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2011-04-19, 01:12 PM

The rain is coming down in buckets and the crew are having some small difficulty getting the ship loaded. The cargo you have managed to secure is a mixture of steel and copper (Prydian metal commands a good price and this has its paperwork to prove its place of origin) and a few cases of some rather delicious Prydian Brandy (about 95 proof) for a decent price from an Assembly minister looking to establish an export market for his private company. As you oversee the loading (and double checking your paperwork, to prevent you having to pay rather large re-evaluation fees) a grey horse pulling a grey coach driven by a grey coachman pulls up next to the boat and a man in a Prydian cloak and hat with a blue iron badge pinned to it steps out and up towards the boat.

"Stop 27, let me see. May I speak with the person in charge of this vessel?"

2011-04-19, 02:12 PM
At the official's words, a young man in a heavy cloak turns from watching the loading, and splashes forward to greet the official with a faint smile on his bronze-colored face. A large, thickly wrapped bundle on his back seems not to impede his motion all that much.

Green eyes peek through an unruly mass of blue hair at the man's hat before lowering to meet the apparent customs officer's gaze, and the islander extends a large, calloused hand for the man to shake, replying to the question with a slight An-Teng accent.

"Well, we still ain't clear on the chain of command, seems like, but I have my name on a lot of the paperwork. Name's Kai. What can I do for you?"

2011-04-19, 03:19 PM
"I see. In that case I have three pieces of information for you. First the city is offering an up to 8,000 Sovereign reward (OOC high Resource 3)on any information, modern or historical, on the subjects of Lintha Nig Wroo." he struggles with the pronunciation "The historical Anathema Quizzical Arrow or a ship known as Seeker's Glory. Second, I am carrying a request to determine if you are willing to be chartered to take two passengers and staff to the island of Aushan Mual Tiemor. This mission is of a partially diplomatic nature, one of the passengers is an Assembly member and the other is a government official of that island. They are willing to negotiate on passage but would wish it known they would start at 5,000 sovereigns. (OOC low resource 3). Third, I am also a representative of the Orphans and Foundlings apprenticeship placement project, do you have the capacity to take on apprentices at this time? It would be a very charitable act." (those who speak old realm open the spoiler below)

Aushan Mual Tiemor translates as Land of the Captain

2011-04-19, 04:06 PM
Kai listens thoughtfully, his hand dropping back to his side after the first sentence, then eventually rising back up to stroke his chin. His expression darkens at the mention of a Lintha ship, but lightens up a bit as more positive matters are announced.

He glances off to the side for a moment after the man finishes, turns momentarily to reassure himself of his crew's continued progress, and assess their present readiness.

"Okay. Lintha Nig Wroo, Quizzical Arrow, Seeker's Glory. Gotcha. I'll tell the crew.

We're glad to take on charters, but I'll need to talk with my navigator to figure out what we think would be a fair fee for a trip to Aushan Mual Tiemor. Tell the diplomats to stop on by to negotiate in the next six hours or so: we've got a bit more to do before we ship out, and we can wait for a bit, but we can't just spend the week waiting for them.

And for the orphans and foundlings?"

Kai turns and looks at the ship again for a few moments, before returning to the conversation with a smile.

"We could have use for another five pairs of hands. If you have some kids who are looking for a chance to learn to sail the wide ocean, I'll be happy to teach them. I doubt that our passengers would appreciate a delay, though, so unless you have them ready to leave before we set sail, I'm afraid it'll have to wait until we dock here again."

2011-04-19, 08:12 PM
A muscular and tall man, with with white hair and a brown skin possibly indicating origin from the south but his attitude and his accent is clearly from the scavenger lands. The Golden Lion goes toward the two of them, just wearing a simple white shirt and blue pants.

"Having a couple of new people on board shouldn't be too much of a trouble. We can probably gather some information while sailing around."

2011-04-19, 08:37 PM
"Whats this now Kai. Picking up kids are we. If I didn't know better I'd say you were going soft," Copper breaks into the conversation with a teasing voice and a slight chuckle. "But I guess hes right, ne'er heard of a ship that complained of to many hands on deck, but I know many that have begged the heavens for a few extra. Especially with the cargo were moving this time." He was dressed in a scribes robes, carrying a neat bundle of papers protectively underneath, in attempt to shield them from the rain.

