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2011-05-09, 06:18 PM
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Dr. Pingree's will had stated that all beneficiaries should be fed prior to the reading off the will. So rather than having the reading at his office, Dr. Pingree's attorney chose to have the reading at his house one evening. This also made it easier to seat all involved, as the library was available, rather than squeezing everyone into his small, cluttered office.

"Please sit down, everyone. I know everyone was devastated to hear about Gregory Pingree's death. But life does go on. As you all know, you have each been named in the doctor's will. The bequests are long and complex, so I have taken the liberty of writing out a letter for all of you, detailing what you receive. If anyone questions what is in the letter, please let me know." He hands out sealed envelopes to each of you with your name written on the outside. "However, Gregory did leave one condition in his will. In order to inherit, you must fulfill one request for him." The attorney holds up another sealed envelope. "Gregory left this letter for me about six months ago with orders not to read it until after his death. So I do not know what this final request is."

He breaks the seal and pulls out several type-written pages, then takes a moment to scan them. "Hmm... This is most odd. If I did not know Dr. Pingree was of sound mind, this letter would convince me he is not! But this was his final wish, so..." He begins to read.

My dear friends,
I am sure you are surprised by this final twist in my existance, but this is a matter of significant importance. In order to assure it is carried out, I am tying your inheratance to the completion.

Many years ago, when I was studying at Arkham University, I was involved with a group of, well, I guess you would call them mystics. It was quite the thing to do in those days, and I could not resist falling in with the crowd. The group I ran with was led by a fellow named Alexander Moody. Also in the group was my best friend, Andrew Jurs, his half-sister, Lucielle Ponte, her best friend, Rebekah Gleason. For a while, I treated it as a joke. Alexander would find a new ritual he wanted to try, we'd get together to do it, and it would fail. But Alexander was never convinced it was all rubbish. He was sure we were just doing things wrong; if we ever did a rital perfectly, something wondrous would happen.

As you can imagine, to my shock, Alexander was correct. One night, we succeeded, but what happened was not wondrous at all. Sometimes I still wake up screaming at the memories of what appeared in that circle. We all ran, convinced the thing was about to destroy us all. Several days later, Andrew and Bradley got the courage to return to the cellar where we carried out our rituals, expecting to find the creature gone. To their shock (and horror), it was still there, inside the circle. We boarded up the room where the circle was and swore never to play with mysticism again.

Alexander continued his researches into the occult and believes he knows why the creature remained in place. The ritual required blood from all the participants, which Alexander believes means it is tied to our lives. So long as all of us live, the circle remains.

As you no doubt have determined, I am the last of the group alive. Alexander was found dead in his rooms about 5 years later with a look of abject horror on his face. (I suspect he went back on his vow to never use the occult.) Andrew was killed in the Great War. Lucille was run over by a automobile. Rebekah died in childbirth. Bradley died after a long illness.

You no doubt believe I am insane. Please believe me when I say I am 100% sane. I know what I saw. But whether or not you believe me, I have taken the steps I have to ensure you all follow through on my request.

The cellar where we carried out our ritual in the the basement of a building owned at the time by Andrew's father. I do not know if it has been sold. To my shame, I did not keep records of that time. Perhaps the other were more diligent; you may be able to contact their heirs for such information.

Best of luck to you all. May you succeed where I was too afraid to tread.

Gregory Pingree,
Doctor of Psychology

2011-05-09, 07:12 PM
Alan Locke looks down at his feet, deep in thought as his late friend Dr. Pingree's will is read. He remains silent for a few seconds after it is finished, then jerks his head up and grins. "Well," he says simultaneously sorrowfully and cheerfully, "that's quite interesting, don't you think? It's like he remembers me and is trying to best my stories even in his death! That's... that's just like the stuff we used to talk to each other about in our correspondence..." Somehow, he sees both happy and sad...

2011-05-09, 11:23 PM
Orson Milne listens intently to the attorney, with a bothered look on his twitchy face. When the man comes to mention the ritual, he starts to shake his head, visibly annoyed. He mutters :
"Now, now. What is this all about ?"
He turns to the other attendants :
"I know that as a psychiatrist our late friend was no stranger to the bizarre and the occult, but the few times we discussed the subject in passing he seemed definitely on the side of the sceptics. I do not mean to doubt that he wrote the letter, but as this gentleman suggested this seems to come straight out of "Weird Tales" ! We need to get to the bottom of this."
He stands up from his chair and starts pacing the library : "I have known Gregory for only a few years, alas. He never talked about his youth, and apparently had some cause to do so. Do those names he mentioned, this Alexander Moody fellow in particular, sound familiar to any of you ?"

