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2011-04-25, 07:58 PM
i have just undertaken the extremely time consuming task of building a game board for my game group. the idea was to have it able to convert between warhammer fantasy and 40k. my initial concept is a sort of WW2 scenario; one corner of the board is a forest, about half of it burned, on the opposite corner, a hill with a bunker and a tunnel going underneath it. on the left corner (alined with the trees closest to you and the hill furthest away) is a swamp, possibly with an akila lander crashed in it. on the final corner a road winds towards the tunnel and eventually goes off the board. in the center there are some trenches and a lot of scorched earth. i am building this on four 2' by 2' pieces of foam, i plan to build up with paper mache, since the foam isn't very thick. i had planned on making a piece that could replace the hill/bunker so we could conduct fantasy battles. i need ideas on how to make the hill look mountains, i thought of using insulation foam, but i can't seem to get my hands on any. i was going to paint the ground a dusty brown and then flock it so it looks like patchy grass. i also need ideas on how to build trees, the ones at my local hobby store, while nice, are far too expensive.
i am also open to alternate ideas as to how to build the table.
i will post pictures when i have started molding the hills and such.

2011-04-25, 08:00 PM
oh, crapola, i posted in the wrong section, could a moderator please transfer me to gaming/other so that i may not be ridiculed for my stupidity.

2011-04-25, 08:11 PM
(Actualy, it you're thread is about making you board and how yoiu're goign to do it, I do believe it does belong in the Art and craft.)