-time status as an investigator of the Legate didn't mean as much anymore, but it did still carry a few special privileges.

The last thing the adept did was ensure that he had specified he required a standard five-seat hovercar instead of the more cramped two-seater, to allow for the necessity of transporting his other team members.

"Thank you," he said to the bored looking clerk, and strode out of the room with the requisition slate stowed carefully alongside his own personal one.

OOC: Think I ought to give the rest of the team time to do stuff, too. Nikolaos will rejoin them once a reasonable amount of time has passed on their end of things.

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 03:32 PM
Arkham sighs as Nikolaos walks off while he's talking. It was irksome, but he was used to it. The Adept was often very to-the-point, and prone to ignoring "trivial" matters in order to get directly to the point - trivial matters often being anything Arkham had to say. The detective knew not to hold the man's nature against him, though. Besides, chances were that the scholar would return shortly with a surprising amount of requisitioned resource that defied logic.

"Well..." he looks over to Nox, "I guess while Nik goes to wade through the red tape, I'll bug a few of the locals and see if they have anything noteworthy to share. You're welcome to tag along, or perhaps you'd prefer to do your own thing..." he shrugs.

Arkham then heads towards the man holding the sign. "Rejoice and be glad, eh?" he smirks, taking another drag from his lho-stick. "What's the good news, Preacher?"

2011-04-18, 03:43 PM

You push across the crowd, making your way to the preacher- in the distance, you spot his sign raised above several heads.

The thick crowd hinders your passage; you feel elbows striking your arm and feet slamming down onto your shoes as uncaring citizens go about their business with no regard for your health or safety.

It is with great difficulty that you reach the mouth of the alley where the disheveled man was standing. Speaking up, you turn to face him- only to find that he is gone.

Though you spot something on the wall at the end of the alley; a dull brightness that contrasted with the shadows...

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 03:51 PM
"Fishy. Might as well check it out..." Arkham growls to himself, flexing his hands in case he needs to reach for a weapon. He begins to slowly make his way into the alley, trying to be a bit quiet and to see what's up ahead.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35
Silent Move +10: [roll1] vs Agility 40 = 50

2011-04-18, 03:58 PM

You slowly walk into the alley, attempting to make as little noise as possible: but your plans are ruined when you step into a large greenish puddle of a foul, unidentified liquid.

Venturing deeper, a foul smell floods your nostrils- but you more or less immediately spot its source. Various open waste dispensers line the walls and large piles of trash litter the ground around you.

Luckily, the alley is small enough that you need not venture further to see the message painted on the dead end- though you do need to squint to make out the curved writing.

Dripping yellow, as if the paint was still fresh- it reads:

The Redeemer has Come

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 04:13 PM
Arkham pulls his pict recorder from his backpack and makes a short recording of the graffiti. "Detective Vogel, recording possible evidence of cult activity. Spotted a ragged man near an alley holding a sign stating "Rejoice and be Glad" over the crowd. When I tried to question him, he disappeared into the crowd or alley. Spotted this at the end of the alley. Paint appears fresh. Will investigate further..." he mutters to the pict recorder. He then begins to look around the alley for doorways, ladders, or other potential exits or hiding places.

2011-04-18, 04:23 PM

Investigating the alley further reveals no leads: there is no hiding behind the various containers (or within them for that matter)- there are no ladders, or doorways: you can't even climb up the wall.

Stranger still was the man; whose sign you could follow in the crowd- at least for a while; before he vanished into thin air.

He must have either ducked into the alley, or dropped the sign somewhere on the sidewalk- if its the latter, the crowd would have trampled it by now.

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 04:33 PM
"No signs of possible escape routes or hiding places. Subject must have melded into the crowd. No chance of pursuit at this point..." Arkham growls in frustration, before turning off the pict recorder. How strange. How mysterious. How annoying...

Arkham tucks the recorder into his jacket, in case he needs to quickly pull it out again. He then begins to make his way out of the alley and back into the crowd, scanning the ground for the sign as he goes, or any indications of where the man might have gone. He also gives a few glances around for any passerbys or vagrants who don't look busy and may have seen the man...

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35

2011-04-18, 04:40 PM

Not only is the man gone without a trace; but the crowd seems just as oblivious (or uncaring) about it. They continue marching, hundreds of them, towards their respective destination without even giving you a passing glance.

Lycan 01
2011-04-18, 04:46 PM
"Seriously? No hobos? What kind of slummy Hive is this?" Arkham growls, before heading off towards the Administratum building to find Nikolaos, and see about the location of the nearest Adeptus Arbites station.

2011-04-18, 10:54 PM
Nox waits at the spot where Nikalaos split off from them. Choosing to wait and watch rather than attempt to wade through the crowd of humanity like Arkham. She'd never understood how other Hive Worlders manage to slip so effortlessly through such teeming masses. She watches after Arkham though, or at least as best she could.

Going to watch Arkham and the sign guy while he chases after him.
Awarenss: [roll0] vs 55

2011-04-19, 12:07 AM
Nox: (Sorry! Completely forgot you posted!)

You manage to follow the sign floating above people's heads all the way towards the alley... which is right about the time it vanishes- dropping on the floor, most probably.

Whether he went to the alley, or with the crowd, you can't exactly say- though you could have sworn you saw something move there...

2011-04-19, 03:40 AM
Nikolaos makes his way back, stepping out of the Administration building and looking around for the others. Noticing Nox, he heads over, glancing back and forth to see if he can see Arkham the whole time.

Once he's located both of his companions, the adept fills them in. "I've found us a hovercar," he says, managing to sound as if this was no more terribly difficult than stepping off a shuttle, "It ought to be ready soon."

2011-04-19, 04:40 AM
"Good good, Arkham went that way to catch up with the crazy guy with the sign." Over the vox to Arkham: "Status? What's taking so long?" Turning to Nikolaos, "How long on transport?"

Lycan 01
2011-04-19, 09:33 AM
Arkham, as if on cue, emerges from the crowd. "Sorry, lost the old man. Found some weird graffiti. Took a video, if you want to take a look, Nikolaos..." he shrugs.

2011-04-19, 10:21 AM
"Certainly." Nikolaos took the recorder, playing back the images Arkham had captured. While he watched, he spoke. "Transport will be ready shortly. That's all I'll say right now."

Should I roll to see if the graffiti means anything to Nikolaos?

2011-04-19, 02:17 PM
The group:

Shortly was an understatement- Your paperwork was filed with such efficiency that, no sooner do you step into the Garage, you find a gray-colored (Rather dull) hover-car parked beneath a flashing sign that reads:

"Vehicle Reserved For- Nikolaos Augustin"

Beneath the name: you recognize the first few digits of your identification number, which further removes any doubts as to the current owner of the car.

Walking besides it, you notice a security servitor standing guard. Next to him, a man hands you a card-key and takes up your signature once more, finalizing the trade. Nodding politely, he walks away to his post- leaving you with the vehicle.

The Accuratezza, able to seat up to Five* people (two at the front, three in the back), this closed-top hover-car was designed with efficiency in mind. Able to ferry its passengers from point A to point B at speeds akin to Speeder Carriages, it is virtually guaranteed never miss to an appointment.

Furthermore, instead of a trunk, a cogitator and a (small, one person) desk installed in the back enabled whomever was seated behind the driver to continue working during any trip; allowing a ministrotum clerk to perform on the spot registrations when out on patrol (while the front-plating and Vox-blasters ensure that the passengers remain both safe yet audible to the citizens beneath in times of need).

Lycan 01
2011-04-19, 02:35 PM
Arkham stares at the hover car. He then turns to Nikolaos and says: "A desk? Seriously? You Administratum people put desks in your cars? That's... Wow."

2011-04-19, 07:21 PM
Nox looks the car over, "I'd shout shotgun, but we wouldn't want a panic on ouir hands now would we," she says giving Nikoloaos a sidelong glance before hopping into the passenger seat, her suitcase on her lap.

2011-04-19, 09:49 PM
"It is efficient," Nikolaos points out, climbing into the driver's seat. A quick doublecheck of the instruments ensured that all the external voxcasters had been turned off, and so he concluded he would be able to continue talking. "There is always more work to be done, and in this manner one can reach where one is going and complete it at the same time."

Once Arkham was in as well, the adept started the car's engine, piloting the small craft out of its stall and into the main part of the hive. It rose slightly, heading for the spaceport gates. "Now then. Shall we find somewhere to stay?"

Lycan 01
2011-04-19, 09:52 PM
"Sounds like a good idea. Preferably someplace a bit inconspicuous or easily defendable..." Arkham muses, tossing his burnt-out lho-stick into the air behind them.

2011-04-20, 04:27 PM
Taking your seats in the hover car you notice a short, beglassed figure, a briefcase in its hand, approach the garage from round the corner of an adjacent warehouse in a rapid gait, glancing about inconspicuously all along the way.


The Inquisitor's message had found Rosco right here, on Malfi. Such a poorly chosen moment to impose this thrice-cursed mission upon him, right after he had procured a shipment of freshly produced and overhauled 'Armageddons', and was in the process of setting things going with the locals to ferry it off the planet. The enterprising trader regularly returned to these thoughts, and each time it made him visibly wince over lost profits and opportunities.
At least he had managed to get a temporary position of an inquisitorial shuttle pilot for Merica and it paid handsomely. Hopefully she will be able to sort the unfinished business out herself...
The prospects of a two-week-long separation with his wife weighed heavily on Rosco's heart too, however a proper parting during the flight to Prudenza they had had cheered him up a bit.


Rosco finally reaches the car, opens the rear door and imperturbably plumps into a seat.
"Hey, guys. And gal," he adds. "What a neat means of locomotion you've got!"
"Planning something? And where are we going to make tracks for?"

"Nice place, things are humming!" he notes grinning, outlining the environs with a motion of his eyes.


"Arkham, how have you been, old pal?" Rosco abruptly reaches out into an inner pocket of his jacket and produces a rolled bundle of dried and fermented lho, passes it before his nose, savoring its rich smell, and holds it out to the detective in an inquiring fashion.

"And what of you, miss Nox and mister Nikolaos?"


Rummaging between the seats to occupy himself with something, Rosco digs out a gold sprayed auto-quill and, self-satisfied, proceeds to fiddle with it.
Aww, how most negligent. Well, finders keepers, losers weepers.

Lycan 01
2011-04-20, 04:34 PM
Arkham gleefully plucks the hand-rolled lho-stick from Rosco. "I've been good. Thanks-a-plenty," he grins, eagerly lighting it and taking a quick puff. "Mmm, you always have the good stuff..." he sighs, exhaling the savory smoke. He then turns back to Rosco and smirks. "Tell me, what's your favorite type of grenade? One good turn deserves another, eh?"

2011-04-20, 05:04 PM
"Got any non-lethal ones? A flashbang grenade, perhaps? That one would serve nicely."
"And preferably shatter-proof... I've heard a story of one poor sod from PDF back on Scintilla, who accidentally triggered one carried on himself and the thing stunned him and burned a cute, fist-sized hole straight through his torso. Ughh."

2011-04-20, 06:31 PM
The group:

A few quick taps on the keypad by Nikolaos' side and a list of hotels scrolls on the interface's small display screen. It seems that there was no lack of places where the group could spend a few days all while remaining as inconspicuous as a needle in a haystack.

One option in particular, The Broadalbin (A low grade hotel), seems to meet all of criteria: promising quality service for a low, low price- and best of all, discretion. Luckily, its not too far away either: Floor 125, 3rd Quadrant, Sector 49- it might as well be around the corner.

2011-04-20, 07:37 PM
Nikolaos gritted his teeth. "Quite well, I assure you." Rosco had always managed to grate on him, and the old adept had never quite figured out why. Perhaps it was his irreverence. No matter. At the moment, they had a job to do, and if not exactly professional, Rosco had always held up his end of things.

Setting the Navigation system to the Broadalbin's location, the scholar pulled back on the altimeter and the car rose above the more traditional forms of traffic below them. Nikolaos was an exceptionally careful driver. Always drove at exactly the speed limit, maintained careful distance between the vehicle and any potential obstacles... It was bound to be a boring, but not especially dangerous, trip.

2011-04-20, 07:53 PM
Nox gives Rosco a lazy wave, "Oh hey Rosco, thought we'd lost you back there. Sneak onto the shuttle did you?"

2011-04-20, 07:59 PM
The Group:

After a short and uneventful trip, you reach your destination.

It doesn't take you long before you find it, nestled comfortably amidst other Hab-blocks and Hotels. Landing the hovercar nearby, you walk into the shabby building only to be pleasantly surprised.