2011-05-10, 04:47 AM
The dark-haired woman standing in the corner of the room looks surprised to say at least as she hears the will.
The others might not understand what she is doing here, she doesn't exactly look like a academic college or a relative. She's dressed in a grey short shirt, ending just below the knees along with a burberry trench coat (http://pandik.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/burberry-trench-coat-1920-from-700e282ac.jpg) gentle hugging her curves.

The woman shakes her head, "I didn't know very much about Gregory at all I'm afraid but this will makes it sound like he'd gone bonkers..." She pause. "It sounds curious however. May I ask who you are? I'm afraid Gregory didn't introduce me to much of his private life. I must have left quite the impression though. My name is Azalea Taylor, I don't think he told anyone about me."

2011-05-10, 07:00 AM
Harvard scoffs and heckles as the request is read out.

"My father's friends are strange. He wants us to go poke our head into a cellar and certify it as monster free? What a waste of time."

Harvard tears open his own envelope to look at what he was actually inheriting off the old man.

2011-05-10, 07:28 AM
"No, Miss Taylor, I do not recall his mentioning you. As you just noted yourself, he was a private man, and apparently more than we ever suspected."
Orson stops his nervous pace and stops by a shelf. He looks a bit red and troubled.
"But... I forget my manners. My name is Orson Milne. I'm working at the WGI radio station up there in Medford Hilside."
"As for the doctor's reputation, there's no reason to make this incident public. It was a message to us only and I know we can trust our host's discretion."

2011-05-10, 08:43 AM
"That think he have summoned monsters of nightmares? I really have no intention to." Azalea replies with a smile. "I knew him after all, he was a good man. Besides I'm planning to see what that letter was really all about." She continues before she turns her attention towards the letter and opens it.

2011-05-10, 09:44 AM
Alan notices that introductions are being made, and decides to introduce himself. "My name is Alan Locke. My profession happens to be writing horror novels, which makes me think that I might have had some influence on the late doctor's will..."

2011-05-10, 07:13 PM
The attorney clears his throat. "I completely understand why all of you are skeptical and question Dr. Pingree's sanity. I feel the same way, having read his letter. However, he seemed very sincere when he dropped the letter in my office. And he was very clear - none of you can inherit until this request is completed." He gives a sheepish grin to the group, then steps back.

2011-05-11, 02:54 AM
To the attorney, a bit snappy :
And how, Sir, do you suggest we proceed ? Can you take our word that ghosts do not exist ? Or do you think that we will do some breaking and entering in a gentleman's basement to look for a pentagram from a game of scares that went wrong ? Are you going to come with us and bear witness to the exorcism ?
Orson sits back, as if out of steam. He opens his own letter, if only to see if Gregory added something in there which made more sense.

2011-05-11, 09:55 AM
"Don't be so rude, idiot," Alan growls at Orson. "Just get out of here if you don't want the inheritance. Play by the rules, or not at all." After ending his own mini-rant, he then remembers the letter. Wonder what this is, he thinks, as he opens the letter.

Was totally gonna roll something to open the letter, but couldn't find anything suitable.

2011-05-14, 07:15 AM
Orson mutters under his breath : "I'll be damned..."
Aloud : I don't know about yours, but what I have just read is completely sane and sound and exactly what I thought I'd hear in the first place. This is a most kind and personal message, without any supernatural mumbo-jumbo. No offense, Mr. Locke," he grins to the visibly hot-tempered author," I do tell scary stories to my nephews sometimes, and I make a pretty convicing troll myself, but that's not what I expected today."

2011-05-14, 07:58 AM
Azalea seems to be carefully reading her own letter several times times before she puts it down. "Guys, perhaps you should calm down a bit?" She suggests, folding the letter and puts it in her pocket. "I don't mind agreeing to this, it isn't the strangest thing I have done and if it's his last will..." She shrugs.

2011-05-14, 11:14 AM
"Calm down," Locke asks, calmly, "what do you mean? I am perfectly calm. So... not the weirdest thing you've done, eh? What could've been weirder?

2011-05-14, 05:35 PM
"Calling other people idiot isn't my definition of calm." Azalea replies with a faint smile. "As for weird things, I have spent nights in a wast number of haunted houses during my travels. I'm rather fascinated by the supernatural you see? However, I don't think I recall you mentioning your name?"

2011-05-14, 05:48 PM
"My name," Alan Locke explains, "is Alan Locke." The horror author continues, "I'm a horror author. My most recent works are the 'Destroyer of Minds' series. I'm also a bit socially awkward, as I am quite calm even after that small outburst, sorry."

