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The N'aeblis
2011-04-29, 08:57 AM
Eglantine wakes. Alone. Her eyes flutter open and she gasps out loud for air. As she tries to sit up she feels a pull on every muscle in her body. And then she sees the scars. They cover her entire body. (char reduced to 5). Eglantine sobs softy for hours remembering how beautiful she had one been. Suitors had come from faraway lands just to look at her. And now it is all
Gone....... But she can't remember how she got the scars.

Eventually a cleric walks in. "hello child. I see you have awakened. This is good news indeed for we feared you might never return from your paralysis. I am certain you will wish to know what happened to you. You see your beauty attracted many young bachelors. But it also attracted married men. One of these men was found our by their wife and in a fit of jealous she attacked you in your sleep. We have done what we can but your beauty be lost forever. I am erasimus. You free to leave our temple but I must ask. I have, er grown attached to you during this last year and well I should like to accompany you wherever you choose to go because life here at the temple is boring and waaaay to orderly for one such as myself. Please allow me to join you?"

2011-04-30, 04:21 AM
Eglantine twitches trying to take this all in. Pain was everywhere. And shock. *It doesn’t matter egg. All those boys were a distraction. What do you need a shiny face for? No one take’s pretty girls seriously. Remember at the Academy? You don’t *need* that kind of distraction. * Still it’s hard to convince her-self of that. Steeling all her courage- or maybe pride- she folds her hands tightly at her behind her back. She will NOT let anyone see her brake. If this priest wants to see her finger her burn and broken face he’s in for something else.

*The Academy can’t find me if they can’t recognizes me. Neither can Dandra and her Oder of Priestess.. if they don’t already know. This is freedom Egg. Freedom and a REAL change to find what you need to open the gate. They can’t keep you from Pulling your Grandfather from the demonic realms he’s locked in if they can’t find you. It’s better to be Smart. Looks fade… Still I kind of liked the attention… even if it never lasted once they got to know me.*
Despite the pep talks Eglantine gasps and chokes for air (so he can’t see her sob) for a few more moments. Then something occurs to her – and she glances up at this Erasimus fellow. Eyeing him oddly. “My thanks to you Good Healer. My the blessings of your gods be upon you. But I may ask- how it is you came to become attached to someone you’ve never know.’ She had no idea who fellow was – and he did *just* intrude himself. “Waite- did you just say a year?!”
Something else hits her… * Nuwt! Nuwt Where are you?* She calls out in her mind for her dear familiar.

OCC: She’ll probably warm up to Eramis.
Sorry about the delay in my bio- here it is - in a much less thrilling manner then I ment to tell it.

. But basically I see her as the kid for 2 old adventures who never made it back from there last quiz. (But really early 40’s is ancient for most adventures I’m sure.) Neither did most of the party- the only two left were the parties cleric Dandra Who was close with her mother and a Mage called “Qugal” who was Best friends with her father. Dandra wanted her raised safely in the Abby. Qugal didn’t and while both were hurt and greeting- he ran off with the toddler. Quagal was as unoxdox, stubborn and foolhardy as his “Grandaughter,” he taught her magical theory from a young age (though not the spells yet) and encouraged her to question all the commonly held beliefs about magic and its rules and abounderys. He was the kind who made his own spells, who let the greater good- be it a hellpes famers parched field, or the need to “teach a lesion” to that boorish and overlay armed city guard, and always the presute of knowagle (but never Power for its own sake!) rule his emotions. A Good man, but a reckless one. (you know all those story about mages who push the bounds of knowledge to far and are sory- that was him.)
He was also on the run from his fellow wizards for something Egg never did find out. Though she knew they were always on the move- traveling the lenth and breath of the land and living each night in a Lemmons Tinny Hut….
Evedently Dandra caught up with them- Egg was about ten and Qugalk and Danmdra had calmed down some. Having truly missed there friendship over the years. She came however to warn him that his emmys were near. (She may indeed know what this si about and even his true name but Egg can’t be sure.) and Begged them to take refuge in there Abby. He refused. But out of the blue two years later he announced that sent he was going to send Egg there in a hurry.
To late however – they were ambushed- the Mages Battled that ensued was the thing on leagion and song (indeed some songs casting Qugal as a villain call it a thing of nightmare) in the end- threw a backfire of a spell of his own- he was locked away in so fell plain. (Or whatever that would be in your own world.) Hystical and terrified someone found Egg, then age 12 couched in a ciststrun near empty of water from a long summer, shivering and

Every bit her “gradfatehrs” daughter set out to free him- trying to use what she know in theory to make spells … But his emenys (who must have a had a very good reason to hunt down this fellow- perhaps becsuseus he was a risk to public safety…) took her back to their academy- in partystudy under learned mentors who might teach her some restraint- or at least fear of conaquncse. But also out of guilt. They never meant for children to witness that fight- not for a “homeless” to lose the only family she had.

