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Don Blake
2011-05-29, 01:31 AM
So, to be perfectly upfront about what this is, this thread is going to be me posting some poems I've been writing, and you doing whatever it is you're going to do in response to my posting those poems. This is more a challenge for myself than anything else, I want to try and make myself post at least one poem every week at least until I go back to school in the fall, but criticism, comments and monetary donations are of course always welcome. No firstborn children, though. That's not my bag.

Aaaanywho, moving straight along to the first poem.
I hid my heart.
I was scared
Because the universe is huge
And wonderful and terrifying.
Because the demonic preacher
In his pulpit
Damned me with salvation.

I hid it well,
I thought.
But you found it.
You found it in the tallest tree
In the darkest forest.
You caught the stag and the swan and the salmon,
And you came to me
And for a thousand years we lay
Beneath the branches of the Tulgey Wood,
Laughing at Shakespeare and Venus
Because what we had was *real*.

And then Morpheus fled
And we awoke, and went our seperate ways.
And I hid my heart again.
And no one's found it since.

(A note, both this and the following piece, were, composed I suppose is the best word, in my head while sitting at open mic nights debating whether or not to go sign the sheet)

Don Blake
2011-05-30, 04:00 PM
I know you’re tired
And angry
And afraid
So am I.

But I swear to you,
When the long night comes
When the sun, ancient and weary
Sinks for the last time below the horizon
When it’s a broken glass world
A police siren world
A world under the faintly glowing radioactive skies
You’ll be there
And so will I.

We’ll hold hands beneath those glowing skies
Make broken glass trees
And sing police siren symphonies
We’ll build our successors
Better than ourselves
With clockwork hearts
And starlight souls

And then, hand in hand, we’ll follow the sun
Over the horizon
To those cool and restful deeps
To sleep at last.