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2011-05-30, 03:30 AM
Hello to all the wonderful talents on the Arts and Crafts board! I have a favor to ask of those of you willing to help:

The D&D group that I've been gaming with for years is starting to break up, as we're all graduating and moving away. We've got one last campaign going, and that's it. We wanted to get some party portraits of our characters so that we've got something to remember everything by. Unfortuntely, not a one of us has any artistic ability, which makes doing it ourselves out of the picture. As the group's representative in the Playground, I was asked to see if any of you wanted to help us out. I was going to offer compensation for your efforts, but the Mods asked me not to, so unfortunately it's just going to be out of the goodness of your hearts :smallsmile: .

So, we've finished two campaigns together, and are currently doing our third and last. The characters who were in each campaign are below. We'd like any pictures to be in landscape, so as to be used as computer wallpapers, but if you've got a good reason to do otherwise, feel free to take artistic liscence. We'd be perfectly fine with just a picture of the characters standing together posing, but if you'd like to do a battle scene or something else, I can provide scenes from the campaign in question to give you some ideas.

EDIT: I've got about half of the character descriptions collected from everyone; the others are currently writing up details character descriptions; they'll be up around this time next week. I'm putting up this thread now to gain a sense of interest, basically. The mods have said that I'll likely get a lot of people wanting to help, but I have doubts to that. Maybe I just don't believe in humans. I'd love to be proven wrong, though :smallsmile:

Each campaign has two sections of characters: main characters, or those who were present at the final battle at the end of the campaign, and secondary characters, who are major NPCs or ex-player characters that either died or left the party for various reasons. They're not necessary, but they can be worked in if you like them, should you wish.

Campaign #1: Secrets of Rhynera
Main Characters
Artemis, LN female half-elf monk
Artemis is a half-elf monk. She has the standard backstory about being found at the door of a monestary, and trained with the monks until it was time to go out on her own. Artemis wears a navy blue monk's robe. The robe doesn't cover her right shoulder or arm; instead, you can see that her limbs are wrapped in something akin to the tape that fighters wrap around their hands (don't know what to call it...).
Corine, NG female elf scout
Race and Gender: Elf Female.
Build: Corine is slightly shorter than normal for an elf, around 5'4", and she has toned muscles from spending so much time on her own in the incredibly dangerous jungle that was to the south.
Hair: Corine had long brown hair, coming down to just above her waist.
Body Art: Corine does not have any body art. Or at least, none that the party ever saw.

Clothing: Corine wears clothes that help her blend into a jungle surrounding. Earth browns and greens, sometimes with branches or other such accoutrements. She wears breeches instead of a skirt.
Weapons/Armor: Corine's favored weapon was the shortbow. Like the sample scout in Complete Adventurer, her bow had branches on each end, so as to help mimic a bush. She also had several knives and a short sword for when she would get into melee. Needless to say, the bow requires a quiver with arrows.
Other Gear: We can't remember much of corine's other gear, but things that seem to fit with the "jungle explorer" archetype would fit perfectly.

Alignment and Personality: Neutral Good. We first met Corine as a friendly tracker that helped us get through the thick southern jungle. Later, we met her evil twin sister, who tricked us into the clutches of an evil elven sorceress. When we tried to get revenge, we found out that the sister had found a way to divert all diviniations of herself to Corine. In order to get us off her back, she traveled with us in order to help find her sister and bring her to justice.
Marcus, CN male elven sorcerer
Race and Gender: Elf Male.
Build: Marcus was a moderately build elf, around 5'7" and slender.
Hair: Marcus had bright blonde hair that came down just past his shoulders.
Body Art: Marcus had a couple arcane tattoos, specifically one on his face that swirled around his left eye, and another on his right hand that goes up his arm.

Clothing: Marcus wore what might be considered "standard" sorcerer's robes. They were natural greens in color. He had a finely woven silver cloak of charisma.
Weapons/Armor: Marcus never carried a single weapon, ever. He believed that magic was the only weapon he would ever need (which got him in trouble a couple of times).
Other Gear: Marcus focused on magical equipment: metamagic rods, wands of various attack spells, and around a dozen potions. He tried to keep them as readily accessed as he could, such as by wearing specially designed "wand holsters" on his hips. He had the Double Wand Wielder feat, and a homebrewed feat that let him recharge wands, as long as the spell contained within was one he could cast, so he often fought with a wand in each hand.

