View Full Version : Safe Steps: Zerth Cenobite Remix *3.5*

2011-05-05, 03:37 PM

Zerth Cenobite

Same as Zerth Cenobite Class with the following additions:

Prerequisites: Add Martial Lore +8 and Any Maneuver including one Diamond Mind Strike

Class Abilities:

Maneuvers: A Zerth Cenobite adds their levels to their Initiator Levels when determining their martial maneuvers known, etc.

Disciplines: A Zerth Cenobite can choose from the following schools in addition to their class's schools: Diamond Mind, Tiger Claw, Iron Heart, and Setting Sun.

Student of Perfection: Zerth cenobites are monks, although they meditate on alternative methods of achieving physical enlightenment. As such, a zerth cenobite gains the unarmed attack bonus, unarmed damage, AC bonus, and unarmored speed as if she were a monk whose level equaled her monk level and/or initiator level + her zerth cenobite level. Those who manage to meet the requirements for this class who are not monks gain these abilities as if a monk equal to only their zerth cenobite level.


Overall, they are the cenobite you love, just no longer a gimp to Unarmed Swordsages everywhere.