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2011-05-10, 08:34 AM
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The Green Knight

It was raining in Mousillon.

It was raining here, too, the sort of light drizzle that barely touches the skin but yet soaks straight through cloak and hood, making life generally miserable. The small crew of the barge bustled about their tasks, grumbling semi-audibly, as the slick rain turned the world around the slow-moving vessel to vaguely defined grey shapes.

There were three crewman; two poling the ugly boat along the murky river, the other standing near a rudder in what passed as the stern, making sure the boat stayed away from the muddy banks of the river. To the land-dwelling passengers, the difference between the banks and the river itself were scarcely discernable. The one had rather more trees, while the other was wetter, but both were a kind of mucky greenish brown.

The passengers themselves were an unusual assemblage. Several were quite clearly pilgrims, having proclaimed themselves travelling to the barony of Desmaris to see the holy Damsel Diana and receive her blessing. Others -notably the youthful knight, clearly on his Errantry- were aboard for some other purpose.

One of the pilgrims, the fat friar Louis, had apparently make it his task in life to discover the secrets the travellers were concealing. He was attempting to strike up a conversation with the fellow from the empire, when the drizzle, which had been constant for some hours, was beginning to show signs of letting up. A pale imitation of the sun could be seen occasionally peeking through the soggy branches of the overhanging foliage.

The lessening of the rain put some spirit back into the arms of the poling crewmen, and the barge began to pick up a touch more speed. Toward the front, the banks of the river narrowed suddenly, and all at once- several necks prickled together. Louis turned from his conversation and looked around, gripping his quarterstaff tightly.

Toward the front of the boat, a man with a bow suddenly came to his feet and pointed forward. Before he could say anything, the barge came to a thumping stop- drawn across the water was a thick mess of webbing, glistening from the rain. Pale blue-and-grey it was, as tall as a man.

Sitting astride the webs were two fat, grey spiders, each almost as large as the knight's destrier- and mounted by goblins. Almost naked, their green skin glistened in the pale sunlight.

All around the vessel, other voices gave cry- behind, other spiders were skittering over the water; above, others crawled along web-infested trees...

2011-05-10, 09:04 AM
Himmel, the average looking man from the empire, had mostly kept to himself on the voyage. The friar's interest worried him, though he was sure the man was only being polite. It would not go well for him if anyone on the barge learned what he could do. Fortunately his robes and the like were stowed away, and the worn white and purple travelling cloak over his shoulders suggested a wayfarer more than a wizard.

Of course, some magic would be really useful right about now. The young man held tightly to his own quarterstaff, staring at the shapes moving in the trees above them. "Friar," he asked of the fat man beside him, "have you ever seen spiders that big before?"

2011-05-10, 11:55 AM
Lora kept herself somewhat seperated from the others on the barge, thankful her cloak and mask kept her identity hidden and most of the moisture away. The decision to use the human conveyance hadn't been an easy one, but the extremely poor terrain in the region had forced the issue.

She had ignored the curious friar, focusing her attention on the surrounding river banks and the paths ahead. When the goblins and their mounts still caught her offguard, she cursed under her breath in Eltharin. Pulling her bow from her pack and an arrow from the quiver over her shoulder, the Shadow Warrior quickly loosed an arrow at a nearby goblin and nocked a second arrow near instantly, hoping the humans would react quickly as well.

2011-05-10, 10:42 PM
Louis gripped his staff firmly and shook his head nervously. "No, messer, never." His eyes were fixed on a tree just above them; crawling along the branches was a truly enormous spider. From this angle, it was impossible to determine if there was a rider or not.

Around the barge, the pilgrims were starting to panic, crying out in accents from all over central Bretonnia.

Behind Himmel and Louis, the hooded foreigner had loosed an arrow across the river- it slashed an angry red ribbon from the ear of a goblin across the stream. In response, the green thing raised a spear and shouted something in the greenskin tongue.

2011-05-11, 05:53 AM
"How well can you use that staff of yours?" Himmel continued, staring at the spider in the branches above them. Maybe it had a rider, and maybe not. There was certainly nothing he could do in either case into it came within striking range of his staff.

Not if he wanted to keep a low profile, anyways. The stranger had proven, though, that the riders at least could be killed. The wizard doubted the spiders would stay around for long if their masters died.

2011-05-11, 06:10 AM
Sir Orson Valmont

For the bulk of the trip the young knight had been fairly close-lipped. What little of him could be seen outside his armor made him seem a fairly terse man... with the sort of brooding quality that most take years to develop. His dark hair was shorn close to his scalp and his face clean-shaven... with thin lips and sharp features. He seemed young, even boyish... a quality reinforced by his voice. It was a paradox of youth and lack of experience mingled with the sort of dark personality that only comes from hardship... and it was the only clue to the man's background that would be given.

Orson was hesitant to speak much to the friar along the way, exchanging little but his name and simple pleasantries. To a herald, the name would be enough to guess at his terse and dour bearing, as the Valmonts were a family born of Mousillon, and one not regarded highly by even the least of noblemen outside it.

When the creatures moved to block the road ahead, Orson brought his steed to a halt, pausing for a moment in what could be either apprehension or thought. His helm told no tales however... The knight staring down his foes.

I can do this.

Hefting his mace and shield, he stood as tall as he could in anticipation of facing down the beasts... holding fast until they drew within reach. Then with a wistling overhead swing, he lashed out.

For the lady! He cried out as he struck at his foes.

It was small comfort, but he knew better than to think the lady would listen to one such as he...