Magic: Marcus's magic didn't have a standard theme to it: he simply chose whatever spells he thought would be the most powerful or useful to him. Fireball was one of his favorite spells.
Alignment and Personality: Chaotic Neutral. Marcus just did whatever he thought would be fun at the moment. Usually, this meant using his magic to help Thug with whatever crazy scheme they had cooked up at the current port of call, such as stealing sheep, tricking the locals into thinking their town was haunted, or trying to ride dangerous monsters.
Familiar: Marcus had a hawk familiar, but none of us can remember its name. It was a smller hawk, probably similar to a red-tail.
Mensharr Hessarain, LG male catfolk swashbuckler/rogue
Race and Gender: Catfolk Male.
Catfolk Physical Description:
The catfolk are anothropomorphic cats. A long time ago, they were a rare species of wildcat that was unique to the valley they now call home. A rogue nature-spirit transformed them into their current form and gave them sentience, and that spirit is now worshipped as their deity.

Their basic form looks like Puss n' Boots from Shrek, although there are several specific differences: they are bigger, averaging 3 feet to 3-1/2 feet tall. They have tuffs of fur on their ears, like bobcats, and tuffs on their tails, like lions. Their fur patterns can mimic any sort of housecat or wildcat, but not any larger felines like patherns or pumas.

Proportionally, their bodies are a bit longer and their legs are a bit shorter than a human's, and their feet are still basically paws (their tails are as long as their bodies). Their hands are a bit different: the thumbs, while still opposable, rest in the direction of their other fingers (not the opposite direction, as with us monkeys). Their claws (basically their finger nails) rest along the inside of their fingers, in such a way that when their fingers are held straight, the claws are hidden, but when they form a fist, the claws fold out right beneath the big knuckles and can be used to slash with. To imagine this, interweave your fingers, and then bend your fingers on your right hand while keeping the fingers of the left hand straight. The fingers of your left hand would be like the claws.
The first phalanges (finger tips) still have pads on the bottom like a cat's paws and are longer than a human's finger tips proportional to the total finger length, but they are obviously not paws, and can be used to manipulate objects with great dexterity (the whole anthropomorphic thing).
Build: Lithe and dextrous. While Mensharr is quite strong (for a catfolk), he focuses on an agile style of combat, rather than strength. HE's about 3'3" tall.
Hair: Mensharr's fur forms a dark gray/silver and black tabby pattern. Like most male cats that don't get neutered, he has a "mane." It's not big and grand like a lion's mane, but just generally longer hair around his face (like a man with big sideburns and a chin-beard).
Mensharr has big green eyes.
Body Art: Mensharr's right ear is pierced near the base, and he has a long, braided totem with some small, glossy green feathers hanging from it.

Clothing: He wears a simple shirt and leather trousers, as well as big boots. All of his clothes are in earth tones: dark greens and browns. He's a very robin hood-esque character. However, his society is a simple, live off the land type, and his clothing reflects aspects similar to native american clothing.
He fixes all of his clothes when he gets into combat, meaning there's probably some poorly done sewing or patch jobs, especially near areas he's most likely to get hit. He wears a hat just like Puss n' Boot's hat, except the feather in the hat is long and glossy green, almost like a very long quail feather, just green instead of reddish-brown. He wears a grey cloak (a cloak of elvenkind, so it is likely more finely made than the rest of his clothing).
Weapons/Armor: Mensharr's weapon of choice is a rapier he inherited from his father. It was made by his people; despite the simplicity of their lifestyle, they have very skilled metalworkers, and so they can make very fine weapons. A totem similar to the one he has in his ear hangs from the end of the hilt. He also has his mother's shortbow slung across his back, with a quiver with perhaps half a dozen arrows in it. The bow is simple, with a couple of small branches with leaves, so that it can blend into the light forests that are the catfolk's home.
Mensharr wears studded leather armor (also made by his people, so similar in style to his other clothing). He wears it under his shirt, so it is likely not visible.
Other Gear: Mensharr has a ring of protection that he picked up during his travels, as well as a bag of holding. Mensharr's quest was to retrieve his people's sacred idol, which was stolen from them. The idol was a 15-foot tall golden statue of a leopard sitting and roaring, which is the form of their "goddess." He normally keeps it in his bag of holding, but takes it out to pray every couple days.