"The paperwork's finished I brought up a copy if wanted to look them over. You've seen more shipping documents then I. Unfortunately with the rain as it is, it will be awhile before we get everything on board." Finally, after finishing his little report and handing over the papers, he glances down at the man in gray. "So now, whats all this about."

2011-04-19, 09:16 PM
Kai Kimo blinks as he's suddenly beset by two of the other members of his Circle. He grins apologetically to the official for a moment before turning to Copper.

"Nice work. And ye'd best be hoping I'm going soft, with that sort of lip."

His eyes roll at the near-pointlessness of his own statement, well aware that this is more or less standard operating procedure with the brilliant shipwright.

"I'll be wanting to see that when I can look at it in the dry. Hold onto it for now, and I'll take it in a bit."

He then turns to the man he regards as the ship's Chaplain with an appreciative smile.

"My thanks for your support on this one. I'm thinkin' our passengers'll be reasonable enough to make this a mutually profitable endeavor."

Finally, he shifts to face the officer yet again.

"Now, was there anything else we needed to talk about? If not, could you please deliver the messages to those you represent, or let me know who I should send a runner to talk with?"

2011-04-20, 03:41 AM
The man makes a gesture to the carriage and two people step out. One is clearly a westerner with a short conical hat and robes designed for far calmer weather than this, the other is wearing an all concealing robe with a heavy hood. "Due to the urgency of their travel the delegates are here, their assistants and the apprentices will be here within the hour, along with the apprenticing contracts. Good day."

2011-04-20, 09:25 AM
Kai hardly seems fazed by the revelation, instead nodding politely to the retreating official.

"Well, you're an effective public servant. Nice talking to you."

He then approaches the carriage, smiling cheerily at the apparent diplomats. Grasping the hem of his cloak, he lifts one half while bundling himself in the other, providing an impromptu shield from the rain for the poorly-equipped westerner. In the process, a bandolier across his chest, with several Flame Pieces slipped into it, momentarily becomes visible. He nods toward the ship.

"Well, come in, come in. We can discuss the proper fee in the cabin. One of the crew will fetch the ship's navigator, so he and the shipwright,"

Kai nods toward Copper,

"can help explain the factors that go into our counteroffer."

2011-04-20, 10:30 AM

A weathered looking man leans over the railing to look down at the assembly below. His clothes are simple, but he carries himself as someone who knows precisely how important he is.

Captain, did I hear that we're taking on passengers now? I'll have to completely rearrange the hold to accommodate luggage, you know. He has a wry grin, then, spotting the westerner he adds, with some respect And we'll have to get our guest some new clothes. The sea isn't going to treat him kindly in those.

Azure heads back below decks to oversee the loading and balancing of the cargo, taking care to leave some room for the passengers luggage. Then he clears out his own cabin for the guests. It was mostly an honorary thing anyways, since he usually hung his hammock near the helm to sleep out under the sky and sea. If he needed to sleep indoors, well Kai was a sailor also and knew he's have to share his quarters with someone else if he brought anyone important on board.

2011-04-20, 02:50 PM
Kai glances up at Azure's call, matching the grin on the elder Solar's face. Knowing that the Sailor of Light will arrange matters expeditiously, he glances back down to ground level, meeting Copper's eye for a moment, and glancing toward the boarding ramp.

He then turns his attention back to his prospective customers.

"So, shall we, then?"

2011-04-20, 05:17 PM
The two people follow you into the cabin. Roll Manipulation+Bureaucracy contested vs this roll for negotiations (stunting can apply)


2011-04-20, 06:52 PM
After shepherding the bureaucrats into the navigator's cabin, Kai takes a comfortable seat on the inner side of a large mat placed on the Azure Sailor's floor for most general discussions (with the Sailor tending to sleep outside anyway, it made for a convenient meeting room).

"Now, 5,000 sovereigns is perfectly good as a base rate. I'm afraid, though, that there are some significant surcharges that we will have to affix to that. First, a penalty fee for late notice; we need to be able to make plans for where we travel to, and so demanding sudden changes in our plans needs to be penalized.

Since you have made your request on the very day that we set sail, I'm afraid we'll have to assign our harshest time-based penalty: a quarter of the base rate we would have charged.

Second, the modification to the course that you have proposed: it's a ways past where we were planning to go with our other cargo, and given your haste, I'm guessing that you aren't eager for us to stop off and find buyers for our goods. That means more delay for our sailors' normal pay-day, and more time without shore leave. We'll need another thousand sovereigns to be able to keep the men happy.

