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2011-04-26, 11:02 PM
So, yeah. I have this huge problem with being able to craft hair in inkscape for my avatars and such. Sometimes hats make it easier, but these days I'm beginning to think I should stop using them, so if any of you playgrounders would give me some advice on this whole 'hair' thing, that would be great.

2011-04-26, 11:46 PM
Well, you could try studying how hair wraps around characters' heads. look at the long-haired ones (I use Haley and Vaarsuvius) and some of the other long-haired avatars people made. Try a semi-circle dividing line, going between the eyes where the part would be.

2011-04-27, 01:31 AM
Mostly it's just a matter of practice. I still have a fair bit of trouble with it. Make sure the top of the hair is a little bit bigger than the head, rather than sticking down flat. Also try to have a bit of flow to it - straight lines are usually undesirable. That's about all I've got, I'm afraid.

2011-04-27, 09:11 AM
Try drawing locks of hair. How many is determined by how complex you want the hair to be. Draw hair as a single object only works well if the style is simple. More complex styles require more objects.

2011-04-27, 11:08 AM
Start out with somethiing simple. Draw the hair in freehand, simplify it, and move the nodes until it looks right.

2011-04-28, 06:52 PM
With your first "Basic Hair" avatars, use hairstyles from the comic itself. Change hair colors, maybe a single strand of hair or two, but keep it similar. Then move on to making your own. Start with a comic hairstyle and modify it to be yours.

Throughout the first steps, you should have learned how the dividing line works, and other hair tricks. Experiment with hair of your own. If all else fails, use the comic for reference.