Alignment and Personality: Lawful Good. Mensharr is a very honorable person: he tries not to lie, cheat, or steal as much as possible. His people don't use money, and so he doesn't quite understand the big people's fascination with it. His people also treat magic with incredible deference, and so Mensharr never purchases magic, as he feels it's somewhat sacreligious.
Raven, LE male human rogue
Raven, a human rogue, infultrated our party in order to sell us out to a group that was hunting us; he introduced himself as Lucas, until it came time to fulfill the deal. Unfortunately for our enemies, what Raven learned while with us, as well as his observations of our fighting abilities made him ask for a, uh, substantial raise for his efforts. His employer didn't agree, and Raven helped us save the world, despite being Lawful Evil, which conflicted with the party. Raven wore a black cloak most of the time, and wielded a dagger.
Rex Orion, NG male human cleric of Pelor/Radiant Servant of Pelor
Rex was the heart of our team, a human cleric/radiant servant of Pelor. His nickname was "Band-Aid," for obvious reasons, but everybody loved him. I might be wrong, but I believe he wore a red cloak over full-plate armor that had the symbol of Pelor splashed on the front, and wielded a heavy mace. One of his favorite spells was searing light, and he once exploded a dire shark by hitting it with his "magic flashlight" (go stacking critical confirmations!).
Silvara Naïlo, NG female elf druid
Silvara was infected before the campaign began by the main villian with a powerful, degenerative curse that was almost impossible to lift. The curse caused a slow and incredibly painful degeneration and then death. To add insult to injury, the villain transformed her fiance into a leopard. Because of the curse, Silvara's hair had turned silver-white, and near the end of the campaign, she had a sickly look about her. When she wasn't slinging about nature's wrath, which was rarely, she used a longbow. Her favorite form to take was an eagle.

Cobalt, her fiance, was also her animal companion. He was a strong, lithe leopard with brilliant blue eyes.
Thug the Flatulent, CN male orc barbarian/fighter
Thug, like all of the orcs of the swamplands, got his deed name as a direct result of his actions. Said actions also got him banished from his tribe. You probably don't want to know what it was he did...While Thug has all the same battle-lust of most orcs, he wasn't actively evil. He was however, very dedicated to his wildly varying passions. He spent the majority of the campaign trying to find a suitable pet, and more thn once hired an assassin to kill himself, so he could keep his fighting skills sharp. He weilded a greatsword, and had two backups, one silver and one cold-iron, all of which he wore across his back (interfered with his Dex a lot, but he didn't care; he wasn't using it anyways). He also had a flagmaker in Antonidas's empire to make him a flag, which he wore proudly as his standard from then on: it had a flying turtle weaing specially made slippers of spider climbing in front of an image of a tree branch on a red field, with the words, "In Band-Aid we Trust!" in orcish written underneath.

The pet he finally found was Speedy, a small turtle. Thug loved Speedy more than life itself, and would do anything to keep him safe. He also paid an exorbitant amount of gold to have a mage fashion Speedy slippers of spider climbing that were fitted for a turtle.
Tragius, LG male human ranger
Ruler of the Eastern Icarian Empire, A large territory similar to ancient Rome, Tragius joined us in order to defeat his evil brother, Antonidas, who had been traveling with us for some time. The Empire was divided into East and West, with the West supporting Antonidus, and the East supporting this character. The Empire doesn't trust magic, so they have no mages or clerics, and magic weapons are quite rare, onyl used by the elite (And royalty). He also uses a longbow, and wore breastplate armor. Since his Empire was based off of the Roman empire, his armor and weaponry likely reflect that style.

His animal companion was a powerful, well-built horse, but I can't remember his name. Either way, a big, brown horse wearing barding.

Secondary Characters
The King of the Western half of an Empire at war, Antonidas was the evil brother who travleed with our party in the beginning. He was a human fighter who specialized in archery, but he was clinically insane on power. He had found rumors of a magical sword (his empire didn't have much magic) that held the power of a god, and made it his goal to seek it out, so that he might finally beat his brother and take control of his kingdom. The sword in question, made of volcanic glass, was an intelligent item with several powers, including the ability to summon powerful bolts of lightning. After essentially lying to the party to get them to travle to his kingdom, and then betraying us, we fought him, but he escaped. During the climactic battle with the main villain, he reappeared, but was killed as part of the ritual to make the villain into a goddess (he, unfortunately, didn't know this was required for the ritual; it was the sword that killed him).
Sigfried "Spoony McBard" Barnum
A gnomish bard, Spoony was a chronicler who began with the group in order to write an epic ballad about his adventures, starring him: Spoony McBard! Every time we overcame a challenge, no matter how much of the effort was Spoony's, the next verse in the Ballad of Spoony McBard was written, werein he was the one who single-handedly defeated the dragon, or laid low the attacking hobgoblin army. The rest of us were just observers. The player actually wrote many of the verses to this Ballad himself, and it was awesome. I'll see if he has any of those still around. Spoony was a masterful lute player, and he used a rapier whenever he needed to heroicly save us in combat. He eventually left us, because while he was writing his ballad, he was also accumulating gold in order to get his sick mother healed.
Wushi, LN male human monk
Race and Gender: Wushi is an old (almost venerable) human male.
Build: Wushi is short and slight; he's of asian heritage. While he doesn't look crotchety, and stands up very straight, he definitely doesn't look as though he should be fighting anything.
Hair: Wushi shaves his head bald, but still has most of his hair. He probably has a slight shadow of where his hear grows on his head, but otherwise is hairless.
Body Art: Wushi boasts no body art.
Other Markings/Features: Wushi has no marrkings out of the ordinary.