OOC: Edited to account for my idiocy! Orson will ready to parry and swing when they draw near, still at a spider. And without the charge bonus my 46 misses unless I got any sort of bonus from anything else... *sadface*

Attack! [roll0] WS is 45
Damage: [roll1]

I fully authorize you to roll anything else needed from me yourself GP... ulric's fury confirms, horse damage or the like. :smallsmile:

2011-05-11, 06:13 AM
Yacob sat hunched over in the rain, hood up and bow across his lap. The friar's inquiries washed over the man, not because he did not want to talk but because he was an un-interesting peasant. As he noticed the web he jumped up, trying to form a warning in his mouth. His hands were instinctively moving as he strung the weapon and in a deft motion drew an arrow, notching it and drawing. There was a half a second pause and the the arrow flew in the direction of a goblin who's mount was climbing on the web.

2011-05-11, 06:36 AM
Julien had suffered a lot of hardships throughout his life, and Louis' ceaseless questioning was certainly something he could push through. He stoically endured it for several hours, answering only in monosyllabics until the friar got the hint. He spent the rest of his time sharpening his blades and staring thoughtfully into the distance.

Irritation flashed across the old man's weathered face when the attack interrupted his reverie. He spat out a glob of half-chewed pipeweed, got to his feet in a creak of old bones and seized his halberd with gnarly hands. Though the weapon looked comically oversized for the man, he hefted it with practiced ease and brought it down on the nearest goblin.

Draw weapon + standard attack
WS 42: [roll0]
Damage (Impact): [roll1] or [roll2]

His powerful but clumsy swing took a large chip out of the barge's side.

2011-05-11, 10:25 PM
http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Modern+Spiders+Infraorder+Araneomorphae/Water+Fishing+or+Nursery+Spiders/~/media/Images/Find%20out%20about/Animals/Spiders/Dendrolycosa%20Fraser_d8701_web_Frs_RR.ashx?w=300&h=225&as=1 (http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Modern+Spiders+Infraorder+Araneomorphae/Water+Fishing+or+Nursery+Spiders/Tree+Water+Spider)

Yammering to the Lady for protection, the pilgrims backed away from the swamp goblins and their arachnid mounts, clustering together in the middle of the barge. Louis did not join his fellows, the heavy-set man straightening his back and standing alongside Himmel.

"Quite well, messer," he said with a tight smile. "Quite well." The friar tugged at his hardened leather cap, making sure the simple helmet stayed atop his tonsure.

Around the barge, the crew drew short clubs from their belts and awaited the goblins with grim expressions. They did not have to wait for long.

With some giggling madly as others gave whooping yells, the goblins closed their ambush. At the front of the barge, the spiders meshed in the webbing clambererd forward, impossibly long legs lightly bringing their riders across the water and over the bow of the boat.

One went straight for Yacob, the red eyes of the goblin narrowed on the peasant. Clearly quite upset about being shot at, the little green man swung a rusted blade straight for the human's head- and missed, as the experienced hunter ducked straight underneath it.

The goblin's spider was more successful, lunging forward; the hunter was only barely able to keep the thing at bay, holding his bow in front of him like a ward against evil.

Another skittered across, lunging at a pilgrim. The poor man scrabbled away, falling backwards under the swing of the goblin's swamp-tree club... and right into the path of the spider. The man squealed like a stuck pig as the monster caught him in the leg, blood spattering his tunic.

On the starboard of the boat, one of the crewman was barely able to fend off another rider, this one armed with a spider-mandible sword. The exchange of blow and counter blow gave the spider the opportunity to lunge forward and tear a gash along his arm. To the man's credit -his name was Jeph- he held his ground, swinging his short axe back at the thing.

The webbing was crawling with spiders and their riders, but these lifted small horn bows and fired into the melee of the barge. One arrow sailed clear over Yacob's head and skittered to a halt in front of a surprised astromancer. The other sped straight into the leg of one of the pilgrims: with a shriek, the man collapsed to the floor, bloody hands pressed to the wound.

At the rear of the barge, the Knight Errant hefted his mace and braced himself as a large grey spider skittered across the water, it's rider whooping in some savage language. Prepared, the knight was able to duck under the clumsy attack, avoid the lunging fangs of the spider and drive his mace straight into the side of the green villain.

Except that the green villain had leapt away, easily balancing on his spider's broad, furry back. Grinning lopsidedly, the beast lunged again with his rusted smallsword, only to be turned aside by the knight's own, better, weapon.

The goblin who had been wounded charged from the shore, his spider's broad legs easily, improbably, allowing them to cross the water- but halfway to the hooded figure which wounded him, he stopped, wide-eyed. Teeth bared in a snarl, the goblin dropped its spear into a holder and produced a crude bow.

To its left, another spider skittered over the water toward them, its rider wildly firing as it came.

Near a heap of timber that had been piled on the port side of the barge, the eldest of the pilgrims hefted a halberd and waited. He was not disappointed- from above, a brown spider descended on a thick line and and gnashed its fangs at him. In response, the greybeard swung his polearm- he missed, but it was enough to put both monster and rider off their own attacks, which bit into nothing but air.

Himmel's stargazing eyes watched the fat spider above him descend on a thick rope of spidersilk. In a display of considerable agility, the spider launched itself forward, landing with a fat-bellied thump next to the barrel behind which one of the pilgrims -Jacq- had been hiding.

Terrified, the young man scrambled backwards, out of reach of the thing's jaws- but not out of reach of the goblin mounting it. This one was taller than the others by half a foot, and broad in the shoulder. The leathers it wore fit it better than the others, and it bore a crude round shield in one hand. Ill-fitting and lop-sided, atop its bare green head the goblin boss bore a knight's helm. The antlers which formed the crest had long ago shattered, with only one branch remaining.

The creature grinned a grin filled with sharp teeth, and lunged with the long spear held in the other hand. The terrified pilgrim attempted to roll out of the way; the horrible sound of tearing flesh could be heard as the barbed bone of the spearhead tore through flesh and leather in the same motion.