The place was, for all intents and purposes- a palace. Though now old, left to rot after Prudenza's decline.

You walk into a big lobby, about two stories tall. Directly ahead of you, about 50 meters off, the far wall held an iron-cage lift that went up into the ceiling. All around you, everything was peeling gilding and dingy velvet. To your right and left, two gargoyles stare at you from the top of marvel columns about half a man's size; a flame burning in each of their mouths.

The front of the lobby, where the group was standing, sported two large fireplaces, crackling even now. All around, big, thick chairs are scattered about beneath hanging portraits and painted scenery. Besides them, shelves of old books exuded a pleasant mustiness that evoked more enjoyable memories. You can make out, here and there, people reading and smoking.

Finally, you spot, behind the reading area and to the left of the elevators, the front desk- and someone standing behind it.

2011-04-21, 07:41 AM
Nikolaos looked around the lobby, murmuring appreciateively at the sight of books. Making his way to the front desk, the adept stopped beside the counter and addressed the clerk.

"Excuse me. We're looking for a room. Party of four."

2011-04-21, 08:19 PM
The group:

Behind the desk; a sallow-faced pretty boy looks up from a large volume at your approach.

"Of Course sir; would you like one, or separate rooms?" he asks the adept.

2011-04-22, 07:42 AM
"Doesn't particularly matter. We're looking for inexpensive, mainly." The adept felt that telling the clerk all of their requirements would be, at best, rather unwise. "We'd also prefer as little scrutiny as possible from other guests."

Lycan 01
2011-04-22, 08:32 AM
Arkham coughs. "I'd like my own room, personally..."

2011-04-22, 10:44 AM
The Group:

"Of course sir, four rooms it is- Depending on how long your staying, we have daily, weekly- and even longer rates. For one evening, it'll be ten thrones per room- payable upon departure." He says, reaching for four keys hanging behind him. "Rooms 1406, 1407, 1408 & 1409 are available right away."

"As for discretion, the information in the registry is confidential, like you- all of our guests value their privacy" He smiles to the group before ringing a bell to the side.

Answering the call, another uniformed youth stepped out from beyond a small door behind the desk. Waiting to take any luggage you have left on the floor, he motions to the elevator.

"Please follow me, Sirs- and misses." He adds, upon noticing Nox.

Lycan 01
2011-04-22, 11:10 AM
Arkham trots along behind the porter, keeping his mouth shut since he doesn't have much to say.

2011-04-23, 11:20 AM
The Group:

After the group funneled into the elevator; the youth reached out for a nearby level and pulled on it. It rattled and moved slowly upwards, giving you the time for one last glance at the big lobby before the wall replaced it.

Perception Tests to notice something in the lobby

"You'll enjoy your stay here, sir- I am sure you'll find the Broadalbin meets you need." He says, sliding the iron grill open when the elevator finally stopped thirteen floors later- sending a shiver down Nikolaos' spine, not out of superstitions discomfort but more so annoyance at the faultily labeled floor.

Picking up any suitcases, he stepped out into the hallway and lead you to your suites.


Red carpeting lines your passage, and several exquisite paintings decorate the walls. The rooms were partway down the left corridor, off the elevator. It doesn't take you too long to reach them.

He unlocked the first of them an opening a door to a clean, spare and dim room. The walls were covered in a sort of plush-fiber, not quite fiber, of a reddish hue. A solitary bed rested near a desk and a chair, atop which sat a lamp and a vox-box (no doubt connected to room service). To one side, a door let to a closet, while another opposite to it led to a restroom.

After setting the suitcase on the bed, he moved to the door.

"Enjoy your stay sir, and don't hesitate to call if you need anything."

Lycan 01
2011-04-23, 11:53 AM
After being shown to their rooms, Arkham casually strides down the hall to room 1408. He then raps his knuckles on the door, turns to the rest of the team, and with a sly smirk simply says: "Dibs."

Awareness in the Lobby: [roll0] vs 35

2011-04-23, 11:59 AM
Arkham (Only):

As the elevator slowly rose upwards, you couldn't help but notice something rather peculiar: not only was the front desk empty but it seemed- if only for the split second before the stone wall replaced blocked your view- that a few of the other guests were looking in your direction...

2011-04-23, 12:08 PM
"You can have it," Nikolaos tells Arkham, sniffing at the room number. "I'm not going anywhere near that room. I believe I shall take 1407. That's a much better number." The adept was not exactly pleased that the 13th floor was labelled 14. Such things were common, he knew, but it still irked him.

[roll0] Awareness, I suppose?

vs 60, but that's not good enough. Nikolaos was obviously too busy fuming internally over the elevator numbering to be observant.

2011-04-23, 12:10 PM

As the elevator rose up to your floor, you couldn't help but notice that the front-desk was empty, the clerk having left his post. All in all, it was still too early for a break, or lunch- it was very unprofessional.

Lycan 01
2011-04-23, 12:14 PM
Arkham frowns. "What's wrong with Fourteen-Oh-Eight? Its got a nice ring to it..." he says, his frown turning into a playful smoke. He then narrows his eyes, and checks to see if the porter is still up here with them...

2011-04-23, 12:19 PM
The group:

The porter is still standing nearby, as if waiting for something...

Lycan 01
2011-04-24, 10:44 PM
Arkham looks over at the porter. "Uh..." he mutters, before pulling three Thrones out of his pocket and handing them to the man. "Here, you can go now..."

2011-04-24, 10:46 PM

The porter tips his head- "Thank you sir." and vanishes around the corner.

Lycan 01
2011-04-25, 01:50 AM
Once the clerk disappears around the corner, Arkham turns back to the rest of the group with a very serious look on his face. He then holds up his right hand and begins to make subtle gestures, while also muttering softly. His words, to an outsider, would make no sense. Random words "ascendant, blade, creed," and other odd terms and phrases. But to the rest of the Acolytes, he's using the secret language of code words and gestures which they have all learned by heart.

<I got a bad feeling about this> he code-speaks to them. <The desk clerk disappeared when we were going to the elevator, and a bunch of the patrons were giving us weird looks. Anybody else see anything odd?>

2011-04-25, 11:08 PM
"Always the way of it," Nikolaos muttered, before switching into the cipher himself.

<Vanishing like that. Most unprofessional, and quite suspicious. Everyone best double-lock the doors tonight. I would not want to find any unpleasant surprises come morning.>

With that said, the adept moves into his own room, offering only "One moment, please," as his explanation. He gives the room a quick check, going over the most visible hiding places and moving a few of the more prominent objects about and memorizing their locations so he'd know later if anyone visited while he was gone. Ever paranoid, he even managed to shift one of the end tables in front of the closet: if someone wanted to hide in there, they'd need to move the table first.

The ghost of a smile flickered its way across Nikolaos' lips as he stepped back out into the hall. "Shall we go see our associate, now?"

Lycan 01
2011-04-25, 11:24 PM
"Lead the way..." Arkham gestures.

2011-04-25, 11:38 PM
The Group:

With the group back togethe, Nikolaos begins his drive towards the Keetling domain. Whereas taking the main road around the hive all the way to the 200th floor would have taken several hours; Prudenza had several floor to floor lifts that ensured smooth transportation for both people and vehicles.

Getting to a lift to the 200th floor was not nearly as complicated as it should have been, even without a hovercar- traffic going up that high was virtually non-existent in Prudenza, where most people remembered their places on the food chain.

On the other hand, security was an issue- after all, the lift was not designed to take just anybody to the Spires. Fortunately, with the Lady expecting you, gaining access was merely a matter of inserting an entrance code (downloaded to your data-slates during the trip to Prudenza).

The trip upwards was, unlike your experience at the hotel, both long and unpleasant- the lift slowly crawling up 75 floors- with little to see outside of the car, and less to do inside of it.

When you finally reach your destination; the lift comes to a slow and steady halt, causing a small tremor (which you didn't feel at all, hovering) and Nikolaos resumes his driving towards the 4th quadrant.

Soon, you reach the front-gates of an impressive mansion- yet still not as impressive as others you have seen back in the main hive. All in all, the Keetlings were a minor noble family, but a noble family nonetheless- and their domain reflected their vast wealth.

Unlike the lift, no security box was nearby: instead, moments after your arrival, you hear a faint whirring in the distance getting louder and louder- until a servo-skull comes floating to the side of the window.

"Welcome to the Keetling Domain; Please Present Security Code" It drones on before extending a small arm ending with a key-pad.

"Access Granted" It says after you finish typing it in; and the gates slide open, allowing you to continue with the Servo-skull floating besides you.

Upon reaching the main doors, you find, standing at the door, two "well dressed" servitors- no doubt the part of the help.

"Please follow me, the lady will see you now." The servitor continues, darting into the massive five story manor.

Unexpectedly, the inside of the house is quite plain. No priceless paintings or vases decorate the hallways- you a spot a few statues here and there, lone sentinels in the vast emptiness that is the Keetling residence. All in all, the atmosphere is reserved and austere.

Following the skull across long, but drab passages, you eventually reach a pair of ivory doors and a sitting room beyond. In here, a few black sofas (Very comfortable) surround a massive, expensive table.

On one of the walls, two portraits depict who you assume to be the late Mister and Misses Keetling. Opposite to it, massive red curtains are drawn over the windows- until the two servitors pull them open, flooding the room with light.

"Miss Keetling will arrive shortly." The servo skull says and darts back outside of the room.

As soon as you sit down, two other servitors enter the room- carrying a tray of refreshment (a high grade well-aged wine)- which they proceed to serve you while you await the lady of the house.

2011-04-26, 02:49 AM
Nikolaos didn't bother to answer the servo skull, beyond the initial entry of the access code. There had been plenty of those in the warehouses, always buzzing around, and while he was always careful to watch them for any signs of hostility, the adept usually just let them get on with their business.

He also declined the wine, more on grounds of being a non-drinker than on suspecting poison.

Lycan 01
2011-04-27, 11:08 AM
Arkham plops down on one of the sofas and gets comfortable. He leans back, adjusts his hat, and sighs. "Frik, this is nice. Maybe we should ask her if we can just stay here, huh? Oooh, don't mind if I do," he grins, picking up a wine glass from one of the servitors' trays. In a surprising move, he takes a few dainty sips from the drink, rather than knocking it back like a shot like everyone probably expected him to do. "Eh, not bad. Needs a bit more kick, but still exquisite." He then notices the stares he's probably getting. "What? I'm not always uncouth..."

2011-04-27, 12:21 PM
Nox sits down and accepts a glass, glancing about in a mixture of wariness and appreciation for her surroundings.

Awarenss: [roll0] because why not? :P (vs 55)

2011-04-27, 12:35 PM
The group:

Several minutes later (giving you the chance to savor the wine), the doors fling open, revealing a beautiful woman in her mid thirties with fair skin and long, flowing blond hair. Her lips, bright red, mirror her dress- a long and fancy gown that seems to float behind her as she moves. Her deep green eyes compliment the beige shawl wrapped around her shoulders, only adding to her sumptuous appearance.

She walks to a nearby sofa in the room and sits down, looking over the investigators- studying them- before motioning for a servitor, who proceeds to light, then give her, what appears to be a Lho-stick (no doubt imported).


"So you're the ones uncle sent to help find my brother?" She says, a hint of disdain in her voice- before taking a smoke.

Lycan 01
2011-04-27, 01:49 PM
"Detective Arkham Vogel, at your service..." Arkham smirks, tipping his fedora to her. He decided to keep his mouth shut beyond simple introductions, so that the others could introduce themselves and to avoid making too much a fool of himself.

2011-04-27, 11:14 PM
"Yup, that'd be us!" Nox says, continuing to savour the wine, glancing to Nikolaos, as he's the best equipped for negotiations it seems.

2011-04-28, 07:43 AM
"Nikolaos Augustin." The adept inclines his head slightly as he introduces himself. "And you must be Miss Keetling. I presume you have information for us to consider in our investigation?"He concludes, always one to get right to the point.

2011-04-28, 04:45 PM
The Group:

The lady first looks to Arkham as he speaks up, then to the other two- and lastly the quiet one standing behind a couch, before reaching for a goblet on a trey held by a nearby servitor.

"Men of Initiative" She says to Nikolaos. "I can appreciate that." then turns to Nox, nodding her head to her politely. Finally, her gaze settles on the men once more.

"I won't waste your time with pointless preamble." She says, before continuing with her story.

"Andreyus was always the quiet, responsible type- until, that is, a few months ago: when he began associating with that group of Artists" She begins, that last word dripping with disdain and disapproval.