Clothes: Wushi wears the simple robes of a temple monk (think Shaolin). His robes are light blue and silver (the temple he hails from is called the Silver Waters, so the colors they wear are meant to match that). He wears a red sash of silk around his waist as a symbol of his rank of master.
Weapons/Armor: Wushi's temple is a place of peace, and so train with no weapons, and wear no armor.
Other Gear: Around his neck, Wushi wears a pendant made of silver. It in in the shape of a crashing wave, and in the center is a vial with water from the sacred pool in the center of the temple (this is a periapt of Wisdom).

Alignment and Personality: Lawful Neutral. Wushi is a very simple person. When he met the party, he made it known that he actively opposed the quest they were on, but was willing to work with them to while he learned more about their task, so that he could make the right decision about the issue.

Campaign #2: Shifting Sands
Main Characters
Alindar Sunseeker, NG male gnome warmage/water savant
Alindar’s parents were kidnapped by efreet from the Elemental Plane of Fire, so he became a warmage in order to find and rescue them. He focused completely on cold spells, as those were the ones that would be the most harmful to beings of fire. During his warmage training, his steadfast determination to not use fire spells made one of his teachers angry—Alindar was scorched, leaving his right arm horribly burned. The teacher wouldn’t let him get his armed healed for days, and by the time it was healed, it was paractically useless. He used a long silk glove to cover this scar, but later on in the campaign, Isic used his powers to heal the wound. The burn scar was still barely visible, but Alindar took the glove off to show he had been healed.

Alindar only carries a dagger as a weapon; he’s too weak to carry anything else, and he was never a good warrior, anyways. He wears chainmail armor, and carries a heavy steel shield that had a whole lot of magical properties. Except in grave circumstances, he never cast any spell that didn’t have the [Cold] descriptor.
Azibo, LN male marrusault fighter
Azibo is the captain of the Cradle, an enormous marruspawn city (the marruspawn are a monstrous race from the book Sandstorm; they look like jackal people, or the anubian warriors from the second mummy movie; I'm sure there are pictures online somewhere...). To show his rank and the city he hails from, Azibo wears full-plate armor of pure gold, enchanted so that it's actually effective. He wields a crescent scythe, a double weapon with a crescent-moon shaped blade on both ends (also from sandstorm), made out of a rare rust-red metal called kheferu, which is especially damaging to earth elementals. His scythe is a desiccating burst weapon, which means that it drains moisture from its targets with every hit.
Azibo is very intelligent for a marrusault (i.e. an Int score of 11), which is in part why he got the position of captain. While he normalyy wouldn't have traveled with the party, his lord wished for him to help stop the marrutact blasphemer named Wisdom at all costs, so, as a dutiful soldier, he has done so.
Isic, LN male human egoist/combat psyker
Isic was born into a "monestary" called Ibar-Dacht, a place where competition and rigorous self-improvement with no concern for others was of the greatest importance. He developed psychic powers, but was summarily banished from the temple. Isic wears simple clothes that allow for comfort in the desert. His most obvious feature is his bald head, as well as the staff made of dark purple deep-crystal that he carries with him everywhere.
Isic is an incredibly gentle soul, and cares for almost everyone he encounters. He is also very quiet: if he doesn't absolutely need to, he says nothing, and when he does talk, he keeps his phrases short. However, he does enjoy listening to others, as well as gaining knowledge: he had every single Knowledge skill maxxed out, and took ranks in an additional skill: Knowledge (obscure). He was also an accomplished woodcarver, and would fashion a new carving every time the group made camp, out of whatever strange or unusual things they had encountered recently.
Leanne, CG female human half-brass dragon fighter/tempest
Race and Gender: Human Half-Brass Dragon Female.
Build: Leanne is tall and muscular, because of her draconic heritage. She is just over six feet tall.
Hair: Leanne has long, stright blonde hair that falls down to her waist. In battle, her hair whips around, looking like sand blown in a desert wind.
Body Art: Leanne has no body art to speak of.
Other Markings/Features: As a half-dragon, Leanne in covered in fine, burnished brass-colored scales. These scales are thicker on her arms, legs, and certain areas of her face, but in other areas her human-like skin can poke through. She has wicked claws on both hands, and her face pushes out into a slight muzzle, and her mough has small but very sharp teeth. She has a pair of whiskers (typical asian-dragon whiskers) coming down from beneath her nose.