2011-05-11, 10:39 PM
Gritting his teeth, Julien drew back half a step, took a split second to consider the distance between himself and his opponent, and swung his halberd again with all his strength.

Aim + standard attack
Effective WS 53: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]
The blade bit into the goblin's knee, severing a few muscles, but missed the artery.

2011-05-12, 08:37 AM
The big goblin was the closest, though Himmel didn't particularly fancy his chances against it. Still, the Friar looked like he could hold his own. Maybe they had a chance? The young man looked around, and decided to pick on the goblin that had already been shot instead. "Alright. Maybe if we're lucky, we can see them off." He moved towards the wounded goblin near the edge of the barge and struck at it with his quarterstaff.

rolls: [roll0] to hit, and wounds: [roll1]

2011-05-12, 12:55 PM
Content to let the man from the Empire finish the wounded greenskin, Lora shifted her aim to the right and feathered the goblin that was closing in on them from the northeast. Irritated that the fight was already becoming too close for continued bow work, she then quickly slung her bow and drew the leaf bladed sword that hung at her side.

Half action standard attack on the goblin two squares northeast of Lora, and then half action to put away bow/draw sword.

BS: [roll0] vs. 66 (46 base, +20 point blank via house rules. Yay!)
Damage: [roll1]

If Ulric's fury or anything pops up, I'll have to roll it later; heading out on a short road trip as I post this.

2011-05-12, 04:58 PM
Sir Orson Valmont

No, no. Focus! Time your swings, like you were taught to.

Orson braced his feet on deck, the thin man doing his best to plant himself in his spot. No greenskin would take him while he still drew breath.

Second verse, same as the first. Orson shall make another attack on the spider with his mace and ready to parry with his shield.

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] (Just remembered I have strike mighty blow)

Parry, if needed. [roll2] I forget the bonus you get with a shield, but WS is still 45.

2011-05-12, 06:43 PM
With an alarmed shout Yacob almost falls to the ground. Dropping his bow he pulls out his axe from his belt, unslinging his shield with his other hand. With a shout he swings at the spider in front of him.

Attack roll against the spider vs 37: [roll0]
damage roll [roll1]

Also Yacob can now parry incoming blows, as well as use the dodge blow skill although seeing as his ws is higher than his ag I don't see why he would use his dodge.

Also ranged attacks against him are at -10bs

2011-05-13, 12:11 AM
http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Modern+Spiders+Infraorder+Araneomorphae/Water+Fishing+or+Nursery+Spiders/~/media/Images/Find%20out%20about/Animals/Spiders/Dolomedes_lostWrld_RR_D7297_sm_RR.ashx?w=400&h=385&as=1 (http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/Find+out+about/Animals+of+Queensland/Spiders/Modern+Spiders+Infraorder+Araneomorphae/Water+Fishing+or+Nursery+Spiders/Fishing+or+Water+Spider)

Cries of pain mingled with sharp laughter as the goblins pressed their assault. Baring their sharp teeth, the greenskins lashed at their prey with an assortment of crude weapons- but now that the humans had overcome their initial shock, the fight did not look so painless for the raiders.

At the rear of the vessel, the cloaked stranger's arrow landed in her opponent's arm with the sharp crack of fractured bone. The greenskin gave a cry of frustrated pain, its return shot falling short into the water. The thing's eyes were wide in fear, its expression that of a wounded animal too terrified to confront the hunter. Whimpering, the goblin drew another arrow from a rawhide quiver.

To her left, the imperial man stepped forward, hefting his heavy staff. The wounded goblin archer that was his target was still snarling at the hooded figure, preparing to fire. Caught by surprise as the young man stepped forward, all the greenskin could do was raise its bow helplessly as the oaken shaft thrust forward.

There was a loud crack as the weapon caught it along the temples, and a spray of red blood mingled with something pinker. The goblin, eyes wide and already dead, toppled backwards into the murky water. A few bubbles, and it was gone.

The creature's spider waved its legs in the air over the barge's edge, but made no move to attack the human that had slain its rider. The thing's eight colourless eyes were impossible to read, as it made to neither leave nor press the attack.

At the fore of the boat, the goblins' attack was pressing the defenders hard. While the arrows of the archers scurrying along the webbing flew wide, the goblins that had pushed into melee were rending into human flesh.

Yacob had scrambled for his axe, swinging for the spider. It reared backwards, throwing the rider off-balance- but when the monster lunged forward again, it caught the archer in the chest, long fangs tearing through leather. Barely in time, he brought his shield across, knocking the monster aside before the fangs could rend into his fles.

On the starboard side of the barge, Jeph was not so lucky. Short axe flashing, the boatman managed to fend off the spider's great fangs. In focusing on the spider, the thing's rider was able to lunge forward and catch him unprepared. Throwing up his left arm in a feeble attempt to keep the goblin at bay, Jeph screamed as his foe's jagged sword tore through the flesh of his left arm. There was a snap as the bones of his forearm broke.

Louis the friar hefted his staff above his head, crying 'for the Lady!' and charged in against the goblin leader. With its back to him, focused on the wounded peasant, the boss was caught by surprise as Louis' staff caught a ringing blow on its stolen helm.

Blinking away the pain, the warchief thrust its bone spear at the fat friar. He sidestepped, knocking away the spear. Again the goblin thrust forward, and this time caught the fellow on the right leg... or, rather, his right leggings, as the only wound the goblin dealt was to cheap linen.

"Rise up," Louis shouted, panting. "Get up, you men. They're only goblins."

Hardly inspiring words, but it was enough for the boss' victim to heft his short club and fight back. The young man was bleeding badly from his back, and his face was pale, but he stepped in and managed to strike the goblin lord a glancing blow across the back, then jumping inelegantly away from the spider.

