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2011-05-13, 04:36 PM
The Shapeshift Druid variant from PHB2 is one of my favourite things in the game, but it is sadly lacking in support, given that it is only a variant. So I figured I'd try my hand at making some stuff for them, let me know what you think. I'll be adding more stuff, this is what I've got for now.

Inspiration comes from DaTedinator's New Shapeshift Forms (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78186), they rock. Also I'll only be making a couple of new forms here so these should be considered as valid options for the features presented below (or that will be added later).


Optional Rules

Form Substitution
Not all Druids are alike. Some may prefer the solid ground than flitting through the air in Aerial Form, or perhaps they choose stealth over displays of aggression that are inherent to the Ferocious Slayer Form.

With the DM's permission, Druids may trade any Shapeshift Form they would normally learn by taking levels in the Druid class for any one granted by a New Form Feat. The Druid must qualify for the Feat that grants the Form they are choosing.


New Shapeshift Forms

Humanoid Form:
Not all Druids are hippies who shun others in favour of plants and animals. Some admire the diversity and skills of the Humanoid races as much, or even more than other fauna. Some even begin to mimic these races, using their form-warping talents duplicate them.

Shapeshift Druid
Knowledge (Nature) 4 ranks

Unlike most Shapeshift Forms, the Humanoid Form is not limited to a single shape. The Druid learns one race (including Subrace if appropriate), plus another for every 5 Druid levels they possess.

Unless their behaviour would lead to doubt being placed on their identity, the Druid automatically passes for a member of the chosen race. They do not however gain any additional knowledge regarding the race in question, no do they gain any special ability to speak the race's language.

In addition the Druid gains these abilities whilst in the particular racial form:
Chose 2 skills that either use Str, Dex or Con as their connected stat, or Intimidate. You gain a +1 bonus on these skills, plus a further +1 for every three Druid levels. These skills are set for each race and cannot be changed.
+5 on Bluff checks to convince others that you are a member of the appropriate race.
Gain the appropriate bonus from the table below:
{table]Race|Stat Bonus|Other Bonus
Dwarf|+2 Con|+2 Saves vs. Poison
Elf|+2 Dex|Immune: Sleep
Half-Elf|+2 Cha|Low Light Vision
Half-Orc|+2 Str|Darkvision 60ft
Human|N/A|Form skill bonuses may be changed 1/day
Lizardfolk|+2 Con|+2 Natural Armour
Orc|+4 Str|N/A
Gnome|+2 Con|+2 Saves vs. Illusions
Goblin|+2 Dex|Darkvision 60ft
Halfling|+2 Dex|+1 Any one Save
Kobold|+2 Dex|[/table]

At 7th Druid level the Druid may choose races of a different size to their base race. In addition, from then on the Druid may treat themself as the appropriate race for activating Magic Items.


Alternate Class Features

Masterful Aesthetics
You are constantly altering your appearance, making yourself more intimidating with piercing eyes or more appealing to weaken another's resolve as you draw information from them.

Wild Empathy

You gain a +1 bonus to Charisma based checks (except Perfom & Use Magic/Psionic Device). This bonus increases by 1 for every three Druid levels you possess.