But what ever there motives-It didn’t work. Though a bright and active student she made few friends. Roomers surrounded her- and bullys called her Cistern Girl (which them seem to think meant Swearer not “a thing that holds rain Water” ). By no means where all the students curel hoiwever and she had a close circle of friends with like minds and the same disregard for rules. As steadfastly loyal as she was stubborn she always had their backs in school fight- never informed on them when they were in trouble- and they returned their favor. Even helping one another in there resacrh- school approved or not. They weren’t exactly a gang of loners- but a small and tightknit circle or loyal companions- haply going threw wat might have been a perfact accpedable stange of teene reablion- had they not lived in a Magical School were disaplent and adheane to the status quoe isn’t just a matter of getting a head…
Her looks brought her attention and even stutors- many who though that her negative personality traits were roomers from rivals or simply the result of a cold hart wanting to be melted. They were not. Egg treated them like an annoyance- but in truth she like the attention- though she would have been humaltted to admit it.
At length when they say that even after years of coxing and prodding she had become no less reckless. They went to see her in the middle of one of their greats process- and barged in at exactly the wrong time, (if indeed there was ever a good time- disaster may have been inevaible- as one would except from students who have no idea what they are doing…)
It left Egg two of her 3 friends and 2 teacher very badly injured, and one of her friends, a younger girl named Sama seemed on the verge of death. (she may have died that’s up to you...)
Freeing that she might be punished for this- her Best friend, Pavnal urged her to sleep away- pointing out that she was probably already expeled- had never liked the place. She refused to leave unless he did as well- but being Noble Born he believed he could escape whatever fate might have awaited Egainte. So she fleed. Dandra meanwhile still feels objection to her and keeps trying to get her to retune and take statuary in her Abby. Egg however only wants to save the only parent she has ever know from a hellish existence. And by now, show the world they were both right. She is a good person and will not turn away from one in need, and so long as they don’t doubt her- might even be happy to help. She may be young and foolish but she is also brilliant and creative. And maby someday if she’s lucky she will learn some self contraol…
I hope this is ok…. Let me know if it needs to be changed. I know it’s a little cliché- but most of my schooler tyoes incluing the rascals tened to love there schools- its bee quite some time since I’ve played a mage that thinks the Wizaring Establishes are all a bunch of tools. (in fact I think it was Xzia- the Novice from Amdador Who got forcibly DRAGED to the White Tower(Yes I caught your Monnicker- .. wow the Head of the Chosen him elf is my DM….. *gulp*)- after the Aes Sedi stopped the White Cloaks from hanging her. Needless to say her stay in Tar Valon was as missable for the Aes Sedi as it was for her- and everyone else. She never really got over her fear of being in the Dean of Dark Friends- even when she realized that SOME of her fellow Accepted must have walked in the light. Well her or Saffron who was a street performer caught “Playing” at Aes Sedi- but she never lasted)

I’m stilling working on a suitable flaw of phobia- I was gonna make it faire- but she does not seem to have been burnt till now -so I’ll keep at it.:)

The N'aeblis
2011-05-01, 04:28 PM
Madame, said the cleric, in case you didn't know we are in the sanctuary in the keep on the borderlands. The caves of chaos are not too far away and the monster have been terrorizing the village.

2011-05-01, 05:13 PM
Madame, said the cleric, in case you didn't know we are in the sanctuary in the keep on the borderlands. The caves of chaos are not too far away and the monster have been terrorizing the village.

Egg looks at him oddly trying to finger out whats up with him. And then Blinks. "And you'd think it would be a wonderful way to repay your kindness if the now recovered Mage did something about the probolm?" Her word might sound cincal at first but her face cranks in to what is probably now a rather groteqe smile- but it in geniouiune. "I spouse I could see the point. Sit down Erazamas ? Did you say you name was? You should know I'm considered a hack.. but at least this will get my mind of things for awhile." She dose *not* touch her face.

"Exaplane the situation. err have you seen a little scaly wing creauter running around." Egg is very worried about the pysdo dragon. *If hes dead though I'd know. He's GOT to be ok.*

Wow: Eggs got a short attention span hasn't she? LOL Sorry about her assumptions about the clerics- its just who she is... If you think her response us unrelatric I can rewrite it. Feels good to be playing again. Especially 2ed I feel 1/2 my age:) There is the other person on the list going to be joining or it it just us?

The N'aeblis
2011-05-03, 02:21 PM
Honestly I dont think I can keep the game going. I waaaay busy and can't get on much less look up all the stuff in the books. Sorry.