Finally, the waters around Aushan Mual Tiemor have been said to host magics based on the zodiac. I am not an astrologer, and I do not know that any of my crew members are. Without knowledge, and with a pressing need to arrive quickly, we could easily sail through inauspicious waters. Such a risk of misfortune is very costly; to make it worth our while would require another two thousand sovereigns.

So, unless my navigator and shipwright can think of issues I've overlooked, I think that the total payment should be 9250 sovereigns, payable immediately."

Kai lays out the case calmly and perfectly rationally, in a tone of voice that would make many listeners absolutely certain that his proposal was fully the natural consequences of ironclad, and well-made, laws, rules that it would be folly to disobey.

Making use of the First Bureaucracy Excellency-Essence Overwhelming, for five.

Last three dice are stunting dice, so leave off however many dice you feel are appropriate for lack of epic/setting-use in this haggling.
3 Manipulation+2 Bureaucracy+5 Essence Overwhelming+3stunt=13

2011-04-20, 09:27 PM
Listening to Kai's speech Copper felt that it was that its basic premise was correct and more then convincing enough. However is words didn't seem to carry the weight necessary to sway their new passenger. Fighting back the urge to remind her companion that when making a barter it was best to for a higher price then one intend to receive.

Suddenly the sound of scribbling in the background receded and Copper lifted the newly formed contract. "Here's the arrangement in writing if you wish to have a copy for your own records." He slipped into the conversation passing along the documents. "Kai I believe you assessments about right. Well true there is the price of desperate cabin as most passengers take crew quarters without... However considering our guests, and good word from a public servant is always better then a few petty coin. I'm sure you'd be kind enough to wave the cost."

Ok, lets see if I can et tis dice roller to work :smalltongue:
2 Manipulation + 4 Bureaucracy +1 Specialty +6 Excellency =13 total.

2011-04-20, 09:48 PM
Kai nods smoothly at Copper's point.

"Of course; I'd never ask such valued passengers to take crew quarters. As you say, a few kind words on our behalf would be all the payment we would need for that aspect."

2011-04-21, 03:50 AM
[Your stunt was 2 dice]

The hooded figure speaks. His voice is oddly soft, but carrying.
"You raise valid arguments. We had expected this much. However you need not fear for the waters of the island, for Honoured Weshoki is one of his people's foremost astrologers. As for delays, I assure you that I can make certain that you make a far better time on your journey than you otherwise would have, and our destination is central to many good ports. I feel 6000 to be more than generous."
Counter argument roll=

2011-04-21, 10:11 AM
Kai blinks, impressed by the hooded figure's savvy. He then responds in the same authoritative tone, cheerfully bartering.

"Well, that's quite a relief. However, no matter how skilled a man is, there's still the possibility of an error. If Honoured Weshoki is able to direct our navigation through the waters safely, all well and good. If he makes a mistake, though, then his guidance will not have done us any good.

Also, even if you can see to our travel being much faster than normal, there's still another factor that I hadn't thought of earlier: the matter of pirates. Traveling far beyond Prydian waters increases the chance of us meeting with armed vagabonds. As you may have noticed on the way up here, we have means of dealing with them, but it's still a risk for the crew.

With the risk of piracy, I think a fair price is seven thousand up front, with the cost of repairs when we get to Aushan Mual Tiemor, and a two thousand sovereign fee should we encounter any hazards that could have been avoided by staying closer to Prydia, as well as an additional one thousand if it takes a week longer than our original plans would have. I suspect that we could keep the men happy for that long, at least. Past that, morale may begin to drop."


As before, last three are stunting dice.

2011-04-21, 11:11 AM

Once the man in the cloak begins to speak, Azure immediately focuses his attention on the man as the more formidable opponent in the room. As such negotiations were not his strong point, the Sailor had stayed out of the conversation, so as not to ruin their bargaining point until matters came around to his expertise. As he speaks, he bleeds a mote of essence to shine his caste mark.

Most esteemed lords, if I may assure you of the value you are going to receive as well as allay the concerns of my colleague as to what we will be giving up. I am but a lowly merchant of Prydia, but with my minor knowledge of astrology, I'm sure I and my colleague Copper will be able to learn much from the Honored Weshoki in your travels with us. Surely we can also ply our trade in the Land of the Captain with but a little tutoring in your land's customs, so we need not consider this a detour, but an opportunity. As such, we need not consider the extra time penalty if you will but show your humble servant what good we have or can acquire that will trade well in your homeland. But we can take care of such minute details later.