Clothing: Leanne weans a loose, tan robe over her mythral chain shirt armor. She has magical boots (boots of striding and springing) that come up to about mid-shin.
Weapons/Armor: Leanne wields a pair of bastard swords (the straight kind, not the katana kind). Both of them were, by the end of the campaign, blessed by Bahamut, her deity, making them incredibly powerful. One is made from firesteel, which is a rare metal from the Elemental Plane of Fire that looks like volcanic glass. This sword is a frost weapon, constantly emitting a mist. The other was finely wrought from the half-dragon smiths in her home village. She wears a mythral chain shirt.
Other Gear: Leanne eventually procured a pair of wings of flying, a red cloak that can transform into draconic wings a couple times per day. She also wears a ring of protection on her right hand.

Magic: While not exactly magic, Leanne has a powerful breath weapon that she uses to barbeque opponents when her swords can't reach.
Alignment and Personality: Chaotic Good. Leanne, like most brass dragons, loves to talk. Unfortunately, her low Wisdom score means that she almost never. shuts. up. Either way, she holds very firmly to her word, and helped the rest of the party, initially because they promised to help her in return, but eventually because Bahamut personally asked her to kill the final boss.
Merial, LG female half-elf fighter/scout/sand dervish
Merial is a member of a group of nomadic desert tribes called the Shadal. They have very conservative customs, and so she wears a heavy black burka at all times. She is, however, both an accomplished dancer and a skilled warrior, and she learned how to combine both skills from an asherati sand dervish. Now, merial is capable whipping up sandstorms while in a whirling dervish dance, while her twin scimitars slice through foes. One of her scimitars is ornately designed and engraved, made out of kheferu and enchanted with both desicatting and (later) brilliant energy. The other is made out of a material found only on the Elemental Plane of Fire known as firesteel, which looks like a cross between metal and volcanic glass. This sword is enchanted both with flaming and (again, later) the vorpal special property.

Merial was an outcast to her tribe, because she had a dalliance with a man before she was to be married as the twelvth wife to a man of a different tribe for power consolidation. However, she became pregnant, and was forced to run away or be killed by her people. Merial was pregnant throughout the entire campaign; mid-way through, she made a wish to an efreet for a blessing to make the pregnancy not interfere with her combat abilities. The efreet obliged by weaving extradimensional space into her womb, to place the extra weight and bulk elsewhere. While merial still has a bit of a bump, it's probably only barely noticeable through her burka. Unfortunately, what she didn't realize was the extradimensional space came fromt he abyss, and warped her baby into a half-fiend. After the campaign ended, the baby killed her during childbirth. She was resurrected by Isic's insistence, and only came back when Isic offered to marry her.
Sethos, LG male asherati paladin
A latecomer to the game, Sethos wears a heavy desert outfit, that obscures his race and gender. He wields a very large falchion (called a great falchion; from Sandstorm), and favors bless weapon and holy sword as his spells of choice.

His holy mount is a sandshark (homebrewed creature; basically a shark that can swim through sand instead of water) named Cargos, because it matches so well with the asherati ability to swim through sand. Cargos is a sandy brown in color, and Large sized.
Silnath Rosnar, CN male changeling sorcerer/sand shaper
Race and Gender: Changeling Male.
Build: We only saw Silnath's true form once; he spend the majority of the campaign disguised as a Bhuka (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/ex_sand_bhuka.jpg). However, in his real form, he was tall and slender, with the typical pale changeling skin and androgynous face.
Hair: In his natural form, Silnath had pale blonde hair, almost white. It came down to about his shoulders.
Body Art: In order to help with his deceptions, Silnath never got any tattoos or piercings.

Clothing: Silnath wears loose-fiiting robes that help protect him from the desert heat. They are sand colored, to help blend into the dunes.
Weapons/Armor: The only weapon that Silnath carries is a small dagger, not even masterwork. He never uses it, though, and normally just keeps it hidden in his robes. He wears no armor.
Other Gear: Silnath wears two rings: a silver ring of protection on his right hand, and a ring of fire immunity that has a gold band with a large ruby on his left. He also often uses several rods: a rod of speldor, and metamagic rods of empower and maximize. He keeps them on his belt for quick access.