On the port side of the boat, amidst the sliding timbers, two more goblins were fighting another member of the crew- and a pilgrim, who stood his ground, blinking away frightened tears. The men were wounded, but managed to wound their foes in turn. The pilgrim, a red-haired older man, was whimpering the names of the gods.

The peasant who had been felled by an arrow fled in a nearly-blind panic, running toward the back of the barge and taking shelter near a barrel- and behind the armoured figure of Sir Valmont. The knight could hear him reciting the Peasant's Duty in a quivering Lyonesse accent:

"Rejoice... f-for a knight of Bretonn-n-nia p-p-rovides your/r/r sh-shield..."

Julien grimly hacked into the leg of the goblin opposing him. The pilgrim's old halberd almost opened the creature's leg to the bone. Crying out in pain the little git leaned forward and swung its crude club two handed, smacking into the chest of the old man. Bones creaked under the impact, but his ribs held.

At the rear of the vessel, the crewman manning the rudder stepped away from his post to join the knight in his defence. The legs of the spider had pulled the beast almost entirely onto the barge, but the knight was able to keep the thing off by bracing his shield.

The craven goblin swung his smallsword at the knight's head, but Orson was easily able to deflect the feeble attacks. His return strikes were similarly avoided; the two seemed to be at an impasse.

2011-05-13, 01:49 AM
Deciding that a bloodied youngster and a man with a stick wouldn't be enough, Lora maneuvered around and then charged, lithely slipping between the two humans to strike at the goblin boss with her blade.

Stepping southeast one square around the barrel, charge east two squares (adjacent to both the friar and pilgrim) and making a swing at the gobbo boss.

WS: [roll0] vs. 52 (42 base, +10 for charging)
Damage: [roll1]

And a dodge roll in case someone takes a swing at Lora: [roll2] vs. 41

EDIT: Added Ulric's Fury roll in OOC thread.

2011-05-13, 01:58 AM
Goodness me, that would be 15 wounds (and therefore a +6 critical) if it connects.

Let's see if he parries: [roll0]... his WS is 35 and with a shield? 45.

Rizhail, I'll let you roll up the critical hit, if you like.

2011-05-13, 02:24 AM
The goblin boss threw up its shield in an attempt to catch the wide-bladed sword...and missed it by a hair. The elf blade hewed the greenskin's arm from its body in a small fountain of blood, leaving the goblin dumbstruck for just a moment before it collapsed from the pain.

Lorandara grinned behind her mask, pleased with herself and ready to charge the next greenskin to try and keep the attackers off balance.

2011-05-13, 07:02 AM
Julien grunted when his opponent's club slammed into his old ribs, but did not move an inch from his position. Instead he bared his greenish teeth defiantly, and drew into his pain and anger to strike back with all his might.

Aim + standard attack
Effective WS 52: [roll0]
Damage (Impact): [roll1] or [roll2]
The vile creature ducked the blow with a shrieking laugh.

2011-05-13, 07:55 AM
"Off you go, then." Himmel waved his staff at the spider, hoping the creature would back off a little. The thing was unnerving, sitting there staring like that, but without a rider it didn't seem quite as intent on making him into lunch. That was something.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the goblin by the corner of the barge. It had been hit as well. If he could repeat his performance against the first one, this corner of the barge would become (relatively) safe...

Ok, relatively complicated action. Attempting a Manoeuvre to make the spider back off a square. If it's successful, and if this is allowed, he'll use the square of movement granted by that to move next to the goblin on the corner and then attack it with his next action.

If that is not allowed, move action to get near the goblin.

If the manoeuvre fails, parrying stance.

[roll0] opposed test, my half.

Failed by 1, so I don't think anything happens. Bugger. Parrying stance it is.

[roll1] Attack, if necessary.
[roll2] damage, if necessary.

2011-05-13, 08:04 AM
Even as the spider's mandibles lanced into him Yacob managed to dive backwards, batting the creature away with his shield, cursing as he felt the leather jerkin rip. Coming up into a half crouch with his shield held in front of him Yacob lashed tentatively with his axe, careful not to over-reach himself past his shield.

Guarded swift attack on the spider.
attack roll 1 vs 27[roll0]
damage roll 1 [roll1]

attack roll 2 vs 27[roll2]
damage roll 2 [roll3]

+10% on parries and dodges this round.

2011-05-14, 12:41 AM
Sir Orson Valmont

So much trouble from goblins? The foul things are faster than I'd expected.

Orson swatted aside the blow aimed at him, his thin frame working hard to keep up with the foul creatures. Breathing heavy, he stepped back onto the heel of his left foot... if the creatures would not succumb to brute force, he would have to out-think them. They were small and weak, and he was strong. Pressing the attack could do him little harm.

Batting the creature down with his shield in an attempt to leave it vulnerable, he swung his mace in a hard arced swing downwards, hoping to score a blow on the creature if he put his bulk into the attack.

All out attack on my foe, the goblin this time.

Attack: [roll0] WS 45, so 65 with the bonus from AOA
Damage: [roll1]
Confirmation, if needed. [roll2]
Ulric's damage: [roll3], [roll4]

If I need more than that, GP can roll for me. I might not need any. :smalltongue:

This time, the attack was a success. Swatting the goblin's weapon aside, Orson brought his mace down hard upon it's body with a resounding crunch. The barest flicker of a smile graced his face, unseen by his heavy bucket helm. The fae would not show up a knight of Bretonnia.

2011-05-15, 10:07 AM
The goblin chief tumbled from his spider, its arm almost severed at the shoulder. Red blood pooled beneath the thing's body, the stolen helmet spinning atop the ichor almost comedically, before coming to a rest against the edge of the barge. Louis did not miss a moment, swinging his heavy oaken staff against the grotesque mount- to no avail, as the spider has turned its ponderous bulk upon the lithe figure which had just butchered its master.