As for the pirates, there is always a risk of encountering pirates, but with such esteemed guests on our ship, we must take greater pains to protect you, with our lives if necessary. We would not think of making you defend us or yourself as you would be under our protection. However, if you did happen to help us defend ourselves, our prices would naturally be negotiable out of gratitude. As I'm sure you've noticed, we are not ordinary merchants. We are men of our word and as such I would accept your word of honor, sanctified by Copper and enforced by Heaven. I would also need your names, or at least reasonably descriptive titles in order to properly welcome you onto the ship. I hope you don't see us as trying to cheat you with your passage, but as trying to evaluate the value of our services.

[roll1] as you decide

2011-04-21, 02:39 PM
The two stand up.

"I think we will take our business elsewhere."

The two go to leave.

2011-04-21, 03:24 PM
Kai gapes at the Azure Sailor of the Dawn, or rather, his caste mark, for just a moment, before rising and rushing to interpose himself between the officials and the door.

"Wait, please! Gentlemen, it's true that he is Unclean. He did not ask to become one! He inherited the taint from some past incarnation as an ancient sorcerer, but traffics with no spirits himself."

The tall Westerner raises both hands in a placating gesture.

"I have known that he is Anathema for some time. I have kept an eye on him. And never, in the time that we have worked together, has any unexplained occultism happened in any city we were docked in.

None can help the station that they are born to. Azure has endeavored to live an upright life. It seems that he has succeeded in past lives, as now only a faint remnant of his past incarnation's ancient blasphemy persists. I can promise that he will bring no harm upon you. Grant him forgiveness for deeds done in another life. Please sit down again, and we can discuss a ...more reasonable... rate for your passage."

Charisma (4)+Presence (Persuasion specialty) (4)+Willpower channeled through his Valor (4)+Stunt dice

2011-04-21, 03:30 PM
"Do not bar my passage. I can defend myself if pressed to."

2011-04-21, 03:43 PM
"Do not bar my passage. I can defend myself if pressed to."

Kai boggles for a moment at the complete lack of effect that his urging had upon the man, then reluctantly steps to the side, defeated.

"...Please tell the official that asked after passage on your behalf that we won't be able to accept those apprentices after all."

2011-04-21, 03:45 PM
"That is not my responsibility." He turns to face the wall of the cabin. "You can tell them yourself, they have arrived."

2011-04-21, 03:52 PM
Kai raises an eyebrow at the apparent extrasensory abilities of the negotiator, as well as said negotiator not getting off the boat immediately when given the chance, then steps out into the rain to see what the man was talking about.

2011-04-21, 03:55 PM
The pair leave the ship just ahead of you, passing five young teenage boys, at least one of whom appears to have injured himself by falling in the water on the way, who have clearly been running the whole way. The excitement, nay, joy, on their faces at this opportunity is clear even through the haze of the rain.

2011-04-21, 04:14 PM
With sadness and shame on his face, Azure faces away from the man as the pair leave the cabin. "I would not dream of holding anyone against their will. Go in peace, though you may bring trouble upon my head. Kai, Copper, Lion, I apologize for my rash behavior. I thought this a more enlightened place than it appears to be."

Once the pair are gone, he addresses his friends again. "My duties in preparing the ship are finished, so I shall confine myself to quarters to contemplate my error until we are ready to set out. Kai, you may choose whether to reveal my nature to the apprentices at your own discretion."

2011-04-21, 04:49 PM
After the Azure Sailor of Light finishes speaking, Kai swaying faintly with uncertainty.

"Azure, we'll survive. Don't let yourself dwell on it. But the apprentices... what'll I tell them? 'Apologies, but we might be getting hunted down, so you're better off starving in the streets?' 'Sure, come on aboard, just a life spent avoiding the Hunt?' ...Perhaps I should just lay things out for them, and let them decide if they're still so eager to come aboard.

...Do any of you have any thoughts?"

