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2011-06-05, 08:26 AM
Multiweapon fighting works the same in 3.5 and Pathfinder

So with the summoner in Pathfinder, an Eidolon can be upgraded to have a huge number of hands. I was thinking about taking multi-weapon fighting and giving it a buncha greatswords. So my questions are:

1. With say, six arms and three greatswords, what strength bonus is added to each of them, one half, whole, or whole and a half?

2. Is it possible to receive fewer penalties by using light weapons, and is this worth it?

2011-06-05, 08:52 AM
The way I understand it with multiweapon fighting, you have 1 primary attack and the rest is secondary. Primary gets 1x STR, secondaries get x STR. 1x STR with double slice(check with GM for prerequisites).


1) whole on primary, half on secondaries

2) light weapons: yes
- 3 greatswords = 6d6 + 2x STR(3x with double slice)
- 6 shortswords = 6d6 + 3.5x STR(6x with double slice) AND +2 to hit*
Magic cost:
3 greatsword +2 = 3*8350 = 25050 GP
6 short swords +1 = 6*2310 = 13860 GP (calculations by head, but you get the picture)
and shortsword still has better to hit and more attacks

*assuming the same rules which apply to two weapon fighting

EDIT: check this great guide(especially the Kali eidolon build)

2011-06-05, 09:11 AM
Where's the Kali? I can't find it anywhere

Edit: Nvm, found it. Thanks!