"Before long, he was spending much more time with them than he was at home- can you imagine that?" She chuckles dryly- her tone more so annoyed than mournful.

"Regardless, I thought little of it- he was sure to loose interest and settle back into his normal lifestyle." She says, the certainty in her words almost palpable.

"As time went on, I could see I was wrong. I began to worry he was falling into a bad crowd: we have the family's reputation to uphold, after all." She continues, looking at both Sejast and Anaster, as if to emphasize her words.

"A few weeks ago, we had an argument- a few days later, Andreyus went out one evening and never returned. I have notified the Arbites- and the Gendarmery, but they have uncovered nothing regarding his disappearance- I am not sure that the Arbitrator in charge is doing a proper job." She concludes.

Lycan 01
2011-04-28, 08:19 PM
Arkham gestures to the other two members of his team who didn't introduce themselves. "Nox and Rosco," he says matter-o-factly.

"Now, m'lady, do you mind if I ask a few questions?" he asks politely.

"First, what sort of artists did your brother associate with? Painters? Sculptors? Dancers? Druggies who rattle off a few random phrases and call it poetry?"

"Second, I'm afraid I'm not too familiar with some of the terms and mechanics of this city. What exactly is the Gendarmary, and what is their role in all this?"

"Third, what reasons do you have to suspect the Arbites aren't doing their job right?" he asks, narrowing his eyes. A charge of corruption was a serious thing. And if it was rightfully founded... justice would have to be served.

2011-04-29, 08:27 AM
Nikolaos sniffed irritably at the mention of artists. In the adept's learned opinion, form going before function was an inefficiency, and one best corrected. Protocol did not require things to look pretty.

"I believe starting with the artists would be best, and forget the Arbites for now. Obviously they have not located Mr. Keetling yet, and if he spent so much time with those people, they may know something about where he has gone."

2011-05-01, 02:36 PM
The Group:

"I am afraid my brother's acquaintances were just that- my brother's." She first answers Arkham. "I know little, if anything about them- They never came here and he only mostly spoke of them. But I know the type, all of them the same, Wasteful and decadent."

"The Gendarmery serve as our local police force here in Prudenza- unlike the Arbites who uphold the Laws of Terra, they just handle the local legislation." She continues.

"It has been two weeks and Arbitrator Devlin has yet to come up with anything" She concludes. "It doesn't seem as if he's trying his best."

[spoiler]Fueled by the constant mentioning of her dislike of those people, the group can try a perception to notice something peculiar with the decor of the house...

2011-05-02, 10:32 AM
"Did your brother keep any personal correspondence? Letters, data-records, anything like that? Did he have a cogitator he might have used for work, or other pursuits? Anything I might check to find out names or locations for any of his 'friends' would undoubtedly be useful."

perception/awareness: [roll0] Pass, with no degrees of success, provided it is an awareness check and not straight perception.

2011-05-02, 11:23 AM
Nox leans back in the comfortable chair, "Also, would you have any idea where he would go to meet them? Or any names, maybe mentioned in passing?"

Awareness: [roll0] vs 55
Also Scrutiny to judge how honest she's being: [roll1] vs 35

Lycan 01
2011-05-04, 09:52 PM
"You say your brother spoke of them. What'd he say? Heaps of praise for their work? Bragging of their exploits? Recounting funny stories of their misadventures together? Anything you can remember, please let us know..." Arkham gestures idly.

"And if the Arbites haven't gotten anything within 2 weeks, then somebody isn't doing their job right..." he growls.

Perception: [roll0] vs 35

Scrutiny +10 (to see if she's leaving anything out): [roll1] vs 35 = 45

2011-05-05, 01:43 AM
The Group:

"Perhaps in his study: what little time he spent at home he locked himself in there with his paintings." She answers Nikolaos first. "No Cogitator though- I doubt he would know how to use one."


As she says the word, "paintings", her tone is dripping with disapproval. In-fact, her attitudes towards the art in general brings something to your attention: the empty hallways of the mansion weren't always so.

Lighter spots on the walls betrayed the previous presence of art work- perhaps only recently removed.
"He used to meet them at Prudenza's Expositorium of Fine Arts. Its on this floor- not too far away; so he drove himself there." She continues, answering Nox's question next. "He did mention a name: Garsetti."

"A complete unknown- but he told me that one day this Garsetti person would be recognized as a modern day master." She answers Arkham last. "As if that would validate his investment."


It was more or less impossible to miss the bitterness in her tone and attitude. You could easily tell that this last topic is a source of annoyance- and perhaps even anger, for the lady in red. She did mention having had a fight with her brother before his disappearance...

2011-05-05, 07:34 AM
"I should like access to his study, in that case. If he left anything here to find, that seems the likeliest place to look."

Lycan 01
2011-05-05, 09:50 PM
"Right, so, we hit the Fine Arts place, and I ask Garsetti some questions. Sound good?" Arkham muses aloud, trying to measure the rest of the team's opinions. He then looks back at the noblewoman. "You said you had an argument with your brother before he left. What was it about, pray tell? You also just mentioned something about an investment...?" he arches an eyebrow, and allows his voice to trail off.

2011-05-06, 09:09 PM
The Group:

She ponders Arkham's question for a few moments, showing some reticence at discussing private matters.

"It is not unusual for siblings to argue." She answers "If you think its relevant to the investigation..."

"You see, I believe he had been spending a large amounts of thrones, handing them out to people whom I don't know about." She continues "When I confronted him about it, he grew angry- and refused to discuss the matter."

She pauses for a few moments, and you notice her a faint, yet bitter, grin in the corner of her lips, at the mention of her brother's behavior- as if she hadn't quite forgiven him his indiscretion.

"Later, he apologized and explained that he'd spent the thrones on some paintings with which he intended to decorate his study." Her voice is, once more, tinted with disgust. "When he brought them home, my suspicions were confirmed- they were all by an unknown, and certainly did not warrant the amount he spent on them."

"A complete and utter waste of thrones, don't you think?" She complains "Not to mention, they were quite atrocious."

"Still he insisted they would be worth a fortune." She sighs, taking another smoke, then turns to Nikoloas.

"You can visit it, if you'd like: I haven't set foot in the room for a few weeks, even the servants shy away from the place- I will have the servitors show you the way when your ready." She says, motioning to the closest one.

Lycan 01
2011-05-06, 10:44 PM
"No offense, m'lady, but it sounds like your brother was being taken for a trip..." Arkham smirks. "Did he say he bought the paintings because the artist was "up and coming" and they'd one day be classics, or something of that ilk? Seems like a probable scenario. Though, you say the paintings were atrocious. What type of atrocious are we talking? Were they simply of terrible quality, or was the content of the paintings the reason for distaste?" Arkham had heard of dark stories involving heresy hidden beneath the strokes of a paintbrush. He'd investigated all sorts of illegal smuggling rings over the years, and questionable paintings with hidden meanings and messages were not unheard of...

2011-05-07, 07:42 AM
"If the paintings are still in the study, then I must take a look. It could be quite relevant. At the very least, they should be signed, and that would give us a name." If, of course, he could figure out what the signature was supposed to say.

2011-05-08, 08:08 PM
The Group:

"Yes- that's exactly what he said." She answers. "The subject matter is completely ghastly."

"He's put him in his study and I haven't seen them since." She continues. "You free to take a look- the servitor will lead there you when you are ready."

"I expect though, that you will remain discreet." she says, more so stating than asking, then takes a sip of wine. "My brother has nothing to hide, he's always been a quiet and responsible man."

"This new interest of his, he knows better then to..." she begins, before stopping momentarily..."reflect negatively on the family name- there's the business to consider, after all."

[OOC: When you guys are ready to go to the study, simply say the word and we'll move on!]

2011-05-09, 12:30 PM
"Now, if you please," the adept said. "You can be sure that we will do our level best to avoid drawing unwanted attention over the course of the investigation." That said, he waited for the servitor to direct them to the study.

2011-05-09, 11:38 PM
The Group:

As you leave the room, you can't help but feel as if the Lady was watching you.

The walk to the study is long and uneventful, the mansion itself being rather large. On your way, you encounter no one, save for the leading servitor.

However, in the distance ahead (or behind you- with the echo, your not quite sure), the tapping of footsteps from around the corners, along with the occasional glimpse of moving shadows, betray the presence of patrolling servant.

Soon, the servitor stops before another large door, as white as everything else in the mansion, and bows his head to you.

"Lord Andreyus' study" his mechanical voice informs you before he proceeds to push against the doorway. Already open just a crack, it cedes with ease, revealing a large hallway completely different in feeling from the rest of the mansion.

Several paintings, of all shapes and sizes, decorate the walls. Landscapes, portraits and other models were all prevalent: it seemed as if Andreyus' was quite the collector, with broad and extensive tastes.

No sooner do you enter the gallery that you notice something strange: the same footsteps, coming from the end of the hallway...

2011-05-09, 11:45 PM
Nox frowns, putting her arm out to stop the others from entering the room for a moment while she studies the floor. After a few seconds she slowly enters the room and looks around before motioning for the others to come in. Hearing the footsteps again outside Nox peers around the corner down the corridor, trying to locate the source.

Checking when the last time people entered the room was just to see if it matches up with the sister's story.
Tracking: [roll0] vs 40
Awareness: [roll1] vs 55

Lycan 01
2011-05-09, 11:48 PM
"Search the place, I'm gonna go deal with our rat problem..." Arkham hisses to Nikalaos and Nox. He then steps back out into the hallway, quickly striding after the source of the footsteps as quietly as he can. He flex his hands, ready to sucker punch someone or draw his sidearm...

Silent Move +10: [roll0] vs Ag 40 (50)

2011-05-09, 11:55 PM

You peer inside the gallery: a long corridor, lined with paintings. The lighting here is sparse, coming from small lamps hanging above each individual painting, designed to enhance it and nothing else.

Its rather difficult to see any traces on the ground, or anywhere else for that matter.

However- you can't help but notice a faint line of light streaming from the end of the gallery: evidently, the door to the study was open- just a crack.

You patrol the hallway for a few minutes, but your footsteps unexpectedly echo on the marble floor and reverberate on the bare walls, betraying your angered presence.

You find nobody in the immediate vicinity of the gallery, no doubt driven off by the sound of your marching.

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 12:04 AM
Arkham comes to a halt. He narrows his eyes, and listens intently for any sign of where the interloper went.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35

C'monnnnn, let there be a bonus because of the silence and echoing nature of the hallways! XD

2011-05-10, 12:09 AM

Despite the silence, and the vast echoing nature of the hallways- you can't hear a peep.

Its almost as if there weren't even any servants in this wing of the mansion.

Come to think of it, you don't think you had even seen any servants anywhere in the mansion.

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 12:18 AM
Arkham slowly makes his way back to the study, keeping his eyes and ears open...

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35

2011-05-10, 12:34 AM

Back in the Gallery, you find Nox staring at the doorway to the study ahead- and notice, much she like must have, that it was slightly open- just a crack.

2011-05-10, 01:55 AM
After a quick but thorough inspection of the paintings in the gallery, Nikolaos hrmphed to himself. "None of these seem particularly offensive. The ones the lady spoke of must be in there."

Stepping lightly over to the door, the adept made to peer through the crack.

2011-05-10, 09:13 AM
Nox motions for the adept to wait, and steps forward, sliding the door open with one hand, priming her dart-launcher with the other, and peering silenty inside.

Silent Move: [roll0] vs 42
Awareness: [roll1] vs 55

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 02:15 PM
Arkham creeps up along next to Nox, and also tries to silently sneak a peak through the doorway.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35
Silent Move: [roll1] vs 50

2011-05-10, 10:20 PM
The group:

From the crack, you find yourselves peering into semi-circular room, with several stacked bookshelves lining the walls. At their center, Andreyus' black desk stands in sharp contrast with the white floors of the mansion. Behind it, his chair- a leather throne; is turned: its back to you.

Its facing perhaps the study's most dominant feature: the second of three large covered paintings. The first, suspended from the edge of a bookshelf, concealing most of the books beneath. The second, hanging over the desk- while the third, and last one, hangs on the on the wall opposite the first.

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 10:29 PM
Arkham enters the room, and begins to head over towards the paintings. He eyes his surroundings, looking out for anything noteworthy or obviously out of place. He then heads over to the second painting, and goes to remove its covering. "Lets see what our missing noble's favorite piece is..." he mutters.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35

2011-05-10, 10:39 PM
The Group:

You pull back the curtain, revealing the painting for all to see. Beneath it, you spot a small metal plaque engraved with the title of the piece:


Hopes & Dreams

The painting depicts a blond headed woman, eyes closed, sprawled across a great, rough-hewn stone. Above her, seemingly forming from the very air, is a dark swirling mass- identity unknown...