Fangs dripping with fell venom, the thing fell upon the slender woman, who easily dodged the lumbering brute. To her left, the wounded pilgrim made a cautious jab at the thing's jaws, but caution overrode courage and his swing was short and wide.

To the stern of this melee, Himmel's spider warily backed away from the wizard stranger's staff, long legs skittering over murky water; the spider mount of the archer astern also skittered over the water, out of easy reach of the staff-wielder. The goblin drew another arrow from its rawhide quiver. Its expression was clearly frightened of the human resistance.

The spider-riders huddled in the mass of webbing strung across the front of the barge were also wide eyed, gibbering to one another in their vile tongue. Yacob, near to them and sharp of hearing, caught the words 'elf-thing' and 'thinling' amongst their chatter- just as they launched black-barbed arrows at the stranger who had done for their leader.

One skimmed across her shoulder, tearing wool and drawing a line of pale, pale blood- the other slammed along her right temple, tearing pitch-black hair from her head and raking back her hood. The wound bled profusely, but now her pale features were clearly visible: and her pointed ears.

Yacob did not have time to learn the intricacies of the goblin language, involved as he was in a struggle with his own giant spider and goblin rider. His large shield held the archer in good stead, however, and the caution in his own strikes past the defensive barrier paid off: neither creature nor mount could sink their strikes into his soft human flesh.

Woozy and dripping blood from his shattered arm, Jeph nonetheless managed to keep his footing, the crewman somehow desperately managing to fend off the swamp goblin attempting to remove as much of his blood as possible from his body. In a voice croaking with fear and pain, he whimpered for "help" as loudly as he could, his footing giving way under his own blood.

The red-haired pilgrim on the port side of the boat was also managing to fend of his attacker, despite red blooms spreading across his cheap clothing... but the crewman to his left did not fare so well.

Slipping for a moment on the stacked timber, his leg slipped straight into the path of the goblin's tooth-studded club. With a sickening crunch, and a spray of blood, the man's leg gave way to the greenskin's weapon. The man's cry of pain was wordless -and seemingly endless- as he fell before his opponent's. Still conscious, he could no more defend himself than dance a jig, as the goblin hefted the weapon for a final blow...

Behind them, Julien's halberd took another sliver from the side of the barge, and his badly wounded adversary attempted another two handed swing- this time, putting its full, puny weight into the blow. It missed, the heavy swing almost unseating the creature from its precarious perch atop the spider. Which also missed, the old pilgrim's halberd shaft knocking aside the mandibles.

At the very rear of the vessel, the knight and the goblin continued their uneven melee. This time the knight got the better of the little green git, his mace thumping into the goblin's chest and receiving the satisfying crack of cartilage bending. The goblin, face flecked with whatever passed for perspiration among such things, attempted a feint.

A sneer beneath the knight's all-concealing helm was all the response the attempt at swordplay received, Orson easily able to deflect the creature's real swing. Still, his footing had shifted, and the spider was able to force its bulk against the knight, pushing him back from the barge's edge. Wet feet somehow sure on the slippery wood, the giant arachnid heaved itself onto the barge, beady eyes all unblinking...

2011-05-15, 10:47 AM
Reasoning that the Friar and the Elf could see to the boss's spider, Himmel sidestepped away, and charged to help the man with the halberd. He was careful to position himself between the older man and the knight, though: He didn't like his chances alone against the goblin that was about to butcher the helpless crewman. He jabbed at the wounded rider, sure that, like the last, this spider would back off if its controlling force, so to speak, was slain.

[roll0] Charge attack.
[roll1] Damage if needed.

2011-05-15, 03:56 PM
Yacob cursed. 'We need aid at the front!' he shouts as he pushes his shield up against the spider, deflecting it's bites. He continued to fight cautiously, until help arrived it would do no good to throw himself into harms way.

Same as last, guarded swift attack on spider
Attack 1 vs 27 [roll0]
Damage 1 [roll1]

Attack 2 vs 27 [roll2]
Damage 2 [roll3]

2011-05-15, 05:49 PM
"Think we're busy pretty much everywhere, lad," grunted Julien as he swung his halberd horizontally at the goblin in front of him.

Aim + standard attack
Effective WS 52: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]

Crap. :smallyuk:

2011-05-15, 08:02 PM
Hoping to regain her momentum after taking lucky shots from the greenskins, Lorandara made an aggressive push against the slain boss's spider, successfully forcing the massive arachnid back a few steps. Clear for a moment, she sheathed her blade and drew her bow, rapidly nocking and loosing an arrow at one of the goblin archers in an attempt to lessen the ranged threat.

Unfortunately, the pain from her head wound finally caught up with her, and Lora's hastily launched missile thudded into the webbing to the side of her target.

Status section, for ease of reference:

Wounds: 1/10 (ouch)
Fortune: 1/2
Fate: 2
Arrows unspent: 27/30

2011-05-17, 01:48 AM
Sir Orson Valmont

Come now, or we'll be outdone by peasants! Orson thought has he stumbled back, slipping somewhat on the slick wet deck of the boat.

He grit his teeth and did his best to brace himself, lashing again at the goblin with more force than finesse. The creature could not have much more fight left in it after a blow like his last.

Stand fast now! He called out, We do this for the lady! Show these chaff your valor!

Since it worked before, Orson shall all-out attack the goblin again.

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Crit confirm? [roll2]
Crit damage, if needed: [roll3], [roll4]

2011-05-17, 08:16 AM
Louis stared at Lorandara for a heartbeat, the elf moving like quicksilver, hands blurring as they took their shot. The great spider, furious, scrambled back across the deck toward her, but the fat man stepped into it's path, swinging his staff two handed.

"Back, thing!" he cried. "We are men of Bretonnia, and the fae themselves walk amongst us. Back!"

