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2011-04-23, 05:08 AM
All skills are considered class skills, except for skills that are listed as (Trained only). Those skill are learned normally for classes that have those skills on their class list, and are considered cross-class skills for all others.
- Climb, Jump, Ride, Tumble, and Swim get rolled into "Athletics," which is based on either Strength or Dexterity (whichever is higher.)
- Spot and Listen get rolled into "Passive Perception," based on Wisdom.
- Search becomes "Active Perception" (and includes listening,) based on Intelligence.
- Hide and Move Silently get rolled into "Stealth."
- Intimidate, Sense Motive, and Bluff become part of Diplomacy.


At +6 BAB, you can make a second attack as a full-round action, but both attacks suffer -2/-2 to hit (instead of the standard +0/-5)

At +11 BAB, the penalty becomes -1/-1 (instead of +0/-5/-10)

At +16 BAB the penalty becomes +0/+0 (instead of +0/-5/-10/-15)

Dual-wielding characters take normal penalties and cannot gain more than two attacks with their off-hand weapon via feats.


No multiclassing XP penalties. Favored classes are not used.


Six playable races.

Humans: As written. Very common (about 30% of the known population.)
- One extra feat at character creation; one extra skill point per level

Goblinoids: Most goblinoids are hobgoblins. Goblins and bugbears are mutants that occur in about 5% of births each, regardless of what the parents were. Bugbears have the same stats as giants. Very common (30% of known population)
- Goblins: -2 STR, +2 DEX, Small, speed 30', +4 Hide/Stealth (racial), +4 Ride (racial), Darkvision 60'
- Hobgoblins: +2 CON, +2 DEX, +4 Move Silently/Stealth (racial), Darkvision 60'

Giants: Mostly magic users and monks (swordsages). Reclusive and rather rare (~1% known population).
- Medium size but very large framed, average height is about 7'6". Base speed 30'. +2 STR, +2 INT, -2 DEX, Powerful build (treated as large for purposes of trip, grappling, bull-rush attacks, swallow whole, carrying capacity; can use equipment for Large creatures without penalty.) +2 Concentration (racial)

Danans: Dwarf/gnome conglomerate, mostly machinists and tinkers. Creators of most magic items. Tend to be very studious and focused on what they're interested in. They have broad, stout frames but tend to be somewhat shorter than humans (avergaing around 4'6".) Amost all males shave their heads, and many females wear their hair either extremely long or extremely short. Slightly more numerous than giants (~2% known population)
- +2 CON, -2 DEX. med size, base speed 20', not slowed by encumbrance or armor, stability (+4 bonus to avoid being tripped of bull rushed,) +2 to saves vs. magic, +2 to any craft check of player's choice, low-light vision.

Lizardfolk: Mostly rangers and barbarians. Usually live in forests, jungles, and underground. Most stand about a head taller than the average human. (16% known population)
- +2 STR, -2 INT, +4 natural armor, natural weapons (2 claws (1d4 each) and bite (1d4), medium size, darkvision 60')

Sea folk: Mostly druids- they strive to live in harmony with nature and avoid damaging it. They have cities both on land and underwater, though most are the latter. Unable to survive very far out to sea so they usually live near coasts. They resemble humans but tend to be slightly shorter and more muscular, and usually have green or blue-green skin and hair, although some in tropical regions have bright, colorful markings. They have webbing between their fingers and broad, flipper-like feet, but this doesn't stop them from using any equipment humans can use. (21% known population)
- +2 STR, +2 CON, speed 30' (land and water both), can always take 10 on swim checks, +8 racial bonus to swim checks, can breathe underwater, low-light vision, gain Endurance as a bonus feat.

Edit 4/23: Added some flavor text and fixed a couple typos

2011-04-23, 06:23 AM
So I'm assuming hobgoblins, lizardfolk, giants and sea folk are LA+1?

2011-04-23, 06:31 AM
So I'm assuming hobgoblins, lizardfolk, giants and sea folk are LA+1?
Eh... I really don't like the habit WotC had of throwing LA+1 on everything outside the PHB that got more bonuses than penalties (i.e. everything.) I honestly don't think hobgoblins deserve it, and of the races here, I think the only one that might deserve it are giants (and bugbears) and lizardfolk. Sea folk I could see, but the majority of their bonuses are VERY conditional and probably won't see the light of day more than once or twice in most campaigns. Hell, the stuff dwarves get in the PHB is a lot better than the stuff most of these races get and they're LA 0.

2011-04-23, 08:08 AM
Lizardfolk only borderline deserve it. Do they really need +4 NA? Cut it back a little and they're fine as +0.

As for the others, unbalanced ability bonuses are the problems rather than the miscellaneous bonuses( save the giants of course). Chances are you can cut some of the ability bonuses down into flavour only, and add appropriate penalties, and you'll still have the race you imagined. Maybe you could just give them the choice of +2 to one of those stats chosen at creation, rather than give them both, if you really want to keep them as they are.