2011-04-22, 10:22 PM
"Heh... heh... ha... hahahahaha," Copper stood laughing at the absurdity of their sudden change in negotiations. Before swinging to face the navigator. "Azure! I've been on a lot of ships in my life, and out of all the stupid things that for sure ranks... in the top ten. Maybe. Now don't go getting so full of yourself its not nearly in the top five yet. Not nearly good enough to start sulking. Break out the maps, find us a safe port and start plotting the course. That's the only thing left to do." He then turned to face Kai and his ponderings about the orphans. "As for you I get the whole conscience and moral dilemma thing you got going for yah. So let me make it simple. If you want to save anybody's life then you need to help me get this ship to safer waters before the zealots show up. We can always drop the kids off at a safe port if the waters get to rough for em."

2011-04-22, 11:06 PM
Kai blinks for a moment at the shipwright's outburst, then begins to grin.

"...Heh. You're right, Copper; this is no time to be worrying. There's far too much to do, and we'll need as much of a head start as we can get. We can protect these kids; we're the Chosen of the Unconquered Sun, for Heaven's sake! Thank you for slapping some sense into me."

Pushing himself off the wall he'd been leaning on, the nominal captain of the Azure Sailor's ship rushes into the rainstorm, and vaults off the side of the ship, landing heavily in a three point stance on the dock below.

He rises slowly, and looks at the assembly of waiting children.

"Well, good morning boys! Now, I'm the captain that's offered to take you on, but I have to warn you: sailing can be dangerous. We're likely to have powerful people attacking the ship, and we won't be coming back to Prydia for a very long time. We'll protect you, and let you off if it starts getting too rough on the seas, but I thought I should warn you before asking: how would ya like to learn to sail the ocean?"

2011-04-23, 04:39 AM
The reply is something between a cheer and a roar.

2011-04-23, 07:20 AM
The Golden Lion observes the exchange and looks at Azure go back to his cabin. He shakes his head and then focuses his attention at the new kids coming on board. He moves forward and support Kai welcoming the kids.

"We will sail the sea and you will get to see the infinite sky and the rays of the sun brightening our paths. The wind caressing our skin and who wants to take a dive after some sailing? I'm always up for some swimming after some exercises."

2011-04-23, 07:27 AM
Kai gapes momentarily, a bit surprised that the information hadn't given the boys even the slightest pause, but then grins and points to the boarding ramp.

"Well then, climb aboard! Carefully, now; ramp's a bit slippery in the rain. After we've gotten out of the storm, and sailed as far as we can today, sounds like Golden Lion here will take you swimming, but for now, let's just get moving."

2011-04-23, 10:52 PM

At Copper's words, Azure cheers up and a familiar grin returns to his face. "Heh, I'd hate to do anything to get in the top five. Right you are! No time for sulking. It will take me at least until my mark fades to the hiding point to start plotting our course. No need to scare anyone prematurely. We're all loaded, so Kai can get us underway, and I'll come up in a bit to steer us onward. Any suggestions you have for a port where we aren't well known would be helpful."

The Sailor starts bringing out his charts and absently whistling a sea chanty. At least he'd get to keep his cabin for this trip. No more negotiations, and certainly no more stupidity. They were already in enough trouble.

2011-04-25, 06:49 AM
So as soon as we have a destination we can be underway. Given that most of you have limited knowledge of the setting you can make Int/Witts+Lore/Bureaucracy/Sail (one roll each) to get ideas about where to go (results will differ based on roll made).

2011-04-27, 11:14 PM
As soon as the boys are on board, Kai walks up the plank, making sure that everything has been loaded, and all hands are on board. With that settled, he goes belowdecks, to where most of the crew is hiding, out of the rain.

"Well, folks, first thing that you may have noticed is that we have some new crew mates. They've come along to learn how to sail, so get 'em to help you with any chores that would be too much of a pain otherwise, make sure they stay belowdecks if things get choppy, and humor their questions, all right?

Second, we won't be coming back to Prydia for quite a while, I think. One of ours had a bit of a run in with the local authorities, and we'd be risking too much sticking around. If any of you don't want to leave Prydia for at least a few years, now would be a good time to say your goodbyes."

After waiting for any departures, Kai continues.

"...Now, then. Happily, we have a fair wind coming from the Pole, giving us a fair start in the search for new markets. So, for now, we sail east, for the Blessed Isle!"

2011-04-28, 10:35 PM

The Sailor comes on deck with his hat pulled low over his eyes to hide the faintest glimmerings of his caste mark. He may have made a mistake in an area that wasn't his forte, but now they were underway, and no one in these waters could navigate better than him.