As you gaze onto the painting, there is something very disturbing about the woman's icy expression...

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 10:42 PM
Arkham slowly turns back to the rest of the team. "Well, this bodes ill. Lets see what's behind the other two canvases..." he growls. Arkham then removes the coverings from the first painting, and then the third.

2011-05-10, 10:58 PM
Nox and Nikolaos:

As you look from one painting to the next, you notice something odd, perhaps with the coloring?

You can choose to examine "Hopes & Dreams" or look at the next, in either case- please roll a d100.

You avert your gaze from the painting and turn your attention to the other two.

Reaching for the first of the three, you lift of its cover and expose it to the group. Like the second painting, there is a small plaque beneath with the title of the piece....


The Golden Throne

It depicts a large, humanoid figure suspended in a distorted field of color. The figure is thin, malformed- its features murky. It appears mummified, decayed...

Yet your eyes are drawn to it...

[OOC: Do you examine it further, or... (In either case, roll a d100 :P]

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 11:05 PM
Arkham jumps back slightly from the first painting. There was something inherently wrong about it. Besides the possible heresy of eluding to such trash as a portrayal of the Emperor's Golden Throne. He averted his gaze, and moved on to the third painting...

2011-05-10, 11:29 PM
Arkham (Only):

You reach for the third painting... but can't get the first one out of your mind: you were right, there was something inherently wrong about it.

It gnaws at you, but you can't quite put your finger on why- or what it was...

You had to take another look, that's all you would need to find it.

Moving towards it, you begin to pick out the details of the piece-

The quality of the work was undeniable. There was something wholly fascinating about it; the artist' brush gliding effortlessly across the canvas bringing it to life...

Leaning closer, you notice something else: here, a pair of eyes... there a nose... over in the corner, a mouth- open in silent scream of agony...

You make out a semblance of a face etched into the robe, then another next to it, followed by a third and a fourth: as your eyes travel to the top of the painting, it quickly becomes apparent the entire thing is made out of a thousand tortured and twisted faces- all of them staring at you...

Your vision travels to the top of the painting, finally stopping beneath the tattered hood- where a morbid curiosity compels you to look closer still...

Another d100! Unless of course, you choose to look :P

Lycan 01
2011-05-10, 11:52 PM
Arkham lets out a strange noise, something akin to a strangled gasp and a subdued whimper. He advances slowly towards the first painting, eyes wide open in horror. "What... how... why...?!" he mutters, raising his eyes towards the tattered hood of the figure in the blasphemous painting!

I'm gonna look into the abyss, baby. :smallcool:

Unless somebody is nice enough to stop me! :smalleek:

2011-05-11, 12:06 AM
Nikolaos let his eyes flick over each of the paintings in turn, not examing any one for more than a few seconds at a time. The lady was quite right about these three. The subject matter was... borderline heretical, at best. That second one... the indistinct figure could be a daemon. He thought he saw teeth in there.

These would have to be remanded to Inquisitorial custody, of course.

[roll0][roll1] There's two d100s. Nikolaos just wants to glance at each painting first.

2011-05-11, 12:07 AM
Nox gives the first painting a cursory examination before moving her gaze on to the second.

Super Secret D100 Roll(tm): [roll0]
Forbidden Lore (Cults): [roll1] vs 30

2011-05-11, 12:30 AM
Nikolaos (Only):

Just as you looked away from the first painting and shifted your attention to the next, you spot It out of the corner of your eye- a subtle change, a shift in color perhaps, that sent a chill up your spine...

For the woman, her eyes closed mere seconds ago, was now staring at you.

Gain one insanity point!
Nikolaos & Nox

Like the second painting, there was a small plaque beneath the frame, engraved with the title of the piece....


The Golden Throne

It depicts a large, humanoid figure suspended in a distorted field of color. The figure is thin, malformed- its features murky. It appears mummified, decayed...

Yet your eyes are drawn to it...

Standing directly in front of it, Arkham was moving even closer to the piece- as if he had found something important...

You can react to Arkham, or examine the piece yourselves!

2011-05-11, 03:52 AM
Nikolaos suppressed a shiver. It was important to show no signs of weakness. Then he noticed the detective...

"Arkham," he nearly barked, in the most officious voice he had, "Don't look at them too closely. They aren't natural."

That said, the adept moved to uncover the third painting. Once he had a glimpse of it, they were all getting covered again. Of that, he was quite sure.

2011-05-11, 02:24 PM
Arkham (Only):

Behind you, Nikolaos was mumbling something you could barely hear, the loud thumping of your heart drowning out his droning voice.

Your attention was instead completely focused on the painting ahead. Leaning forward, your able to make out a few more details:

The figure was wearing a pallid mask that, much like the rest of the painting, was woven together from a multitude of horrified faces.

But there was something unnervingly familiar with the shifting shapes that composed its single exposed eye-socket, on the edge of the hood...

You could almost see it, it was so close- extending your trembling hand, you touch the painting- a final, terrible mistake.

Why? Who knows. To dispel the illusion, perhaps? To prove that there was nothing there?

Instead, you saw it clearly: nestled amidst the others, that one face, distorted in an expression of unadulterated horror, that turned to meet your gaze...

And it was, without a doubt, your own...

Fear 2 test! (If you pass it, gain 2 insanity points regardless)

Nikolaos & Nox :

You remove the final painting's covering- and find something wholly different from the "Hopes & Dreams", both in color and subject, yet nonetheless marvelously painted...


"The Watching"

It depicts a solitary building, a large manor overlooking the coast. Like the previous paintings, the quality of the art brings it to unnatural life- the lack of color only adding to its power.

However, you can't help but feel as if the artist's hand had slipped while making it- unlike the other painting, you are certain there is a mistake here, somewhere in this piece- something that doesn't quite belong: a detail you can't quite put your finger on...

Maybe if you squint, you'll be able to tell what it is?

[OOC: Perception test to notice if there is indeed a mistake or not!]

Lycan 01
2011-05-11, 05:02 PM
"GOLDEN THRONE!!" Arkham roars, hurling himself bodily away from the painting. He collides with the desk, nearly falling back on top of it. "The paintings! Get away from the paintings! They're heresy! Cursed! Don't look too close, dammit!"

Arkham gains [roll0] Insanity Points. Poor guy...

2011-05-12, 08:44 AM
"Of course they are. Didn't I just say that?" Nikolaos fired the detective an annoyed glare for disregarding his wise advice. "You can cover those two back up. This one doesn't seem as bad. I think the painter may have made an error..."

[roll0] Awareness! Failed, re-rolled by fatepoint OOC.

2011-05-12, 11:54 AM
Nox frowns, "Well this bodes pretty ill for the target doesn't it.. The Master won't like this..." she leans forward and squints at the painting before jerking back at the detective's reaction.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 55

2011-05-12, 04:22 PM
Nox: (only)

Looking over the picture- you wonder how anyone could have missed such a blatant mistake.

The bottom half of the mansion was only half-drawn!

Then again, you were never much of an artist- maybe it was part of the style?
Nikolaos: (Only)

First, you lean down and notice what you'd been searching for originally: the author's signature, two small letters painted on the bottom right of the canvas: JG.

Then, you look upwards- trying to find the error you just knew was there.

Your attention is first drawn to the wavy figure, its shifting form suggesting a living entity that didn't quite fit in with the painting- but that wasn't it. No, there was something else, something right besides it: A red dot, contrasting sharply with the rest of the black and white coloring, in the bottom right corner of the top window.

How you had not seen it right away was simply beyond you, your attention to detail had never failed you before. But there it was, clear as day, unquestioningly apparent as the painting's most significant feature.

You notice it by its lonesome at first, but as you lean closer to further examine the painting, you spot another nearby- this time at the top of the bottom window.

And then, a third one- followed by a fourth and firth: as if seeping from the cracks in the walls, they multiply.

Perhaps the mansion was drawn on top of another piece- and the crimson paint was only leaking out from beneath it?

But you knew that wouldn't explain why its very walls seemed to bend and shift- just as the red dots grew more and more prominent, so too did the entire house buckle, inevitably distorting itself into something else...

[OOC: WP test to cease looking at the painting before the revelation... Unless of course, you want to keep on looking!]

2011-05-13, 08:16 AM
"Error indeed. I have a signature. Initials, at least. JG..." Nikolaos trailed off as he noticed something in the painting. "That's odd..."

2011-05-16, 12:04 PM
Nikaloas (Only):

You keep your attention focused on the painting as it slowly shifts and turns to something else-

The walls turn red as the points seem to grow larger and larger, bursting from the windows, the cracks in the walls- the house itself.

A fraction of a second later, the mansion is consumed; the building is gone, replaced by the multi-orbed visage of some titanic being: each red dot of light another staring, searching eye...

All abruptly converging upon you, exposing your essence to its crimson sight...

[OOC: Fear Two Check!

2011-05-16, 12:23 PM
The adept stepped, rather hastily, away from the painting. "Cover them up, yes, we need to have them sent to the Inquisitor. These are quite clearly tainted. Soldevan will know what to do..." It seemed that whatever he saw had rattled him, but the adept was too professional to show it much. Picking up the cover for the painting, he threw it over the canvas, and the act of doing so helped him regain the composure he had lost.

"There. That's better. Can't see me now, can you?"

Lycan 01
2011-05-16, 01:02 PM
"What'd you see? The one with the yellow robed figure... Its faces. Thousands of tiny, screaming faces..." Arkham shudders.

2011-05-16, 01:18 PM
"What colour?" The adept looked sharply in Arkham's direction. "It could be important." Already, he seemed to be recovering slightly from whatever he had seen.

Lycan 01
2011-05-16, 01:32 PM
"The faces? They were face colored, heh heh..." he chuckles, trying to alleviate his discomfort. "The painting itself was of a yellow-robed figure. Its the first painting, but I wouldn't look too close..."

2011-05-16, 01:38 PM
"I saw it. I meant the faces. Hmph. I don't think we should discuss this any further here. Walls have ears, and sometimes eyes. Cover the paintings again, and put them in the other room while we look through the other things here. Nox can guard them." At the word eyes, Nikolaos sends a hastily redirected glance at the covered third painting.

Lycan 01
2011-05-16, 02:10 PM
Arkham hastily covers the paintings with their tarps, and then sets about removing them from the wall. "Where should we put them? Out in the gallery?"

2011-05-16, 09:51 PM
"That would be fine, I think. Yes. Put them out there, and be sure nobody is around before you come back." Once the paintings were out of sight Nikolaos was able to relax a bit more, beginning a thorough search of the study for anything that might have been passed over in favour of the paintings. Correspondance, an uplink terminal, anything he could use to find more information.

2011-05-16, 10:04 PM
Arkham (Only):

You pick up the first painting, moving it to the gallery. Then, you pick the third one and also take it to the gallery.

Neither painting seem to affect you, strangely enough.

Lastly, the moment you'd been dreading.

The second painting: upon which your own face was drawn.

How could you bring yourself to touch It?

You could almost feel it already, warm to the touch, its paint writhing beneath the cloth and your fingers.

But cowardice was never justified- and certainly never allowed.

Reaching out for the final painting, you lift it up and...

Nothing happens. Strangely enough, it does not shift or start bleeding- no one screams, nothing gets broken.

In fact, its almost as if it was a completely regular painting.

Putting it down in the gallery, you turn back to meet Nikolaos- unable to shake the feeling that your being watched...

There were several items of interest in the Study: from the desk, to the three bookcases; now revealed from underneath the paintings.

The study would be the easiest to search, at least superficially.

Looking it over, you find that most of the drawers are unlocked: you pull out auto-quills and writings kits, papers and stationery, some ink... all in all, nothing of real interest.

You can't help but notice though, that the lower right-hand drawer is locked: a num-pad on its side.

2011-05-17, 12:52 AM
Nox shrugs, "Looked like paintings to me, pretty creepy looking ones, though." a shiver runs down her spine at the thought of whatever the others must have seen to have them so rattled. "I'll stand guard and make sure nobody touches them though, the Master will know what to do." She leans against the wall near the paintings, one hand on her knife, hidden away in her coat in it's special sheath.

2011-05-17, 11:39 PM
"Bit more than just paintings. No more talk, though. I need to see if I can get this drawyer open." Kneeling next to the drawyer, the adept examined the keypad. Getting in would likely be tricky, but then, there were a few things he could try...

roll Security: [roll0]

2011-05-20, 06:03 PM

A Munitorium Quastor was always prepared: a saying almost personified by Nikolaos' diligent persona.