Behind them, Jacq hefted his weapon- hearing a cry of pain behind him, the young man turned and sprinted across the shifting deck. He careened into the side of the spider on the port side of the barge, waving his club wildly at the thing's rider. The spider solemnly ignored him as it grasped the fallen crewman in it's long legs and began spraying the poor fellow -still bleeding from his ruined leg- with silk.

The goblin giggled madly at the young man, swinging it's weapon against him- but the youth, fire of the lady in his eyes, dodged away from the thing. He seemed to have all but forgotten about the terrible gash across his back.

Alas, his brother pilgrim -right alongside him- was less fortunate. Ducking under a particularly low swing from the branch-wielding greenskin he was fighting, the spider managed to sink it's horrid mandibles right into the red-haired fellow's face. There was an awful crunching noise as he fell back, his face a mask of blood... flecked with white.

The goblin archers in the webbing called insults in crude Breton to the elf, insinuating that elves mate with trees and make good eating. Their archery was worse than their ethnography, arrows falling wide of the slender Asur woman. One landed in the remains of their former boss.

The crewman Jeph, the planks beneath his feet now soaked in his blood, was still somehow managing to keep the goblin and its spider off the side of the boat. His hatchet was wobbling, though, and the human was unsteady on his feet. The goblin, however, was looking frustrated- the greenskin's swings were wide, and it had froth at the corners of its mouth.

Yacob was easily managing to hold his own against his opponents- the goblin had fallen into an easily predictable pattern, while the spider continued to gnaw wood from the bowman's shield. He managed a few glancing blows against the latter, but the arachnid's carapace turned aside much of his force.

At the stern of the boat, Himmel's charge resulted in a glancing blow against the goblin's head; a ringing blow to the thing's ears, as Julien's halberd shaved bristles from the spider's back. Red eyes wide in fear and pain, the short greenskin gave a feinting lunge; having distracted its opponents, he and his spider rapidly crawled back up the silken rope from whence it came.

Julien watched the bloated thing disappear into the foliage. Red blood dripped from the treebranch- his blow had badly wounded the thing. Faced with another opponent, the goblin had clearly decided that the better part of valour was retreat.

And small wonder. Behind the trio (now a duo) Sir Valmont's mace struck another blow for his Bretonnian Goddess. The knight's weapon swept under the goblin's poorly coordinated guard, connecting with its chin- there was a loud crack.

We do this for the lady! Show these chaff your valor!

Adding his own voice to the cry, the crewman to Valmont's left launched a wild swing at the spider. The creature almost lazily stepped to the side... and latched its great mandibles into its former master. It was hungry.

On the starboard, the wounded archer fired a hasty shot at that quivering pilgrim who, in his fear at Valmont's opponent, had fled back into the open. The arrow went wide- not that the greenskin had stayed to watch the shot. With a sound more like a yelping dog than something capable of language, the spider rider bolted back into the swamp, its mount's legs skittering effortless across water and underbrush alike.

The tables had turned against the goblin raiders very swiftly- those that remained were themselves looking uneasy...

2011-05-17, 10:11 AM
Himmel shook his staff at the retreating spider, hoping to antagonise it into running just a little bit faster. Goblins were cowards, it seemed, and he was happy to see that one go. With any luck, it wouldn't be back. "Come on," he told the man beside him. Julien, or something like that? The wizard couldn't remember. "There's more at the front."

His piece spoken, the young man hurried off towards the spider attacking the wounded pilgrim. The goblin riding it had taken some serious wounds before, he knew, and likely wouldn't be hard to finish off.

2011-05-17, 11:28 AM
"Come on," he told the man beside him. Julien, or something like that? The wizard couldn't remember. "There's more at the front."


His jaw clenched grimly, the old pilgrim hefted his halberd and charged the goblin attacking Yacob. He fought not with the fiery fanaticism of his fellow pilgrims, but rather a cold, mercyless determination.

Charge attack, +20% WS for charging and outnumbering
Effective WS 62: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]

Ulric's Fury!

2011-05-17, 11:32 AM
Julien's mighty blow bit deep into the goblin's thigh, soaking the halberd's entire blade with blood.

Ulric's Fury!

WS 62: [roll0]
Additional damage: [roll1]

If needed: [roll2]

That's 21 damage, folks. Not bad for a peasant.

The old pilgrim yanked his weapon out, half ripping the goblin's leg from its socket in a fountain of blood. The little Greenskin collapsed on the deck, shrieking a string of curses and insults in its language with its dying breath.

2011-05-17, 05:18 PM
Sir Orson Valmont


The greenskin felled, Orson finally felt the rush of combat that he had been missing. A burst of confidence and adrenalin combined in him into the finest feeling his life had known in ages. These beasts would not take this ship while he remained standing to defend it!

My action here depends very much on the context of the situation. If the mount of the goblin I just felled is still menacing people, I shall lay into it with the lady's vengence! If it does not seem to be, or if it is fleeing with it's kill, Orson shall charge the boss's spider (as I think it's the only thing I have a clear run at).

To hit: [roll0] WS: 45. 65 for the AoA or 55 for a charge.
Damage: [roll1]
Ulric's Fury? [roll2]
Fury! [roll3], [roll4]

2011-05-18, 03:42 AM
Irritated at wasting an arrow on the webbing, Lora nocked another and took a moment to get her aim before attempting to feather the goblin archer again.

Free action reload, half action aim, half action for a standard attack on the bottom goblin archer.

BS: [roll0] vs. 56 (46 base, +10 aim)
Damage: [roll1]

Ulric's stuff, if needed:
Confirmation: [roll2] vs. 56
Damage: [roll3]

Wounds: 1/10
Fortune: 1/2
Fate: 2
Arrows remaining: 26/30

EDIT: Wow, that roll was right on the target. :smalltongue:

2011-05-18, 01:24 PM
Snarling at his weapon's inability to wound the spider Yacob swings again, almost stepping up directly into the spider, his earlier caution lost to frustration and the heat of battle.