2011-05-14, 06:06 PM
Michael Day gives a small sigh of relief. "I am glad to hear you all are starting to accept Dr. Pingree's request. Although I do completely understand why everyone was hesitant! As for what would be acceptable, why don't you start by checking out the warehouse Dr. Pingree mentioned in the letter? Talk to the next of kin and ask if any of them ever heard their family members reference the occult. When nothing comes of it, you can assure yourselves that you did what Dr. Pingree asked." He shrugged.

2011-05-14, 06:22 PM
"Destroy of Minds? I read the first book actually." Azalea admits, looking at Alan with newfound interest. "Perhaps you can tell me more about it as we are on our way to the warehouse? I find this whole ordeal quite exciting actually. Like one of your books." She smiles again.

2011-05-15, 02:13 AM
Orson sighs :
Let's get on with this then. Our first order of business is to find out where the building is. For this, we need to find the relatives of Andrew Jurs. Gregory did not leave us much information, so I suggest we start looking in phone books for the Jurs family. We could also call the administration of the Army, since Andrew has been killed in the war.

2011-05-15, 11:21 AM
Sorry, I went away for a bit. Am back now.

"A sound suggestion Mr Milne. I shall have a servant attend to it. I will host a soire to share with you what I learn."

Harvard grins like a shark.

2011-05-15, 11:54 AM
Locke smiles back at Azalea, glad to have found someone interested in his books. "Actually," he says, "I came up with the series when I was talking to Pingree. We were discussing what makes death scary, and it turns out that death isn't the most horrifying thing. Death, darkness... both fear of the unknown. But what's worse than that? The known becoming the unknown, and of course, problems with the mind..."

He stops his speech to hear Orson mention searching the phone books. "That," Locke says, "is something I could easily do. I'm pretty good at that kind of thing, I guess. So..." He turns to Pingree's attorney. "Do you know where we might get some phone books or his contact info?"

2011-05-15, 02:50 PM
The attorney grins sheepishly. "I am sorry to say I have never heard of any of those people, prior to tonight. The idea of a telephone directory has merit, though there is no way to be sure the Jurs family still lives in the area. Perhaps the Army would be a better choice, since you know Andrew served."

I am on my way out to lunch, but wanted to post something to let everyone know I am paying attention. I will post rolls for people to make to find out if the research works later today.

2011-05-15, 04:03 PM
"An interesting theory Mr. Locke." Azalea agrees with a nod. "I know very well what you talk about too. However, I'm afraid we have to discuss this another time. Can I be of any help here? I don't really have any contacts around here. I just came for the funeral."

2011-05-17, 09:57 PM
"I think you could be of help," Locke says. "I think I found some phone books, but there are going to be a lot of names to go through. Want to help?" He then goes to work looking through some of the phone books for the families of names mentioned in the will.

Library Use roll - [roll0]
Library Use Skill - 75

2011-05-18, 07:25 AM
Harvard loses the shallow grin and narrows his eyes at Azalea and Locke. He resolved to not take them ignoring him lightly.

He wiped his expression off his face and turned to the solicitor, "May I use your telephone?"

Getting a servant at home to arrange for someone to look into... whoever it is we're supposed to be looking for. Credit Rating 95, [roll0]

2011-05-19, 07:19 AM
Hey, she totally wasn't ignoring him, she was just talking to someone else.

"Reading through phone books really isn't my thing, but sure. I can help, it'll be be fun. Like a treasure hunt." And with those words she finally glances at Harvard. "Yes, can I use the phone after you then? I might need to check one of these names."

((Idea roll in the dice thread.))

2011-05-19, 08:54 AM
Both Idea rolls failed, so neither of you thought of something else to try.

Locke's Library Use roll does succeed. It will take him 4 hours, but he will find a listing for an "Elizabeth Jurs" in the phone book.

Harvard's Credit Rating also succeeds. His servant cannot do anything until the next day, but by late afternoon will also find Elizabeth Jurs, who turns out to be Andrew's widow.

2011-05-22, 10:52 AM
Orson sits up and goes to take his coat and fedora.

"I suggest we all go get some rest and meet up tomorrow to gather our findings. We are testing the patience of our host by staying here so late. How about 10 o'clock at my appartment ? It is in the North End, in Salem street. I have to work in the evening, but my day is free."

2011-06-18, 10:17 PM
Locke finally arrives at Orson's, waiting about a block away for whoever has not arrived yet. "Where is everybody," he thinks to himself. "Do I just invite myself in...?"