Magic: Silnath began as a necromancer, but after hearing the tales that the power of the sand shaper empire might still be out there, he sought after that magic. By the end, all of his power revolved around the sand and sun.
Alignment and Personality: Chaotic Neutral. He sought after the eternal power of the long lost sand shaper empire. He learned many of their secrets, and by campaigns end had gained incredible powers over the sands, in addition to his abilities at necromancy. His entire quest was for power, personal power, and he only joined the rest of the party because he couln't rule a kingdom if the entire world was destroyed.
Familiar: Partway through the campaign, Silnath gained a familiar; a pseudodragon named Marelthrinx, who had aspirations to power that matched his. Marel kept himself a secret as long as he could, but after being discovered, used his telepathic abilities to aid the party in communications quite effectively.
Secondary Characters
Abduhl Malik, male human favored soul of Set
Alice Culling, female human cleric of Farlanghn/divine oracle
Chishi Nagati, female human ninja/ronin
Dokeh’Gawantu, male bhuka wizard/cleric of Nerull/true necromancer; Grektholuk, male fleshstiched hawk
Lejna, female human swashbuckler
Menkaura, male marrusault ranger
My’Kha, male bhuka druid
Rhalakdrinothrox “Rhal”, male human half-blue dragon sorcerer
Sinather, male human half-brass dragon cleric of Bahamut
Veldon, CN male human cleric of Pelor/walker in the waste
Race and Gender: Human Male.
Build: Tall and slim; Veldon looks like he's beginning to become emaciated, as he advances along the path of becoming a dry lich.
Hair: Veldon has short, black hair, which is parted in the middle. He has a high forehead, once again as he is progressing to being a dry lich, and it's beginning to wear away at his physical form.
Body Art: Veldon has no body art.

Clothing: Veldon wears loose-fitting clothing, suitable for life in the hottest parts of the vast desert. He wears shin-high boots, and a grey undershirt. He also wears a black cloak with a hood.
Weapons/Armor: Veldon's weapon is the lash of the sands; normally, it's simply a handle made from dried wrapped leather strips. However, when a walker in the waste wields it, it grabs any nearby sand and forms it into a long, thin, whirling sandstorm in the shape of a whip. The lash constantly writhes as though alive, wrapping around foes when Veldon strikes them, and draining out all their moisture, leaving them a dry husk. He wears no armor.
Other Gear: Veldon has very little in other magical gear. As a member of the walkers in the waste, he has supposedly given up his devotion to his original deity so as to advance the cause of preservation through advancing the waste, but he still retains his old holy symbol of Pelor. The holy symbol was made of silver, but it is heavily scratched, tarnished, and damaged. Veldon usually hides it underneath his clothes, but in the few moments before his death, he wore it proudly on his breast.

Magic: The magic of the walkers is that of sand and desert heat. Veldon prefers spells like sandstorm, which generates a powerful cloud of whirling winds and sand, as well as various spells of desiccation and fire.
Alignment and Personality: Chaotic Neutral. Veldon is violent, easily angered, and sadistic. This is brought about in no small part from being tricked into his current lot by the organization known as the Dusty Conclave, known elsewhere as the walkers in the waste. While on the surface, he pursures the cause of spreadign the burning sands of the waste in order to preserve things forever, in his heart he always knew that nothing lasts forever.

Campaign #3: Waves of Change
Main Characters
???, LG male aventi paladin
This player is currently on vacation (in Hawai’i :smallfrown:), so her character hasn’t joined the party yet. Therefore, I don’t know anything about her.
???, female human monk/drunken master
While I forget her name, this character is hilarious. She’s a young girl (mid-twenties), dressed in simple clothes that fit in with the seafaring theme, along with a red belt (monk’s belt) tied around her waist. As a drunken master, she is constantly hammered, but she hits really hard, and is loyal (enough) to the crew. After borrowing the ship of a tavern-owner whose daughter was stolen by Kuo-toa, she wandered on deck, wondering why we were out to sea. Apparently, she had been living on the ship for a while, and was passed out drunk in the hold when we set sail. So she’s stuck with us…
Aria, female half-nymph bard
While we don’t know where she comes from, Aria is a top-tier singer with an enchanting voice. Her clothing is reminiscent of the classic tavern wench, with a pirate-y twist. She has inherited all of the nymph-ly beauty of her mother (complete with pointy ears).
Grath, male hadozee rogue
Grath is as jovial as all hadozee. He wears only simple clothing, so as not to interfere with his ability to glide, and he wields a dagger in each hand.
Groh Dawntreader, male hadozee (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/storm_gallery/90716.jpg) ranger
Race and Gender: Hadozee (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/storm_gallery/90716.jpg) Male.
Build: Groh is about average for a hadozee: he is 6 fet tall, but he appears a little shorter because of his stooped posture. He weighs nearly 250 pounds; he is very muscular.
Hair: Groh is covered in medium brown hair, with silver streaks in some places around his head, almost as if he's going grey (he's still too young for that, but that's what it looks like).
Body Art: Groh wears his silver ring of protection as an earring in his right ear.

Clothing: Unlike most hadozee, Groh wears a fair amount of clothing. He has sharkskin armor, over which he wears a fancy captain's coat. He also has a large bicorn hat that is fit for a captain to wear (meaning it's really fancy). He wears a pair of delicate gloves of dexterity, with the last phalanges of the fingers cut out.
Weapons/Armor: As said before, he wears sharkskin armor, which is simliar to leather armor, but it has shark teeth sticking out at certain points that work like armor spikes. Groh dual-wields light crossbows, and has a quiver with bolts hanging on each hip, in such a way that they don't interfere with his ability to glide.
Other Gear: Groh has all the accoutriments that the captain of a sailing vessel should have. Most of these things are left in the ship's chart room, but some of the most important things, like the spyglass, he carries with him.
Perhaps the most expensive piece of equipment he owns is his ship, the Battleaxe. We defeated its original pirate crew, and cap'n Groh claimed it for himself. The battleaxe is a small, fast ship: it has two masts; for those with the Stormwrack book, it's the ship design called a 'brig.'

