View Full Version : (Feat)Sleeping through the Battle[Acidic](RED-HOT CHILI-PEPPER, LIME TWIST, & SODA!)

2011-04-30, 05:24 PM
In the spirit of my Acid (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=62699) Classes (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/printthread.php?t=76640), I present the following. I would insult your intelligence, family tree, and hygiene (both impersonal and personal) at great length, but someone successfully cast Feeble-mind on me this morning while I was riding my rubber dire-ducky to my job as a dung sorter, so I will simply say that despite this, I am still mentally superior in every respect to anyone who would be reading this, ESPECIALLY any of the administrators.

Snore-Blade [Feet Type] [Acidic]
I could defeat these foes in my sleep! Quickly! Someone fetch me a pillow or we are all doomed!!! DOOOOMMMEED!!!!!
Prerequisites: Warblade level 1 or higher
Benefits: While asleep, unconscious, dazed, fascinated, or when both paralyzed and prone, you add your Warblade level to all to-hit rolls, and twice that amount to damage.
Normal: You USUALLY (but not always) fight better when you are awake.
Special: If you have at least 4 base classes, no levels in any Prestige Classes, and a BAB greater than or equal to the sum of your class levels, then you become narcoleptic. If you have more feet than is normal for your race (including all inherited templates) then whenever this feat grants you a to-hit bonus you also ignore all miss chances.