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2011-04-28, 10:18 PM
Because I'm bored and curious.

2011-04-28, 10:28 PM
SadPanda is a bard. Sage is some sort of devil or demon. Nostalgia Critic... I have no clue. Spoony probably has the ability to rage, but I don't know what his other levels would be, something Highlander-ish. Linkara is The Giant's Champion class given how many Power Rangers gadgets he has.

2011-04-29, 03:55 AM
The Nostalgia Critic definitely has a few barbarian levels.

2011-04-29, 04:02 AM
Human experts between 1 and, I dunno, 5.

2011-04-29, 04:33 AM
I dunno about D&D stats, but I actually did take the time to try statting them out in d20 Modern...by their personas, obviously, not by any real life measure. I came up with the following. Feel free to ignore this if you feel it's irrelevant, but If figured that since the thread was in the general Roleplaying Games region I might as well.

Nostalgia Critic: Tough Hero 5/Charismatic Hero 3/Field Commander 2. Tough from constant near-deaths and his endurance, Charismatic for obvious reasons, and Field Commander levels gained during the Kickassia debacle.

Nostalgia Chick: Smart Hero 4/Charismatic Hero 2/Negotiator 3. She's a clever character that fights more through words than physical actions.

Linkara: Smart Hero 5/Charismatic Hero 2/Techie 1/Field Commander 1. Again, like the Nostalgia Chick, much of his skill is in oratory over physical combat. Still, he has a level in Techie for his gadgets and in Field Commander for skills in his magic gun and the fact that he did, indeed, read your book.

Angry Joe: Tough Hero 3/Thrasher 3/Soldier 3. Because he's "Angreh!", that's why.

Spoony: Charismatic Hero 5/Strong Hero 2/Alter Ego (from Blood and Blades) 3. Again, mostly oratory, but with some clear combat prowess as well. And, of course, levels in the Alter Ego advanced class for the lurking Insano.

Todd in the Shadows: Charismatic Hero 4/Personality 4, with the levels in the Personality advanced class focusing on musical abilities. Maybe a level in Strong Hero as well for damage from his war club.

2011-04-29, 05:06 AM
D&D Stats

NC: Barbarian, 1-2in Bard, Ranger. His oratory speeches, the explosion from raging at a movie and finally his above average ranged abilities

AngryJoe: Sorcerer with Leadership. FORCE LIGHTNING!! An Army of Joes

Spoony: 1-2 Barbarian, Artificer. Burton then Barbarian to help him when in melee

Phelous: Immortal. Maybe a Lich Cleric with Gentle Reposite. He can't be killed

Sad Panda: Bard

Nostaligia Chick: Expert, 1-2in Rogue, Swashbuckler 3. Smart relies on intelligence desterity

Iron Liz: Samurai, 2in Ranger. Her armor and dual-wielding

Linkara: Artificer, Fighter, Cleric. Tech, normal fightning abilities, his more divine magics

Sage: Wizard specialized in divination with low wis and high cha

Cinema Snob: Hexblade or Duskblade. It just feels right for him

LordKat: Ranger. Grae from spoony's campaign

2011-04-29, 05:17 AM
Todd is obviously a bard/shadowdancer. Paw is just a bard.

2011-04-29, 05:57 AM
Chester A. Bum is a Chameleon.

2011-04-29, 07:58 AM
Chester A. Bum is a Chameleon.


2011-04-29, 08:04 AM
Drunken master?

2011-04-29, 07:04 PM
Who is this Drunken Master?

Gemini Lupus
2011-05-01, 08:01 PM
^Chester A. Bum I think.

Edit: I would say that NC is a Wizard with a high Charisma and Constitution. When he ordered Quest for Camelot to explain, he caused what can be equated with a nuclear explosion, clearly within the realm of wizardry.

Dominic: Since he's a bartender, he's got to have some crazy powerful build that makes it so that he can handle all of those crazy patrons.

That Guy with the Glasses from Ask TGWTG: An expert with all of his points put into knowledge skills, which he rolls Nat 1's for, but instead of admitting he doesn't know the answer, he makes things up.

NChick: Intelligence and Charisma-based Rogue. She's just so damn charming...and her diplomancy skills are pretty mad if we're taking Kickassia into account.

Linkara: I agree with the Artificer bid. I think he invested majorly in Knowledge skills and his gadgets, so he might be a trinket Wizard.

Spoony: Bard. :smalltongue: He might have some Rogue levels though.

Dr. Insano: Wizard on par with the Critic.

Black Lantern Spoony: Epic Level Wizard gunning for Pun-Pun's position.

Paw: Bard. Hardcore.

Obscurous Lupa: Her obsession with horror-comedies points toward some sort of Necromancer, and the gods know that D&D has no shortage of ways to do Necromancer.

DW: Perhaps a Cleric? Oh the irony.

CR: He seems pretty Bard-like too, his knowledge of obscure characters is pretty impressive.

AngryJoe: Warblade or maybe Swordsage. He seems like the kind of guy who would pull something from ToB.

The Sage: A Warlock who sold his soul to Asmodeus for phenomenal cosmic power that has the potential to exceed that of the Critic, in exchange for having to review terrible fan-fiction.