Magic: Groh doesn't use the magic that he has developed as a ranger. It is uncertain even to his player whether he even realizes that he can.
Alignment and Personality: Lawful Neutral. Groh is silly and fun-loving, but he cares deeply for his ship and his crew, and is willing to die to protect them. Of course, he's not above playing tricks on them, such as dropping coconuts on Oogrooq as we were hacking through a jungle. When not in any dire circumstances, he does whatever he feels like will be the most fun at the moment.
Animal Companion: Groh has bonded with a dolphin whom he has named Flipper. Flipper doesn't do much, but he follows our ship around, and Groh (and most of the other crew) consider him good luck.
Ixialthack, male half-merrow fighter
Ix, as he’s called for short, is a hulking half-aquatic ogre with a voracious appetite, and the master-at-arms and boatswain for our little crew. As a half-merrow, his hair is long, stringy, and unkempt, and his complexion has a sea-green tinge to it. With the exception of humans and ogres, he’ll eat anything. In the first session, he ate a drow assassin that was sent after us and he captured. While this habit is disgusting, Ix only eats sentient creatures that have tried to harm him. He’s not evil, simply incredibly mercenary. He wields a weapon called a shark-toothed staff. IT’s from the book Savage Species; I’ll try to find a picture, as it’s not a common weapon.
Lucius, male human druid/storm lord
The first mate of our vessel, Lucious is an oddity. If he’s not in the old age category ,he’s at least close to it. Lucius is a devoted follower to the storm god, and his goal in life is to receive his deity’s blessing. This blessing boils down to nothing more or less than getting struck by lightning; whenever Lucius is struck, he gains a random supernatural ability (some quite powerful, others less so), but loses the power he gained from last being struck. Being repeatedly struck by lightning has, unfortunately, degraded his intellect, and Lucius is quite forgetful and absent-minded. He has a magical quiver on his back that stores a dozen javelins, and he’s quite proficient with them. Needless to say, his favorite druid spell is call lightning.

Commonly found sitting on his shoulder is Bob, an albatross. Lucius’s current power from being struck by lightning is the ability to speak with animals as a constant ability, so he often talks to Bob. Bob apparently talks back. Bob is trained to retrieve any throw javelins that Lucius has lost, should Lucius ask him to.
Oogrooq Shark-Slayer, N male darfellan ranger/leviathan hunter
Oogrooq has made his life’s goal to make the deeps safe for his dwindling kind by destroying the giant, evil creatures that inhabit the deeps. He wears minimal clothing, mostly just trousers, with the exception of his hats: Oogrooq has a case of soverign gle, and has glued a fancy tricorn hat to his head. In addition, whenever he defeats an opponent that also has a fancy hat, he glues that hat on top of his, creating a hat pillar. He seems unconcerned with the problems this causes from his aquatic mobility. So far, he has collected three hats. His skin is mostly black, with only a couple white spots. Like all darfellan, he is hairless. He wields a pair of harpoons, both with their lead-ropes tied around his waist, as well as a back-up cutlass.

He has a sea snake companion named Satu, who is banded with black and white stripes. Satu is about four feet long, and is typically found wrapped around Oogrooq’s arm, and strikes at enemies from there.
Seela of Brinton, NG female human sorcerer/sea witch
Race and Gender: Human female. Seela is about 16 to 17 years old.
Build: Seela has an average/athletic build. She fairly pretty, but a year on ships is beginning to weather her face.
Hair: Seela's hair is light brown. She wears it short in the back, so that it doesn't get in the way while she's on a ship.
Body Art: Seela has no body art.
Other Markings: Seela has no other noticeable markings.

Clothing: Seela wears simple sailor's clothes, with breeches, not a skirt. She's not worried about enhancing her beauty with clothes, but she looks pretty enough without it.
Weapons/Armor: Seela's main weapon is a finely crafted (masterwork) but old and well-used javelin.
She doesn't wear any armor.
Other Gear: Seela wears a headband made of fine gold links (a circlet of persuasion), as well as a finely woven grey cloak (cloak of resistance). She has a masterwork lute, which she is skilled with playing, as well as singing. She carries all her other gear necessary for survival in a bag that she carries on her left side, with the strap over her right shoulder.