A quick examination of the num-pad and the best course of action becomes apparent to the adept. Reaching into the folds of your robe, he pulls out a small, dark jar and a silky brush and begins his work.

Granite powder, lightly dusted on the pad, would reveal Andreyus' prints, allowing him to determine the most used keys- but he had to move cautiously and carefully: one brusque movement was enough to wipe them out and remove any traces the noble might have left behind...

Leaning over the numpad, he sprinkled some of the ground granite and slowly began to brush them over...

But he could not shake the sensation of being watched: though the paintings were removed, he could still feel the red eyes staring at him over his shoulder...

The tension culminated into a single moment, when his concentration finally faltered and followed by an abrupt swipe of his hand that smeared granite over the entire pad...

The attempt, and the prints, were ruined: they'd have to think of another way of breaking the system now.

2011-05-21, 08:23 AM
The scholar's eye twitched, and he emitted a frustrated grunt. "Arkham. Try and get this lock open? This doesn't seem to have worked." Standing, Nikolaos checked behind him and stepped carefully backwards to browse through some of the books on the shelves while the detective worked.

2011-05-22, 11:02 PM
Nox calls in from where she stands watch over the paintings, "Would you rather I give it a go? It is part of my training you know."

Lycan 01
2011-05-24, 01:47 AM
"Let me take a crack at it," Arkham says as he returns to the room. He then crouches down and examines the keyboard. He uses the sleeve of his jacket to wipe off the dust, and then he looks at the keys themselves. The ones with faded numbers would be the ones that were part of the code, and then it was just a matter of guessing what order they went in. Depending on which part of the number was faded, it could even be inferred what angle it was pressed at, further indicating the order the numbers went in.

Once he has a decent idea of what the code might be, he hazards and a guess and...

Security: [roll0] vs 50

2011-05-24, 02:01 AM

You move to the bookcases, looking to see what interested Lord Andreyus Keetling.

Lining the shelves, countless volumes cover mundane topics ranging from distant planets in the Malfian-Subsector to the famous trade-ships that travel between them.

But the most prominent subject here was, without any doubt, Art: his collection made of up of hundreds of books and large volumes containing both reproductions and portfolios, classical paintings and unknown drawings- all meticulously ordered and in pristine condition.

Search check if you want to look trough the bookshelves in more detail!

The lock beeps a few times while the small green light on the side begins to blink- before turning red.

The drawer had failed to open, unfortunately.

Whether or not your failure had triggered something would have to be seen... Already, you could hear footsteps coming from beyond the gallery...

Your interrupted by the sound of footsteps coming from behind you. Turning around, you spot a hooded man with a goatee advancing towards you...

2011-05-24, 02:22 AM

Higgs walks steadily down the hall glancing at the pictures on the wall as he passes. Seeing that the woman has noticed him his pace hastens slightly as to not leave her waiting for his arrival. Once there he gives a slight bow. He is dressed in a heavy combat coat its exterior covered in a combat scars and repair however well cared for as it shines dimly from its latest treatment in the light. Under his coat where it is open can be seen fine clerical cloths all in a deep black with little to no ornamentation. From this attire a hood extends to cover his the top of his head without obscuring his face. His face is scared from temple to goatee on is right cheek and his nose shows a clean fracture showing his experience in the field. His hair, a set of mutton chops leading under the hood and a goatee, is a steel grey not of age but of some horror or stress in the mans life. His eyes glitter with a come hither look but under one gets the sense of a deep darkness. After bowing slightly he straightens and glances down at the paintings and begins in a conversational tone.

Lady Nox I presume? I have been sent by Soldeven unfortunately late. A mix up with paper work I am sure.

His tone is a little bitter if not suspicious on that last note.

But now that I am here I would like to know what I have missed. What have we here?

2011-05-24, 05:13 AM
"Nothing then, Arkham?" Nikolaos leans in and inspects one of the books. Some treatise or other on a chartist vessel. The adept passed it over and began to look for more interesting things. It was time to see if Andreyus had any proscribed volumes in his collection.

"If subtlety fails, we shall have to overload the lock. I would like to know what's important enough to keep in a code-locked drawyer."

[roll0] Search test!

Lycan 01
2011-05-26, 12:59 AM
Arkham shakes his head, then goes to help Nikalaos with the books.

When somebody begins talking, the detective whirls around and almost reaches for his gun. But when he sees the man is robed in clerical garb and talking about the Inquisitor, Arkham relaxes. It seemed another member had been added to the team. "And who might you be?" Arkham asks a bit brusquely as he tilts his hat back. "I'm Detective Vogel. You can call me Arkham, or Ark. As for what you've missed, have you been briefed on the initial mission intel? Lost aristocrat and whatnot? Well, turns out he's involved with some art dealers, and got jipped into buying some of their paintings. But now we've got serious a problem. The paintings are blasphemous horrors, clearly the product of heretical hands. I'd heavily advise you not to examine too closely..." he shudders slightly. "So yeah, we've got a lost aristocrat, a group of heretic painters, and the clock is ticking... Have I left anything out?" he asks the others.

2011-05-26, 01:21 AM
Nikolaos and Arkham:

Both the adept and the arbitrator moved from tome to tome, looking for anything either of interest or out of place- but Andreyus seemed very well ordered, no doubt spurred to cleanliness by his sister: everything was spotless and right where it should be.

Everything, that is, except for one book that extended slightly from its shelf, close to the arbitrator - as if it had recently been consulted.

Pulling it out, you find something pressed in between two pages: several notes, written in a rather curvy handwriting...

You open the top one- it reads:

My Darling Andreyus, please me at the Void tonight at eleven. Do not fail. I really must speak to you. An important time for both of us draws near. - Love, J.G

You look over the rest of them and see that they appear to be love notes. Unfortunately, none of them are dated.

2011-05-26, 07:57 AM
"We also have transportation and too many lose ends with no real leads as of yet. If I can get this drawyer open it might fix that." Having found nothing amongst the books, Nikolaos had gone back to frowning at the lock. "How long have you worked with Soldevan, by the way? I don't recall meeting you before, and if I had met you I would recall it."

2011-05-26, 10:54 AM

Higgs nods a greating to the others listening to what they have to say. When the detective has finished and his companion finishes adding his bit he smiles and responds as he kneels to examine the paintings more directly.

Greetings I am Higgs Sigismund.

He lifts the coverings of one of the paintings taking in the details while he continues.

I have never worked for Soldevan. I am...

He pauses thinking of a good way to put his position.

on lone from another Inquisitor. It seems that Soldevan may have needed some help with this particular task and I am more than willing to help. Have you perhaps asked for the key to the drawer? After all we are here to help and there is no need to be sneaky about it.

lets do some research on what I see in the paintings

[roll0] vs 50
[roll1] vs 40
[roll2] vs 40
[roll3] vs 40
[roll4] vs 50

2011-05-26, 02:22 PM
Higgs (Only):

Out in the gallery, you remove the covering of the first of the three paintings.


It depicts a large humanoid figure suspended in a distorted field of color. The figure is thin, malformed- its features murky. It appears mummified, decayed...

There was no mistaking it-the painting represented the Golden throne. But what part of it was Heretical? Daemonic?

You weren't quite sure. Maybe the coloring was supposed to represent the warp?

At first glance, it lacked any iconography or symbolism that might me misconstrued, or connect it to any particular cult. It was, for all intents and purposes, a grim- but realistic, depiction of the Emperor.

You couldn't help but wonder WHY the others had reacted so strongly to it...

2011-05-26, 07:56 PM
"Combination lock," the Adept says simply. "Which Inquisitor?"

More unasked questions were running through the adept's head. Why was Higgs here? Did Soldevan think they couldn't complete the task alone? Did he have a secret agenda? Of course he did, they always had a secret agenda. This one would need watching, Nikolaos decided.

2011-05-26, 08:34 PM

Higgs smirks at the other acolytes obvious confusion. He lays the cloth over the painting once more and moves to the next one lifting the cover to examine it as he did the first one before answer as of yet named acolyte.

Than perhaps you could ask for the combination from the lady of the house, I am sure she would be happy to oblige. And I am sure if that information was relevant to this investigation Soldevan would have informed you prior to your dispatch.

[roll0] vs 50
[roll1] vs 40
[roll2] vs 40
[roll3] vs 40
[roll4] vs 50

2011-05-26, 09:49 PM
Higgs (Only)

You remove the cover off the second painting.


It depicts a solitary building, a large manor overlooking the coast. Like the previous paintings, the quality of the art brings it to unnatural life- the lack of color only adding to its power.

Artistic power that is- like the previous painting, there was nothing unnatural about it...

2011-05-26, 09:55 PM

Higgs drops the sheet over that painting and moves to the last looking under the sheet. His face a tinged with confusion, why had the others reacted so poorly to these paintings.

[roll0] vs 50
[roll1] vs 40
[roll2] vs 40
[roll3] vs 40
[roll4] vs 50

2011-05-26, 10:18 PM
Higgs (Only):

You remove the cover of the third and final painting and reveal...


A dark haired woman, face turned away from you, sleeping serenely. Above her, seemingly forming from the very air, is a dark swirling mass- identity unknown...

Admittedly, the woman wasn't very decent: there was something downright sultry with the painting- but nothing to warrant... an inquisition...

2011-05-26, 10:27 PM

Higgs now just confused about the seeming inquiry with the paintings turns to the others the sheet still in hand.

And really, why do these paintings seem to be of such interest.

He motions momentarily to Nox.

From what I can see they are nothing but the results of an over active imagined, with too much pent up hormones, and sadly faith confused individual.

2011-05-26, 11:32 PM
Nox (Only)

With the cleric holding up the sheet, you could easily see the painting beneath.


It depicted a dark haired woman, with her face turned away from you, sleeping serenely. Above her, seemingly forming from the very air, is a dark swirling mass- identity unknown...

2011-05-27, 12:34 AM
Nox's gaze becomes a trifle harder when she hears that this newcomer does not work for the Master. "I didn't see them as being all that bad, a little creepy, but-" at the last painting she pauses and leans in to look, "That's wrong..." she motions for Nikolaos to come over, "Nik, come look at this. This isn't one of the three we saw on the wall..." she checks the back of the painting just to be sure. She quickly glances at the other three, careful not to look too closely just in case.

2011-05-27, 12:45 AM

You glance at the other two paintings- just in case.

The second one hadn't changed: there was the Emperor, sitting stoically on his Golden throne.

The third one was also how you remembered it.

An old and eerie manor- but nothing out of place.

Still, was that first painting even different?

There was the woman, still laying down... Resting peacefully- the twirling mass above her head.

2011-05-27, 12:48 AM
Nox lets the curtain fall again, "I was sure that the first painting was mainly red... and we could see her face.. I distinctly remember something odd about her face, but... I don't know..."

2011-05-27, 07:57 AM
"Which Inquisitor," the adept repeats, his voice hardening rapidly. "You claim Soldevan sent you to join us. We were never informed of this. Why should we trust you? We have only your word to go on."

Abandoning the lock for now, Nikolaos hurries over to look at the paintings. The woman, first. He wasn't about to check on the one of the house again, if he could help it.

2011-05-27, 09:29 AM

Higgs steps back removing the cover over the woman's painting for the others to see. He gives room for the others to inspect the paintings so that they might get a handle of their confusion. He turns a wry smile towards the other acolyte.

As I have said..

He gives a confused look as he seems to search for words

You never did tell me your name. If we are to point fingers I should be the one doing so. I am not the one questioning the order and decisions of the Inquisition, nor am I the one hiding behind anonymity nor am I the one trying to break into the personal belongings of the very person we have been sent to aid.

He leaves his words at that to see if the Adept could twist his way out of his own suspicions.

2011-05-27, 09:51 AM
"Nikolaos. And that's all you're getting of it until my questions are answered. As for yours..." The adept raised a finger. "First, I'm not questioning the Inquisition. I'm questioning you. As of yet, I've no proof you even belong to it aside from your own claims." Another finger joined the first as he continued. "Second, if you were in the Inquisition, you'd know that hiding behind anonimity until you've fully completed assessing a situation is a very smart decision. Especially if you are the one with friends to back you up when your identity comes into question. And third,"

Nikolaos paused for effect and raised a third and final finger. "We have been sent to assist no-one. What we have been sent to do is locate an individual, the name of whom you should already know, and I am pursuing all possible leads to that end."