All out swift attack on the spider.
Attack roll 1 vs 57 [roll0]
damage roll 1 [roll1]

Attack roll 2 vs 37 [roll2]
damage roll 2 [roll3]

2011-05-20, 08:28 AM
With a desperate lunge, Jeph threw back his opponent for a fraction of a moment; taking advantage, the badly wounded man fled across the deck. He eventually slid into a huddled heap on the deck, desperately clutching at his wounded arm. Rich blood continued the pour from his shattered arm, spattering his clothing.

The goblin hestiated, raising its crude weapon- and then Julien's crabwise charge crashed into its ally, nearly severing that goblin's leg with the crack of bone and a spray of arterial blood. With a snarl, the frustrated goblin directed its mount away from the barge, clambering into the webbing the greenskins had laid across the river.

Yacob's furious strikes with his axe carved deep channels into the carapace of his arachnid opponent, leaving his own defences open for an instant- the spider took advantage, the fangs catching in the peasant's weapon arm.

Behind them, Sir Valmont's charge slammed into the side of the bigger spider, the knight's mace swiping into nothing more than air. The monster reared back, impossibly long legs pulling the young man into the path of its monstrous mandibles- they caught at his chainmail coif, and blood trickled over the Breton steel.

Alongside the Mousillon knight, Louis hefted his staff and gave a heroic shout, but his own attacks were easily turned aside by the spider's furred legs. The fat man's face was covered in a sheen of sweat, but his eyes were alight; he chanted a prayer to the Lady of the Lake as he fought.

On the port side of the barge, Himmel and the young pilgrim fought against the spider-riders that had savaged their friends; the latter caught his opponent a solid blow, as the Empire man's staff slid across his foe's rawhide jacket. Neither were able to drive off the spiders, which continued to wrap the food in thick webbing.

The elf's arrow had struck true, lodged in the side of one of the archers opposing her. It turned as if to flee, but the greenskins's brother archer gave a ferocious shout, baring little yellow fangs: the one fired at the other, the black-fletched arrow glancing off the smaller's boney head.

It fell, tumbling from the back of its mount and rolling into the webbing until it was hopelessly stuck, limbs akimbo. The treacherous greenskin that had shot it gave a whooping, victorious cry, waving the shortbow about.

"We have them," panted the young pilgrim, Jeph. He swung his club at his opponent again. "We have 'em! We can still save the others!"

There was more desperation than truth in his cry, it seemed, but it was clear that the greenskins were no longer as keen on the fight as they had been half a minute ago...

2011-05-20, 09:40 AM
"I hope so," Himmel said, in response to the pilgrim. "On both counts." He battered at his opponent's defenses with the staff, its fine weighting helping to make up for his relative lack of skill with it.

Regrettably, skill is more important in combat, and the ugly little greenskin clearly saw right through the wizard's attempts to throw it off. It didn't help that his aim was terrible.

[roll0] let's see about making a feint so it can't parry, the little git.
[roll1] <- goblin's WS

and then hit it, hopefully: [roll2]
and do damage, even more hopefully: [roll3]

2011-05-20, 04:10 PM
Disgusted that the goblin would attack its own kin with little cause, Lora nocked another arrow and took aim at the cheering greenskin. Ignoring the premature declarations of victory from the young pilgrim, she attempted to feather the goblin.

However, another flare up of pain from her headwound threw off Lorandara's aim, and she cursed under her breath in Eltharin.

free action reload, half action aim, standard attack.

BS: [roll0] vs. 56 (46 base, +10 aim)
Damage: [roll1] w/ pen 1 (keep forgetting to put that)

If Ulric's occurs:
Confirmation: [roll2] vs. 56
Damage: [roll3]

Wounds: 1/10
Fortune: 1/2
Fate: 2
Arrows unspent: 25/30

2011-05-20, 04:25 PM
Before its mortally wounded rider had finished twitching, Julien savagely hacked at the spider attacking Yacob with a speed one would not expect from an old man.

Aim + standard attack
WS 52: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]
The halberd bit into one of the creature's hairy hindlegs.

2011-05-20, 07:00 PM
Sir Orson Valmont

Orson recoiled, the warmth of his blood trickling from his fresh wound seeming to deter his earlier fervor... almost as if the man had never been injured before. Fortunately his helm hid the look of shock and pain upon his face. Hefting his shield defensively, he struck a more cautious stance, but did not retreat.

Easy... it is not a bad wound. Far worse will be gained if I do not stand now. If I cannot even do this, how can I call myself a knight?

OOC: Parry stance and attacking the spider!

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Parry, if needed: [roll2]

All WS 45

2011-05-23, 08:58 AM
Even as Lorandara fired her wide shot at the goblin archer, it thumbed its nose at the elf. "Youze'll never catch us lads, 'umies," it shouted as the arachnid mount carried it away. "We'll get ours next time." In a matter of seconds, the long legs of the spider carried it across the webbing and back to the northern shore of the swamp.

The other arachnids -one noticably lacking a rider- that the webbing bore also scurried off, swiftly vanishing into the undergrowth surrounding the trapped barge.

On the vessel, Yacob hefted his axe and laid into the spider facing him. It gave an awful noise as Julien's halberd hacked into a rear leg alongside it, beginning to back away- to no avail. Yacob's weapon blurred as he brought it down again and again, shearing through carapace and the soft flesh beneath. The axe crunched through the thing's thorax, quietening those lidless eyes; it hacked into the abdomen again and again. Ichor sprayed in a thin, greenish spray.

When Yacob finally paused, the front of his shield was soaked in the slime, streaks running across his face. The arachnid menace was scarcely more than a soaking puddle surrounded by jointed limbs.

