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2011-05-30, 11:12 AM
Hello, I'm writing up this really big castle in the Plane of Fire, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to draw me up a picture of it.

Black stone, with a sheen to it (thin obsidian coating on basalt)

Circular outer wall, on top of a huge black stone in a ocean of fire and lava.

Central structure takes up 1/4 of the diameter, is circular and has a tower(tower is not the whole thing, starts out at half the width of the structure, thins to a fifth) that extends thrice the height of the walls, which should be depicted as rather tall.

Off-center dome has a diameter that takes up half the distance between the central building and the wall. It is spaced so that 25% of the remaining radius is between the central building and the dome, and 75% is between the dome and the wall. Height is equal to the walls.

Those are the really important structures, I'm not particularly picky about the rest, but there should be a minimum of courtyard space. The Dome is isolated from all the other structures, but the rest should be interconnected. There is no gate, bridge, or other welcoming structures. The only way in is if you're invited.

I hope someone accepts this challenge, but I realize it's a bit much.

2011-05-30, 12:07 PM
Various similar pieces I can find on Devian Tart - even if none are exactly what you're after, you could point out any bits that work:

2011-05-30, 12:53 PM
Ah, thanks a bundle! I'd still like a custom picture if anyone's willing, but I think one of those will suffice. I'm thinking... the 8th one fits it the best.

Edit: To elaborate, the surrounding terrain fits best. The castle in my head is more of a huge, city-sized structure, with a ridiculous amount of unused space because the architect was ambitious.... wait a tic, it being just the central building, the wall, and the dome would kind of fit, given the story...