2011-05-27, 09:59 AM
The Group:

Nikolaos lifts the covering once more, and reveals the first painting:


There was the woman, with her face turned away from you, sleeping serenely.

Above her, seemingly forming from the very air, was the dark swirling mass- identity unknown...

2011-05-27, 10:26 AM

Higgs in a mocking manner raises his three fingers.

You are questioning he Inquisition, more importantly you are Questioning the decisions of Soldevan who chose not to inform you of my arrival or why he sent me.

He lowers a finger

Indeed the Inquisition enjoys anonymity when it can, so you should know that if pressed, particularly on this mission, I have no way of actually proving my affiliation.

He lowers another finger before he continues now a hint of concern in his voice, the tenor of a practiced speaker and orator making an appearance.

Are you so cold as to not think you are helping the others with your duties? Have you been lost so much in the grisly work that must be done that you have forgotten why it is you do it? Wouldn't the end result of our task reunite lost siblings and strengthen their belief in the holy Emperors' Inquisition? If you have lost all feelings or attachment to your work than perhaps I have not come to help save the missing Keetling but to save you,

He takes half a step towards Nikolas his finger now pointing and his face almost pained.

Nikolas, because we are the Emperors hands in the dirty grime that is life. We must bring out all that is good and buried. We may get dirty, we may do what must be done, and sometime we may even find ourselves the object of hate. But we must never forget why we do it and for whom. We do this for the God Emperor, blessed be he, and his people which he watches over from his golden throne, blessed be it, and we can never loss sight of that. Because if we do, we are no better than the grime we must sift through because it is the light of the Emperor , blessed be it, that guides us through life and its grime.

Higgs stop lowering his hand and with it the last finger seeing if he was able to reach the Acolyte.

2011-05-27, 11:22 AM
Nox's brow knits in concentration as she stares at the painting, before she finally seems to lose her cool, "Oh would you two children please stop bickering, I can hardly hear myself think! This serves no purpose but to slow our progress at fulfilling the Master's wish." She rounds on the newcomer, "You! Do you solemnly swear that you serve the Inquisition and are here to serve the Master's will in this mission, or what?" She stares intently at Higgs, his face reflected in her large dark goggles.

Scrutiny, just 'cause: [roll0] vs 35

2011-05-27, 07:58 PM
"I might be questioning why he would do that, but I find it far more likely that you are simply hiding something." That taken care of, Nikolaos shifts his attention to the painting. The cleric, if that's what he really was, was saying something about attachments to work. Why it was that the Inquisition did what it did.

It was, of course, entirely beside the point. Perhaps not to him, but to the adept. The Departmento Munitorum had never had a place for attachment, and the Inquisition was no different. "We do this simply because it needs to be done, and because the Inquisitor has tasked us with it. The side effects are irrelevant: only the completion of the task matters. Now do be quiet, this painting is different. Her face used to be visible. Nox, did you check the others?"

Lycan 01
2011-05-27, 10:03 PM
Arkham listens to the two men bicker with an aloof, almost distant expression. He couldn't tell if Higg's "pent up hormones and over-active imagination" comment was directed at him or Nox, so he decides not to jump to a conclusion over something inconsequential. The situation was getting out of hand enough as it was. "Are you guys done yet?" he finally says, pinching the bridge of his nose in slight annoyance. "We've got bigger fish to fry than whether or not this Higgs guy has proper identification filled out in triplicate. Y'know, like the fact that we're dealing with our target being involved with a possible heretic cell that's creating paintings comprised of tiny screaming human faces. On that note, Nikalaos, who did you say signed the pai-."

He then does a double take.

"The frak? When did that painting turn white? It was black and red five minutes ago!"

2011-05-28, 12:31 AM

Higgs chuckles at the others displeasure at their companions paranoia. Because it was not he who could not accept truth. It amused him even more the way in which the woman seemed so oddly attached to Soldevan that she could not see the irony in her statement. He almost could see Nox asking for a pinky swear.

You are nearly as forgone as some of my brothers Adept, perhaps I will show you the error in you ways before all compassion has left you. And Nox I have already stated my allegiance and intention it is your companion who seems to not believe me. But than I am sure you are well used to his ways by now.

His face once again gains its stony features as he looks at the paintings.

You are hardly dealing with a heretical cell Detective Vogel. But than I have been asked to shut up so I shall step back and let the experts do the work.

Now his voice had no amusement in it, but instead dripped with sarcasm as the this group obviously would be hard to deal with.

I guess I should roll a deceive against scrutiny.... I mean I don't think I have lied about anything but sure a deceive test it is :smalltongue:

[roll0] vs 49

Lycan 01
2011-05-28, 12:44 AM
Arkham sighs. "Look, I don't know how you define a cell, but my definition is a small group of individuals working together as a group towards one purpose. Which is what we're supposed to be doing. So can we please stop the sarcasm, mistrust, and thinly veiled insults?" he glares back and forth between each member of the Acolyte cell, trying to make sure everyone is on the same page. "We're never going to get anywhere if we keep subtly sabotaging ourselves... At any rate, we're dealing with at least one heretic - the artist who painted these abominations. Our host said her brother has been hanging out with a group of artists, including the one in question. So, naturally, we should assume that the whole group is in on whatever's going on until we prove otherwise. Ergo, my statement about us dealing a heretic cell..." Arkham explains, trying his best to keep things civil.

2011-05-28, 12:50 AM

And pray tell which part of these paintings are heretical? Perhaps dramatic or even taking a few extra liberties, however the art depicts no heresy. I think it is unwise to jump to such drastic opinions so quickly as such opinions may simply lead you down the wrong path.

Higgs speaks calmly from a few feet from the others he as obviously meant his stepping back literally if not figuratively

Lycan 01
2011-05-28, 01:14 AM
"Did you look at that one?" Arkham asks the Cleric, gesturing at "The Golden Throne." "How closely did you examine it? What did you see? When I looked closely... I saw faces... Tiny, screaming faces..." he shudders. "I don't know what the others saw in the other paintings. But if there was something there, in any of them... Would it not be wise to take no chances? Yes, it may have been my imagination. But what if it wasn't? Is it not our duty to the Emperor to scrutinize any possible hint of Chaos?"

2011-05-28, 01:19 AM
Nox nods, "There, you see? Good enough. Woe be unto him should he betray us, but the matter is closed." she smiles slightly at the thought before going back to business, "Nikolaos, go speak with the lady of the house and see if she knows the combination to his desk, if she doesn't I'll take a crack at it," she waves him away with a dismissive gesture. "The others seemed to have some kind of reaction to the paintings, they seemed creepier before. Maybe by taking them off the wall we broke whatever spell it was? I don't know.." she looks to the Cleric again, "You! Were you given any extra information on this case that would lead you to believe with such surety that this is not the work of heretics?"

2011-05-28, 01:24 AM

Higgs nods in agreement. He steps up to the golden throne and squats down taking a much closer look trying to make heads or tails of the apparent heretical paintings. As he inspects the painting he responds to Nox.

No I have no extra information I just preffer to see the good before the bad, because I have seen far too much of the later.

taking a close look at the whole picture

[roll0] vs 16 if it is needed

2011-05-28, 01:28 AM
Higgs (Only):

The painting was the most unsavory of the lot- if only for its depiction of the Emperor.

But all in all, the artist's brush was flawless- a sight to behold.

You could find no trace of the faces- or any other malign influence in the art.

2011-05-28, 01:33 AM
Nox walks back into the room and inspects the walls where the paintings had been hanging, before bending down and inspecting the lock for potential means of opening it.

Search: [roll0] vs 17
Purely Theoretical (For now) Security: [roll1] vs 52

2011-05-28, 01:33 AM

Higgs' brow furrows as he moves to inspect the other two in kind looking for these aberrations of the mind.

lets try this again?

[roll0] vs 16

2011-05-28, 01:55 AM
Higgs (Only):

You had checked and rechecked these paintings several times now- and they still hadn't changed.

Still the woman slept peacefully, and the house stood firm overlooking the coast.

The paintings hung on the library, over the desk and on the wall respectively. Neither of the three spots had any traces left behind, or anything out of the ordinary.

As for the lock, the other two had more or less failed with the less intrusive methods- if you wanted to open it, you would have to mess with the wiring.

Luckily, you recognized the model: A Lector 5.6- a high grade lock, very secure: this wouldn't be easy. But you knew its secret: a small security cable lining the inner side of num-pad.

You could probably fry the lock or at least reset it by connecting that cable to another one...

2011-05-28, 01:58 AM

Higgs stands up once more giving the paintings a glance once more before shrugging.

I see nothing heretical about these pieces. But if it is the only lead we have than it would not hurt to talk with the painter of these works. Have you figured out who has painted them?

Lycan 01
2011-05-28, 02:05 AM
"Garsetti, I recall our host saying," Arkham replies. "I think Nikalaos said one of the paintings was signed JG, if I heard him right. So Garsetti is apparently also known as JG. And, to further complicate matters," he says, holding up the letters he found moments ago (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=11071083&postcount=171), "JG is apparently our young aristocrat's lover. They also had some sort of meeting at "The Void," which I'd assume is a club or something. The letters aren't date, and Andreyus has been missing for some time, so I'm not sure how much info we could actually find there. Where did his sister say he often met the artists at?" he asks Nikalaos and Nox.

2011-05-28, 02:11 AM

Well it seems than we have a solid lead. We must find this Garsetti, which I assume is a last name, and perhaps than we can find our missing friend. And If I am not mistaken there is no better place to start the search than "the void." Perhaps it is a bar or pub, which I am sure the lady of the house could help us identifying.

2011-05-28, 07:53 AM
"The Expositorium of Fine Arts," says the adept, his distaste at the matter quite obvious. "And yes, the signature was JG. It's on the one with the house, though I wouldn't advise looking too closely. Unless you are Higgs, in which case your connection to the Emperor obviously shields you from their effects."

Nikolaos leaves the study with that, looking for Miss Keetling. He had questions for her. As he left, he clicked his microbead. "This is transmitting, yes? You can hear me?"

Lycan 01
2011-05-28, 04:31 PM
Arkham snaps his fingers. "I've got a plan." He then gestures after Nikalaos. "Nik, come back here a sec'."

Once everyone is listening, he'll explain his idea. "So, we've got two leads. The Expositorium of Fine Arts, and the Void. We know Andreyus was buddy-buddy with the artists at the Expo, and we know he met Garsetti for something at the Void, so there's a chance they met there regularly. How 'bout this... We split the team, scope out these two places for leads, then regroup and share intel. I can hit the Void, since I know how to blend in and ask the right questions in places like that. I can talk to the bartenders and see what I can dig up about Andy and Garsetti, and maybe even figure out why they were meeting there. Nox could possibly tag along, but... Nikalaos, Higgs, no offense to either of you, but you'd probably stick out like sore thumbs in that place."

"Instead, you will both be checking out the Expositorium. I'm thinking you can masquerade as associates of Andreyus, and present yourselves as possibly interested in some of the art he told you about. His sister did tell us he wouldn't shut up about his artist friends, so it seems reasonable that he may have bragged about it to his associates. So, you guys can say you've been away on business, and you've finally got the chance to come check out the art. You don't know much about art itself, but Andreyus seemed to think it was a worthy investment, so you've decided to try and dabble in it. So you've got an excuse to feign ignorance about the art world, beyond a few glimpses Andreyus may have shown you of these pieces. This could also explain why you don't know where Andreyus is, since you left for you business trips before he disappeared, and give you a chance to ask them about his whereabouts without raising too much suspicion. And yes, Nikalaos, I know you hate art. The distaste in your voice was blatantly obvious," Arkham smirks. "If it helps, you can masquerade as representatives of Andreyus' associates, since they're too busy to come in person. Either way, I'm sure you could forge the proper credentials, right buddy?" he grins, confident in the Adept's skills.

"As I said, Nox can tag along with either group. I'm sure she could fit in with either locale, and her combat abilities would be a boon to either group if trouble were to arise. Nox, what do you think? What about the rest of you, how do you like the plan?" he asks the rest of the team.

2011-05-28, 07:40 PM
"I still need to ask Miss Keetling a few things, you know," Nikolaos said, stopping at the door. "Splitting up is a bad idea, especially when we don't even know what sort of place the Void is yet. I can certainly forge credentials if they are needed, but I think we should have a little more information to work with first. I will be back."

The adept evidently still wants to go speak with the lady of the house.

2011-05-28, 10:38 PM

Higgs quietly listens to the detectives plan before responding.