Magic: Seela's sorcerous powers come from the demon-prince Dagon, and is the power of the sea: waves, storms, and electricity. She's a very unskilled caster: she often mis-casts spells, creating odd (and often damgerous) side effects. She also accidentally casts spells when she becomes too emotionally unstable.
Alignment and Personality: Neutral Good. Seela is a good person at heart, but the evil magic that flows through her veins in extremely trying on her psyche. She loves music, and plays and sings whenever she has an opportunity.
Familiar: Seela didn't want a familiar, but that didn't stop her from getting one. Rarn is a fiendish tiger shark. His stripes are a deep blood-red, and he looks every bit of the fiendish creature. Rarn knows much more about magic and the bond between master and familiar than Seela does, and he uses this against her: he has convicned her that if he dies, she dies, and constantly uses the empathic link they share in order to barrage her with his cold, malicious emotions, slowly driving her mad.

Otherworld Odd
2011-05-30, 04:14 AM
I'm just judging off the first campaign but that's a lot of main characters to draw out and fit even with landscape. If you want a good detailed drawing you may consider narrowing that down just a bit. How big is your group? Perhaps one character per person?

2011-05-30, 04:24 AM
I'm just judging off the first campaign but that's a lot of main characters to draw out and fit even with landscape. If you want a good detailed drawing you may consider narrowing that down just a bit. How big is your group? Perhaps one character per person?

That is one character per person--our group has nine players and the DM. And yes, I am aware that that is quite a lot, which makes things difficult, but I just thought I'd see what might happen.

The second party is actually smaller, as a couple people had to sit out the last quarter. Not by much, though ...

Otherworld Odd
2011-05-30, 04:30 AM
That is one character per person--our group has nine players and the DM. And yes, I am aware that that is quite a lot, which makes things difficult, but I just thought I'd see what might happen.

The second party is actually smaller, as a couple people had to sit out the last quarter. Not by much, though ...

Oh wow, that's a large group. O_o;. Sorry, I was under the impression it was multiple characters, perhaps if someone died and remade a character. I wasn't trying to be rude or upset you.

2011-05-30, 04:47 AM
Oh wow, that's a large group. O_o;. Sorry, I was under the impression it was multiple characters, perhaps if someone died and remade a character. I wasn't trying to be rude or upset you.

I know, no apology necessary :smallsmile: I'm just tired, but I can't go to bed yet, and my grouchiness must be coming through in my posts.

2011-05-30, 08:55 AM
I love "family portrait" pics of gaming groups. My old gaming group from college had one made and we each got a copy, and to this day I still get a bit giddy every time I see it. Ah, memories...

2011-05-30, 06:08 PM
I'd definitely be willing to try one or more of them, though I know there are people around here who are a lot better than I am, and you'd probably be better off with them (particularly if you want colour - I'm not very good at that).

I am used to drawing large groups of characters, at least. :smalltongue:

Otherworld Odd
2011-05-30, 08:10 PM
I may draw some as well if there's going to be some vivid descriptions. I may or may not draw them as a group though if that's okay. Perhaps just the ones I'm interested in and you could pass them out to your group as gifts? If I do more than one I'll try to keep the same light source and attempt to composite them into the same frame though.

2011-05-30, 11:15 PM
Thanks, guys! Your help is really appreciated!

Flame of Anor
2011-05-30, 11:15 PM
You could post in "I will draw your D&d character". There's a substantial queue, but the artist is great.

2011-06-05, 03:47 AM
So, most of the other players are currently writing up their character descriptions, so it'll be another week for most of them. I've got four fully done: my three characters (Mensharr, Wushi, and Seela) and one from the second campaign, Veldon.

That's basically the formal that I'm going to use for all of them: if you need/would like more information, or would like to know more about their backstories and such, just let me know.

2011-06-05, 11:56 AM
If you have any specifics about the poses and/or scenes you'd like them to be in, that would be helpful (to me at least) - but otherwise it looks like there's plenty of description there.

2011-06-05, 05:42 PM
If you have any specifics about the poses and/or scenes you'd like them to be in, that would be helpful (to me at least) - but otherwise it looks like there's plenty of description there.

I leave it up to you: I'm a writer, not an artist, so you're likely to have a better feel for that. The only character who I know has an iconic pose is Mensharr--he fights while holding the brim of his hat so it doesn't fall off, and to activate or deactive it (it's a hat of disguise that makes him look like a gnome, so he can better get along in humanoid societies) he needs to pull on the brim.

As for scenes, if you want to do a fight scene, say so, and I'll provide you with whatever you need. If you want to do the character(s) just standing around looking awesome, feel free to do that, too.

2011-06-19, 03:01 PM
So, it took a bit longer than expected, but I finally got descriptions from most of the other players. I'll be putting them up as time permits.