Surrounding and pushing back the boss' gigantic spider, Sir Valmont and Friar Louis worked their weapons against the thing. It's anger was still palpable, the thing's bulk pressing against them- but to no avail. Equally, the weapons of the Breton men were little use against the thing, scoring only glancing blows.

On the other side of the barge, Jeph had fallen to his feet, blood soaking his clothing. Frantic, he tore cloth from his soaked tunic and wrapped his arm- but clumsily, and the blood showed little sign of stopping...

The remaining spiders continued to wrap their prey inside the webbing, while around and atop them men and goblins fought for their lives- but one of the wounded men had stopped his twitching, his life's blood clearly spent.

Jacq, fire in his eyes, gave another victorious shout to the Lady! and swung his club two-handed- it went wide, and his opponent laughed and laughed as it raised its own club. The weapon was not much longer than the pilgrim's, but it was studded with the teeth of some fierce swamp creature, and still stained with human blood.

The club descended, crashing into the chest of the young man with an awful thunk. Jacq gave a terrible, inhuman scream, and then was silent forever.

2011-05-23, 09:44 AM
Seemingly unconcerned with the death of his fellow pilgrims, Julien swept his gaze over the scene of carnage. His eyes narrowed dangerously at the nearest goblin, who was still mounted but apparently injured.

"Awright, let's get this over with."

He spat out a gob of half-chewed pipeweed and hefted his halberd.

Attacking the goblin two squares to the south. I think it's too close to charge, so it's a movement and a standard attack.

WS 42: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]

Swing and a miss.

2011-05-23, 09:47 AM
"Could use a hand, here," Himmel called to the others on the barge. He was too late to save the unfortunate pilgrim being rolled up by the spider, but he could still drive it off. At least then the man could be given a proper burial. Being eaten was a poor way to greet Morr.

Parrying stance, whack the goblin. [roll0] to hit
[roll1] to wound

parry if needed: [roll2]

2011-05-24, 09:26 AM
Sir Orson Valmont

We are winning? We are winning!

Finding a new surge of strength to him, Orson planted his feet square and struck out at the bloated spider... seeking it's demise before it could do further damage.

The enemy is routing! Orson called above the din of the fighting, Do not relent and we will have victory!

Same as last time. Swing and a parry, if needed.

To hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]
Parry, if needed: [roll2]
Ulric? [roll3] [roll4]

An earnest laugh left the thin man's lips as his mace stuck home upon the hideous creature with a satisfying crunch. The rush and glory of battle filled him as if it never had before. This was what it meant to fight for the lady. He COULD do this.

2011-05-24, 11:54 PM
Feeling somewhat confident that the goblins would be run off momentarily, and noting that she didn't have clear shots at any of the remaining greenskins on the barge, Lora set to work trying to save as many of the crew as possible. Slipping through the melee, she knelt by Jeph's side.

"Hold out your arm," she said in accented Breton, barely audible over the hissing and screaming of the greenskins and their mounts. Taking over where the young human's own efforts had been failing, Lorandara attempted to stop the bleeding with the limited resources available. Unfortunately, dirty scraps of linen already soaked from the drizzle proved fruitless in stopping the blood flow.

Move next to the badly wounded crewman, half action for a heal check.
Also, a dodge check in case anything takes a swing at Lora as she moves.

Dodge: [roll0] vs. 41

Heal check: [roll1] vs. 43

EDIT: Hmm... since they regenerate daily, and I'd prefer not to have the dude die, I'll spend my other fortune point for a reroll in the OOC thread.

2011-05-26, 05:57 AM
Yacob pauses for breath, his chest heaving. Scanning around he moves to help the knight fight the large leader's spider.

I'm unclear if Yacob needs to move to attack the boss's spider or not, so I'll roll a standard attack, if he doesn't need to more then instead of a move action he will just aim instead. That ok?

[roll0] vs 37
damage [roll1]

2011-05-29, 11:19 AM
Seeing the little greenskin go on the defensive, and his spider almost done wrapping up the poor deceased pilgrim, Himmel bit his lip. He had two choices here, and neither of them particularly appealed to him.

With a sigh, he hefted his staff in both hands, and threw caution to the winds. The goblin had to die.

OOC: For next round, inferred from OOC crunchy stuffs.

All Out Attack: [roll0]

and if I hit: [roll1]

2011-05-30, 10:51 AM
Sir Orson Valmont

Oh no. You'll not flee to slay another in the future.

Moving as quickly on his feet as a man in his bulky armor could, Sir Orson pursued the spider and struck at the beast's bulk once more in a whistling overhand swing.

Charge at the fleeing spider.

Hit: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

All other needed rolls, I leave to you GP, as I'm headed out the door for a family thingamajig.

2011-05-30, 12:55 PM
"Yer braver than yer friends, I'll grant you that," spat Julien to the last goblin who still had some fight left in him. "Maybe I won't piss on yer corpse." He brought his halberd down, eager to finish this fight.

Aim + standard attack
Effective WS 72 (aim + outnumbering 3 to 1): [roll0]
Damage: [roll1] or [roll2]

2011-05-30, 07:09 PM
Yacob stumbles drops to one knee at the sight of the fleeing spider, his chest heaving. Glancing around the barge he sees that most of the foes have been dispatched or have fled. Grunting he once again stands and moves to aid his comrades.

I'm not quite sure by the map but if possible Yacob will move and standard attack any available spider or goblin. If not he will charge the fleeing boss spider

attack roll [roll0]
damage [roll1]

2011-05-30, 10:46 PM
Irritated at her inability to stop the bloodflow from the young human's wound, Lorandara redoubled her efforts. With the goblins now (mostly) driven off, she intended to limit deaths from greenskin wounds as much as possible.

Heal: [roll0] vs. 43