I must agree with Nikolaos splitting up may be unwise. However if we must I would think I would do best at the void. I may not look it but I do have some good rapport with the common folk, and honestly I may draw less attention than you may think. A fool hardy cleric in a den of sinners is not a unseen sight, most will simply see me as a non threat provided I don't bring along the mad ravings of an over active preacher.

Higgs chuckles a little to himself.

And honestly I would find my self lost in an art expo.

Lycan 01
2011-05-28, 11:02 PM
Arkham shrugs. "Eh, if you say so. I was just trying to be productive. I still think going undercover at the Art place would be a wise choice. You could be the aristocrat, I could be your bodyguard, Nik could be your advisor, Nox could be your wife or bodyguard or something... I'm sure we could come up with a good setup. As for the Void, if you think you can handle it, go for it. Nikalaos needs to stay out, though. He can stay with the car or watch the exits or something. I guess our main concern right now is deciding which lead to follow first..." he muses, scratching the beard stubble on his chin.

2011-05-29, 08:31 PM

Was the Cleric's verdict reassuring, or...

Nox and Arkham had confirmed it- the painting had shifted.

Then again, so had the house...

Still, as you exit the study, and walk passed the paintings by the door- you spot the woman out of the corner of your eye...

She would surely turn now and face you...

For a fraction of a moment, the thought flashed in your mind then faded along with your vision of the painting as it went out of sight and you walked out of the gallery into the plain white hallways out of the house.

getting back to Lady Keetling was easier than you'd expected. The manor's layout was relatively simple: it was divided into four primary wings, with the gallery and study located in the eastern wing and the entrance and reception room located in the southern wing.

Still, the atmosphere here was disconcerting- unlike the bustling corridors of the administratum, the mansion was, despite its size, eerily quiet, betraying no hints of a single servant's presence.

Upon entering the sitting room, you spot the trail of the lady's red dress slinking from around her Sofa.


At your approach, she turns towards you and takes in a breath from her Lho-stick.

"I trust you have found what you were looking for?" She asks.

2011-05-29, 08:49 PM
"In a manner of speaking. We found the paintings, but they raised more questions." Nikolaos remained standing in favour of taking a seat again. He cleared his throat before continuing, then went on.

"There is a locked drawyer on Andreyus' desk. Do you know what he kept in there? If not, do you know the code to open it? You requested we be discreet. I would prefer not to damage the lock."

He waited a moment for her answer, then proceeded with the other questions, pausing after each one to give her a moment to think and reply.

"Have you ever heard of a place called The Void? We stumbled upon a reference to it, and would like to investigate there at some point."

"Did you know Garsetti's first name?"

"The paintings. What did they look like to you? Please, be specific, it could be important."

The adept had saved one question, mostly unrelated to the investigation, for last. "Another man has joined our investigation. He calls himself Higgs. Have you spoken to him, or did one of the servitors let him in?"

2011-05-29, 09:49 PM

She watches the adept for a few moments, as if pondering something.

"I haven't searched his study after his disappearance, only his room- though I have found nothing there." She answers. "He did most, if not all, of his work in the study- he probably kept some of his paperwork there."

"The drawer code is 834527." She says, then pauses slightly before continuing. "If you find anything relating to the business, bring it back to me once you have finished with it."

"The Void? No- I have never heard of it. Neither has Andreyus ever mentioned it." She carries on. "As for the artist's first name, I am afraid I never payed much attention to it."

"What did they look like? You have seen them, haven't you?" She asks.

"The first one: The Golden Throne... Perhaps better suited in a chapel, somewhere, where they will more appreciate the painting's bleak outlook." She answers carefully, as if picking her words. "It lacked... vitality."

"The second: the sleeping women: though she's drawn looking away, the painting was still indecent. You must remember, Andreyus was always shy around the members of the opposite sex- I don't know what possessed him into bringing that thing back home." She continues.

"The third: that old manor in black and white. It was gloomy at best- a senseless waste of time. And there was a fault with it as well: some red dots on the canvas." She concludes. "My brother's always had a bad spending habit- but his choices this time were most... unsavory."

"Yes, he came by and introduced himself and apologized for being late." She answers his final question. "He had the proper codes, so he was able to enter the property."

2011-05-29, 10:25 PM
"I saw them, yes. I noticed those faults, too. Most unprofessional, to have something like that there." Nikolaos sniffed again, to give some manner of voice to his displeasure at unprofessionalism.

"Thank you for your time. I will be sure to pass on any business information we find in the drawyer." Taking his leave from the lady, the adept excused himself from the room.

Making his way back to the group, Nikolaos smiled to himself.

2011-05-29, 10:30 PM

A few minutes later, and your back in the study- still without encountering anyone on the way.

2011-05-29, 10:35 PM
"834527," Nikolaos says, striding back into the room and making his way to the desk. "Most interesting. I did not expect her to know that. Regrettably, the thing she did not know was anything to do with the Void. We are down to one lead, which makes the choice of where to go next rather simple, I should think."

Kneeling next to the drawyer, the adept punched the code he had been given into the little keypad.

2011-05-29, 10:40 PM

You input the code and the numpad blinks green. A click from within the drawer follows, and it slides open.

Within, you find...

... reams of paperwork- a cursory glance reveals them to be the Keetling's ledgers.

2011-05-29, 11:49 PM
Nikolaos spends the next few moments going through the paperwork. It was doubtful there was anything useful here, but it never hurt to check. This was really just a cursory glance to see if anything jumped out as odd.

2011-05-30, 02:12 PM

A quick read-trough the reveals that the Keetlings have been importing exotic foods and drinks from as far as Orbill Quill and exporting them to the rest of Malfi.

Looking into the finances of the company was going to take you a bit of time, seeing you would have to shift trough quite a bit of data...

Lycan 01
2011-05-30, 04:28 PM
"Alright, we'll hit the Exposorium of Art place first," Arkham nodes. "Y'all wanna go with my idea for charade of aristocrats lookin' for art? Or does anybody have a better plan?"

The detective creeps over to Nikalaos and tries to read over his shoulder. "Find anything?"

2011-05-31, 02:55 AM
"Very little. These appear to be simple financial records for his company. I give these to Miss Keetling, for now, and we'll go check the Expositorium." Nikolaos carefully stacked the ledgers, taking the bundle under one arm for transport back to the room where their hostess was.

2011-05-31, 07:57 PM
Nikolaos & Anybody who went with him:

Your make your way back to the sitting room once more and find the lady just as you left her.

2011-05-31, 09:38 PM
"All the drawyer had in it was ledgers." Nikolaos places the books on a table.

"They might need going through later, but for now there are more pressing things to take care of."

Lycan 01
2011-06-03, 05:48 PM
Arkham rolls his eyes when nobody responds to his suggestions. He decides to chase after Nikalaos, since he at least knows how to carry on a conversation. "Wait up, Nik," Arkham waves, catching up to him just as he gets back to the sitting room. He lets Nikalaos hand over the papers, and then he decides to try and converse with Miss Keetling. "Well, we managed to find out a little bit of info. Looks like we're going to the Art Expositorium, and then checking out the Void later. I dunno of Nik mentioned it to you, but it seems your brother wasn't just business partners with Garsetti," he says, pulling the love letters from his jacket and holding them out in case Miss Keetling wants to examine them. "Seems they had some sort of romance going on, and they used some place called "The Void" as a rendezvous point. So, after we check the Expositorium, we're gonna see what we can dig up there.

"Currently, I'm thinking we're gonna go undercover as aristocrats interested in purchasing some of Garsetti's art. We'll say we were associates of Andreyus, but we've been away on business since shortly before he disappeared. We'll say he went on and on and on about how lucrative art was as a business venture, so we've decided to try and dable in it. This masquerade will allow us to excuse our ignorance of art and of Andreyus' current whereabouts, and it gives us a chance to ask the artists about both. We'll need to find proper disguises, of course..." he shrugs. He then arches an eyebrow at Miss Keetling, and cautiously asks: "Say... You wouldn't happen to have any spare attire or anything to help us blend in as aristocrats and retinue, would you? Maybe some of Andreyus' old suits, or some servants' uniforms?"

2011-06-04, 01:01 AM
Back with the Lady:

She eyes the ledgers carefully as Nikolaos places them on the table.

"Thank you for bringing them to me." She nods to the adept politely. "I will look them over myself, and contact you f I find anything out of place."

Upon seeing the letters, her expression shifts: for a moment, she is no longer stoic, but seems genuinely surprised- and extremely displeased.

"How very disappointing of him" She says as she examines them. "I was unaware that my brother was seeing a woman- that he chose to keep this a secret only proves he was not himself."

"As I have just explained to Mister Nikolaos, my brother's a ... meek... man, very old-fashioned and rather shy around members of the opposite sex." She continues, and you detect a faint change in her tone- before she stops talking and listens to Arkham's plan.

"I would like to keep intrusions into our lives at a minimum..." She begins, upon hearing his request. "However, if you believe that such subterfuge is necessary, I will have a servitor bring you a set of clothing that will suit your needs." She says, then calls a servitor to her side.

Moments later, it shuffles nearby and stops- taking in the lady's orders. Then it turns away and walks into the mansion's corridors, vanishing around a corner.

"Anything else?"

2011-06-06, 11:33 AM

Higgs remains silent as the others devise their plan not having much to add due to his tardiness to the situation.

2011-06-06, 11:39 AM
Nox follows at the new guy's heels, keeping an eye on him lest he do something to set Nikolaos off again. She listens intently to the last parts of the plan.

If Nox can still make a scrutiny, here it is: [roll0] vs 35

Lycan 01
2011-06-06, 08:11 PM
"Hm..." Arkham scratches his chin. "Why are you so surprised about your bother having a lady-friend? You said it yourself he was old-fashioned... Wouldn't courting like that be expected? Or am I missing something?" he arches an eyebrow.

When the rest of the team enters, Arkham idly waves. "Ah, you're just in time. I'm working on the finer details of the plan. Miss Keetling will be lending us some attire in order to present better masquerades. So, what will everyone's roles be? And Nikalaos, do you have the materials to forge the proper credentials for us?"

2011-06-08, 02:23 AM
"Not yet. Acquiring them will be a simple matter. There is assuredly somewhere here that will seel writing supplies. From there, I can use the desk in the car to make us some cards. I will be an advisor. I believe it would not do for me to be the patron of the arts. Nikolaos made a sour face.

Once they had left, he was going to find a shop where he could buy a writing kit, and then spend a short while making a few false cards. The adept had no doubt they would hold up under the sort of scrutiny he expected to encounter, and then some. Just in case.

leaving room in there for further conversation, just in case. Nikolaos doesn't have anything else to add, but 20 thrones and one skill check later, we should have some cards. Trade (copyist) [roll0]

Poorly made cards.

2011-06-08, 03:50 PM
The Group:

After what seems like a considerable length of time, the servitor finally returns with a silver suitcase containing a few of Andreyus' old suits, both evening-wear and casual clothing, and two of the help's: a majordomo's suit and a maid's costume.

"No- His association with an Unknown would be quite beneath the family name." She answers Arkham's question. "It might even hurt the business."

"Either way, be sure to bring him back..." The Lady adds as she leaves the door, giving you a chance to change. "As fast as you can.."

Once ready, you exit the mansion and climb into the Accuratezza- with Nikolaos settling comfortably in behind the desk and getting to work on printing identification papers- unfortunately, the cogitator was rather strained, affecting the quality of his work: though the papers were finished, they would only work at a glance and wouldn't withstand any further scrutiny.

Back behind the driver's seat, the adept moves the hovercar out of the Keetling's front yard and towards the Expositorium.

Arkham (Only):

As the Accuratezza passes by the gave, you give one last look at the mansion, and spot something red fluttering in one of the mansion's windows...

[OOC: Awareness test with sight based bonuses please!]
It doesn't take you too long before you reach the Expositorium.

In the distance ahead, you spot a multitude of visitors walking in and out of the main doors between two of the dozens of pillars that surrounded the courtyard.


Following them inside, your pleasantly surprised to find that entrance to the expositorium was free of charge...

Inside, you find yourselves in the central lobby: a large circular room lined with maps that connected with several hallways that extended into the museum's multiple aisles, each toward their own exposition- a quick look at the maps, and the signs, revealed several of these.

It displayed, as the nucleus, works formerly found in noble families private collections alongside paintings and portraits from several Malfian artists of great renown, depicting many of the Planet’s ruling nobility. Perhaps its most famous work advertised was a portrait of the Eminence Glydus Matriarch.

Besides paintings, the Expositorium also boasted a large number of statues, busts and casts; a very noble tapestry museum; a fine collection of Off-world pieces and an extensive collection of ceramics and metal-work.