"You heard the captain, we're moving out! Weigh anchor and let out the sails! Tsuba, take the boys below and get them buckets. I want all the rain water out of the hold. We'll teach them knots and tools when we're in open water and clearer skies." That should keep them busy and get their legs under them.

With that, Azure takes the wheel from Tsuba and concentrates. He can feel the connection to the god of the ship and pushes more energy into that connection. They'll sail safely and true until he leaves the wheel. If he can't take back his mistakes, he can at least redeem them.

2011-04-29, 09:16 AM
For two days and one night you sail with little to comment on. The second night however...

Perception+Essence rolls please everyone.

2011-04-29, 12:44 PM
In the peaceful two days since departure from Prydia, Kai had a fair amount of fun. After they moved beyond Prydia's eternal rains, the skies had cleared up beautifully. The kids still weren't useful for much beyond holding ropes and mopping the deck, but the ship moved along at a good clip, and it seemed as though they may have escaped pursuit.

Thus, after so much pleasantness, it is all the more vexing for the inconvenience of insomnia to bother him in the middle of the night.

Kai tries to remain in bed for a moment, before realizing that he's slept peacefully for literally every night since his Exaltation. Then, a little concerned, he rolls out of his hammock. He dons his breastplate hastily, and wraps himself in his cloak against the cold of the night. He then grabs both his disguised daiklave and his cutlass and steps out of his cabin, seeking out the source of his unease...

2011-05-03, 04:41 PM

The Sailor wakes with a start. Two days of safe sailing had made him relax a bit. Now there was trouble of some sort up ahead. He rolls out of his bed quickly and grabs for his powerbow. Throwing his cloak on, he runs out of his cabin and up onto the deck to the wheel. "Report! Any occurrences I need to know about?"

2011-05-03, 05:10 PM
The crew report nothing, but you can clearly see an oncoming fog bank.

2011-05-04, 09:47 AM
A few seconds after Azure, Kai strides onto the deck. Steadying himself at the foremost point on the bow, he peers into the fog bank, trying to figure out what might be hidden within. There is likely danger here somewhere, and a hidden point in the surroundings seems like a reasonable place to start looking.

Performing Salty Dog Method, removing up to three dice in external penalties to naval actions, then trying to see what lies within the fog bank.

2011-05-04, 12:17 PM

2011-05-04, 06:02 PM

Take in sails to half! I don't want to ram into anything in this fog! Get going ye sea dogs! I want our best sighter in the nest to look for reefs! Wake someone up if you have to!

After shouting out his orders, Azure sets his sight forward with more focus than any mere mortal could. At this speed, others could spot reefs before major damage could be done while he looked for more dangerous hazards.

[roll0] while using Keen Sight Technique. Subtract as you choose for the internal penalty, while adding two successes.

2011-05-05, 04:12 AM
Azure can make out the shape of a ship moving towards them in the fog. The ship is of an old, high-sided and oar driven, design. The fog is unusual too, is is darker and thinner than what you would expect.

2011-05-05, 05:42 PM

"Kai, we've got company. I'm not sure who they are but they have oars! Mister Tsuba, take the wheel. I want my hands free. Everybody, prepare for trouble! I don't know what ship it is, but man the ballistas and open the weapons locker! I want to be prepared, just in case!"
At least they're not coming from Prydia.

For a moment, The Sailor considers going up to the crow's nest, but decides to stay on the deck, closer to events.

2011-05-05, 07:09 PM
"...Is that so? They're rather good at hiding, then. Thank you, Azure."

Kai draws his cutlass, and continues to scan the waters for sight of the ship that Azure saw. He needs to see the target to be able to direct any ballista volleys that may be necessary... and to be able to gauge said necessity.

2011-05-08, 04:03 AM
As you watch the fog bank turns and you realise that the fog is issuing from the ship itself, peeling off in waves. The ship is now moving alongside you.

2011-05-08, 10:54 AM
At the unnatural motion of the fog bank, Kai is able to determine the location of the ship. Such concealment wasn't exactly an indicator of honest intent, particularly given the premonition granted by the other ship's arrival, but Captain Kimo would not start bloodshed if there was a way around it. Hopefully this surrender of initiative wouldn't cost them too much...

He glances momentarily to the ship's true master.

"Azure, slow us down a bit. I want the heavy ballista on them."

As he waits for his order to be carried out, Kai tries to recall what seafarers tend to make use of such tactics.