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2011-04-13, 02:50 PM
Pollux, you wakes up suddenly with a shadows hand over your mouth preventing you from making noise. It breathes into your ear "Be silent, we shall leave and have a talk". With that you are gagged by a clothe string bag over your head and half-carried, half-guided away from camp.

As you reach the edges of town, the blindfold comes off and the two of you are alone on the side streets.

You two can conduct this little escapade here. I probably won't have to step in much or guide you, just present you with whatever you see. Speaking of which, where are we going? Direct the spotlight and I'll tell you what's there.

2011-04-13, 04:13 PM
Pollux Cannith

*At the sudden, and extremely rude awakening, Pollux fights for a second, but it stops just as quickly. If the man was talented enough to make it past Krieg, he'd likely kill him without the others being the wiser, and the only other option was that the man had destroyed Krieg without making a sound. That scared him more.*

*Once they reached the side street, Pollux levels a flat stare at the man as he pulls the gag out, waiting for a moment before speaking.*
"Alright. It would seem you have something of extreme importance to speak with me about, and while your methods are unorthodox, I'm listening. Pollux is my name, by the way."

2011-04-15, 06:21 PM
Footnote grins behind the iron mask, eyes wide in the moonlight.

"Yes. Names, names and more names! What are names without meaning behind them? That is why I am Footnote. Come."

Footnote leans in close and sniffs the other man, like some bizzare dog.

"Yes. Yes indeed and Grey to boot! Listen carefully..."

The crazed man's eyes dart about wildly, as if searching for something...
"Four cycles of the Ritual I have tracked the servants of the Lord of Blades. I would like to enter that temple over yonder, but I cannot. It is sacred ground. You will come with me so that I can. Together we will see what it is they might have taken, and then we will follow them, and then we will kill them. For Cyre."

2011-04-16, 10:57 PM
Pollux Cannith

*The man was crazy, but what could be expected of someone surviving on his own in this blighted land? It was not coincidence, however. There was no such thing in this life. The Host had guided him here for a reason. Whether to give or receive aid, it didn't matter. Both would happen if it was meant to be.*

*Turning to glance around warily, Pollux nods, extending a hand to the man, a hand to him, a slight smile on his face.*
"Then let it be sealed with a shake - a partnership - for Cyre. You have it on my faith and honor."

*When their hands clasp, the holy symbol draped from his neck gives a small flash of power. Whether from something divine or some influence more mundane, it would be impossible to say.*

2011-04-18, 10:43 AM
"He. Hehe. Hehehehehe. Shh! No laughing!"

With that remark Footnote gets down on his hands and knees and sniffs the surrounding ground.

"Okay. This way, and quietly."

And with that, we'll make our way to the church, quiet-like.

2011-04-18, 07:11 PM
Pollux Cannith


I think our almight Furious Metal Leader (sounds like a name from full metal alchemist, doesn't it?) - is away on vacation having far more fun than should be legally allowed, so we might have to wait for the church set-up. That's alright with me though, just a bit busy with life, so no worries!

2011-04-18, 09:04 PM

Roger Roger Righto! And, yes, yes it does.