At the center of the room, sitting behind a circular desk, was a man in a blue uniform- no doubt the entrance attendant.

2011-06-09, 12:41 AM
Nox raises a pale eyebrow at the disguises, "What do you think Nik? Flip a coin for the Maid's Outfit?" with a grin she snatches up the costume and starts getting changed, heedless of the others as usual, though if possible she puts it on over the armoured bodyglove. Her dark goggles coming off last, and she quickly replaces them with a pair of dark glasses. She keeps her eyes closed against the brightness of the room until the glasses are on.
She secures her wrist weapon under the sleeve of the costume, and secrets her knife on her person, quickly transferring as much of her spare darts to her new outfit before bundling up her long black coat. "Oddly fitting really..." she mutters to herself as she follows the others outside to the vehicle.
She follows the others at a discrete distance, eyes downcast doing her best at being the meek servant.

Lycan 01
2011-06-09, 01:02 AM
While the others change, Arkham simply adjusts his hat. "I think I'm going to stick with my current attire, since I was gonna be the aristocrat's bodyguard or chief of security. I think I'd look less gruff and imposing with a nice suit and clean shave..." he shrugs flippantly.

"Higgs, was it?" he turns to the priest. "What should I call you? Simply Higgs, or do you have a specific title I need to use? At any rate, how do you feel about being our art-curious aristocrat, who knows nothing about art other than what Andreyus babbled about?" he asks with a mischievous smile.

After Nox changes into the maid outfit and remarks about its fitting properties, Arkham can't help but smirk. "Why Nox, I never knew you were a fan of frills..."

Once they're ready to leave, Arkham lifts his hat to Miss Keetling. "Thank you for your help. We'll do our best to keep things quiet, and we'll avoid drawing any attention - good or bad - to the Keetling name. Whatever we find out, we'll make sure you're made aware of it. Goodbye for now, Miss Keetling."

When Nikalaos finishes the IDs, Arkham takes a cursory glance at them. His expression quickly falters, and dismay is clearly written on his features. "Oh Emperor... Not your best work, buddy. Unless their security is very lax or distracted, we're going to be in trouble. Um... Nox..." he tilts his head towards the femme fatale, "In a pinch, you think you could use the maid bit for a distraction of any sort?"

As they leave the manor, Arkham cranes his neck. He thinks he saw something... but he's not certain.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35

2011-06-09, 07:48 AM
"It was the cogitator," Nikolaos asserts. "Someone probably forgot to do basic maintenence to it at some point. At any rate, they shall have to do."

The adept had selected the Majordomo's suit. He was meant to be an advisor, and that had seemed the most appropriate.

2011-06-11, 09:24 AM

Higgs chuckles at Nox before the arbite adresses him and he turns, smiles and nods.

Higgs will do just fine. Unless of course you like to be formal, a few of the crew from my last ship preffered to call me father.

He laughs before inspecting the attire brought around for him. After a little thought he collects an assortment which gave him a disheveled look. As if he was noble not apt at understanding the basic finery of dressing oneself but who knows he is too important to allow anyone to question him. His mix of evening and casual wear would be completed with his heavy flak coat worn as an pee coat and a squat top hat to finish the disguise. Once his attire is selected he begins to get dressed unabashed he had lived a good time in the lower decks of ships and shared many rooms with many others for a good portion of his life modesty was not a problem for the cleric. However as he undresses the others can get a first look at his chosen hair style. His head is topped with a tonsure leaving but two inches of hair as a ring around the crown of his head. Above the tonsure begins what looks to be deep scars which still seam to seep blood, the scars form an intricate pattern which if viewed closer are runic wards and symbols each more detailed than the finest text. However as soon as he can he once again covers his head with the hat and finishes dressing.

He spends his time on the trip to the expositorium he sits in silence his eyes closed in silent revery as he listens to the others work and plan. When Arkham points out the quality of the adepts work and the adept makes excuses he laughs.

No need to make excuses Nikolaos, the Emperor watches over those who know their limits the best and it seems you may have reached yours. Than I guess it is up to my acting skills to carry us through.

he chuckles

Than surely our quest is doomed.

Once they have entered the expositorium Higgs attempts to put on an air of authority and aloofness with a hint of confusion and curiosity. A proper set of traits for a aristocrat learning about a new hobby.

for the disguise I am throwing together, lets hope there is a hat of some sort :smalltongue:
[roll0] vs 19

and for my acting
[roll1] vs 49

2011-06-11, 04:55 PM
The Group:

"Welcome to the Expositorium"

The man behind the desk greets the group as they walk besides his desk and bows his head politely to the disguised priest.

2011-06-12, 08:34 AM
"An artisan cannot create a superior work with inferior tools," The adept responded to Higgs as they made their way into the Expositorium. "Why should you expect me to do any better?"

Once they passed the desk, Nikolaos was silent. It would be up to Higgs and his acting to carry them through here.

Lycan 01
2011-06-15, 01:41 AM
Arkham shrugs it off, deciding it was just a fluttering tapestry. Or Miss Keetling watching them leave. Probably the tapestry, though. Still... Something about her didn't strike him well. It was as though she was hiding something, or knew more than she was letting on.

When they go to the Expositorium, Arkham sticks close to Higgs. He keeps his hat pulled low, his collar popped, and tries to present himself as being slightly menacing and distrusting. After all, he was the aristocrat's bodyguard. He needed to look like he meant business. When the clerk approaches, Arkham eyes him suspiciously, while also scoping out the surroundings.

Awareness: [roll0] vs Per 35
Scrutiny +10: [roll1] vs Per 35 = 45

2011-06-16, 08:27 PM

Higgs begins to strut around the Expositorium looking disinterested in the art work displayed. He however endeavors to make it obvious he is looking at titles of works and artist names. He keeps his eyes open for artwork by Garsetti and should he find one he stops and begins to look overly interested in the work but other than that he feigns little interest in the actual works.

as it says let us wonder until we find what we want or someone notices our motley crew :smalltongue:

so an awareness test to see if anyone notices us or takes note of us as well as to aid in our search of the proper works.
[roll0] vs 42

2011-06-17, 01:32 AM
The Group:

You walk around the art displays but can't seem to find anything by Garsetti- thought the paintings are all well displayed and signed.

The art is tasteful, colorful and full of life- how the models eyes seem to follow you as explore the expositorium was surely a testament to their skills. The artists have all, more or less, captured Malfi's splendor on various canvases with vivid depictions of fetes and carnivals.


And though the paintings contrast sharply with the grim mood and bleak atmosphere that permeated the streets of Prudenza, they seem to brighten the Expositorium's hallway, granting the guests a momentary reprieve from the toil of their daily lives.

Your not quite sure how much time has passed when a voice interrupts your examination of a particularly attractive surrealist piece.


"Quite the painting, isn't it?"

Because she doesn't seem to be addressing anyone specifically, you turn around to face its source: an attractive woman of medium height, dressed in a conservative but stylish green dress.


Lycan 01
2011-06-17, 01:38 AM
Arkham plays his role to the hilt, tensing slightly and narrowing his eyes at the strange woman. He shifts his weight towards Higgs, his body language "betraying" his protective "nature." In reality, though, he really is studying the woman, looking for any signs of intent or information.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 35
Scrutiny: [roll1] vs 45

2011-06-17, 01:49 AM
Nox follows the others around, taking her lead from Nikolaos. Her head down looking at the floor in a subservient manner, meanwhile her eyes behind her dark glasses are peeled for any threats. She starts as the woman appears, seemingly unnoticed, she hadn't realised how distracted she had been by the paintings. She looks at this newcomer in much the same way as Arkham, but thankfully her dark glasses do well to hide her eyes.

Awareness: [roll0] vs 55
Scrutiny: [roll1] vs 35

2011-06-17, 01:51 AM
Arkham (Only) :

Though the lady seemed to be interested your opinion on the piece, you detect a dullness in her stare that betrayed a certain lassitude mixed with exasperation.

Though you could see no name-tag or uniform, you can't help but feel as if she's asked this question a hundred times before...

Whether or not she truly cared about the answer, you suspect she only came to check up on Higgs- who seemed more or less lost amidst the paintings.

Nox (Only):

The woman had a grin etched across her lips that you didn't quite care for- you could tell, almost immediately, that she didn't hold the group in high regards.

Quite the opposite: as she looked over the others, you could feel her silently mocking their seemingly random trek around the museum corridors...

Still she smiled, her face reminiscent of the painted faces on the pieces around you: beautiful, but false...

2011-06-17, 01:52 AM

Higgs turns only enough to glance at the woman.

If you can call it a painting. It lacks true feeling, no soul, and the lighting is all wrong.

Higgs tries his best to sound like he knows what he is babbling about as he continues.

I have seen masterpieces which make this look like a child's scribblings. If only they had some Garsetti works here I could bask in a true masterpiece.

Higgs than seems to snap out of his revery of the painting as if noticing his babbling were to an actual person. He feigns a blush and a courteous bow as he turns to her.

I am very sorry my lady, that was very rude of me. Might I introduce myself. My name is Higgs Sigismund, but you my dear may call me Higgs. And what brings such a striking example of womanly beauty to the Expositorium by herself.

[roll0] vs 54
[roll1] vs 54

[roll2] vs 32
[roll3] vs 42

2011-06-17, 08:03 AM
Nikolaos had been observing the paintings, blending in with the look of bland unenthusiasm common to members of the administratum. It wasn't hard for such a man to go unnoticed, nor was it the place of such a man to interrupt his 'master,' and so the adept remained silent. Studying this woman too carefully would have given him away, of course. Instead, he simply affected a look of bored disinterest at what Higgs was saying, trying to pick out any tells in the woman's reaction to his words.

[roll0] for something. Scrutiny, maybe?

85 is a fail.

2011-06-20, 12:24 PM
The Group:

"That is one of our finer pieces."

She interrupts Higgs, her voice cutting trough his speech like a dagger.

"Your a fan of Garsetti's then, are you?"

She asks, lowering her hat over her eyes, concealing them in the shadow of its large brim.

"Your not going to find anything to your liking in our exhibits then; we do have certain standards..."

She adds rather bitterly before turning to leave without as much as a nod...
Higgs (Only):

The shift in her attitude was abrupt and unexpected- but you had noticed the exact moment it came about, the fleeting word that caused the shift...

How she'd lowered her hat to conceal the cold glare in her eyes, and how she bit on her lower lip then forced a crooked smile instead of lashing out with an inappropriate comment...

All of this immediately after you'd spoken Garsetti's name...
Nikoloas (Only):

It would have been virtually impossible to miss the shift in her expression, the venom in her tone and the coldness in her stare, seemingly in response to Higgs' critique on the piece...

She was annoyed, perhaps even angry...

But it's just a stranger's opinion on a random piece- you can't imagine why it would rile her up this way.

2011-06-26, 09:50 AM
"From the way she goes on, you would think it was her work." Nikolaos harrumphed and bent to inspect the signature on the piece. "On the other hand, at least they don't have any of that dreadful 'art' your friend seemed so fond of."

Playing it to the hilt, the adept had spoken the last sentence rather loudly. There had to be someone here who knew something. Why not bait them a little?

2011-06-27, 01:57 AM

Higgs in an equally loud voice scoffs at his "attendant"

Garsetti is a genius, if only I could get my hands on some of his works. And you would be wise to remember who you work for. I do not pay you as much as I do to think otherwise.

2011-06-27, 09:25 AM

You find the painter's signature in the bottom right corner of the piece. It read: MV.

The Group:

When Higgs continues to praise Garsetti, the lady scoffs loudly before turning to face the group again.

"Your out of luck- to my knowledge, her paintings have never been sold in Prudenza..." She says, rather coldly."... And as long as I am on staff, they will never hang in this expositorium."

"You'd best listen to your entourage" She adds, motioning to Nikolaos. "And warn your friend away from bad art and bad artists- bad influences all around."

2011-06-27, 12:44 PM
"That is exactly what you pay me for." The adept stared at the signature on the painting for a moment before straightening back up. "Unconflicting opinions are worth nothing, because they tell you nothing. Take hers," with this, Nikolaos motions to the woman.

"Someone, at least, has a reason to hate Garsetti. I wonder if the reason might be explained, and you convinced this is a foolish endeavor."

2011-06-27, 02:01 PM

For someone who hate Garsetti so much you seem to know an awful amount about her works.

Higgs turns ,a smile on his face, to the woman.

Perhaps instead of proclaiming her works as horrible and of bad influence you could point me to someone with similar tastes so that I may be out of your hair and your expositorium