View Full Version : I got an idea for a game.

Lord Raziere
2011-06-06, 08:45 AM
and it can work with anything.

Basically I call it Roleplaying The Abridged Series where you take a normal game of whatever you are going to play and instead start acting like an abridged series character, making jokes, pointing out the bad plot and flaws of everything around you.

what do you think of this idea?

2011-06-06, 09:10 AM
Sure, sounds trendy.

2011-06-06, 09:55 AM
Isn't that just putting a name to what people already do?:smallwink:

2011-06-06, 10:01 AM
I think it would be better if you played out both games, the serious game and then the abridged game.

See what explanations for actions appear. You could have the play time in a session between the two games and then see how the flow of the game changes.

Play out the same encounter but with vastly different perspective.

Would certainly be different, would be a load of work too.

2011-06-06, 01:31 PM
Isn't that just putting a name to what people already do?:smallwink:

+1. When I'm buzzed or half my friends...they already do this :P

2011-06-06, 02:15 PM
yeah, this sounds like the SOP for most RPGs.

PCs meander about, suddenly: stuff happens, Players (whether involved in the stuff or not) give color commentary as GM tries to not go insane as we burn down his campaign world, lulz are had all around.

2011-06-06, 08:03 PM
In my experience players do lots of this already.