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Dalek Zek
2011-06-11, 05:49 AM

Medium fey (forest dweller)
HD : 9d8-18 (27HP)
Initiative: -2
Speed : 30 ft (6 squares)
Armour class : 8 (-2 dex)
Base attack/grapple : +4/+1
Attack: punch +1 1d3-3
Full attack: +1 1d3-3
Space/reach: 5ft/5ft
Special attacks: none
Special qualities: spell-like abilities, low light vision, wild empathy
Saves: fort +1, ref+1, will+12
Abilities: str 4, dex 6, con 6, int 10, wis 22, cha 18
Skills: heal +23, handle animal +16, profession(herbalist) +18, hide +10 (+14 in forest)*
Feats: run (B); spell focus conjuration; augment summoning; skill focus heal.
Environment : tempered forest
organization : solitary
Cr: ?
Treasure: none
Alignment: usually neutral
Level adjustment : -
*Sylven get a +4 racial bonus to hide in forest

Sylven rarely fight, they use tree stride to flee as soon there could be danger. They will go heal every living thing in the forest , even those who would harm it.

Spell-like abilities :
at will: cure minor wounds (dc 17), pass without trace (dc16), speak with animals* , tree stride, entangle (dc16), sanctuary (dc16), death watch;
3/day: cure serious wounds (dc18), summon monster 3, summon natures ally 3, remove disease (18), neutralize poison (dc18), speak with plants*, commune with nature;
1/day heal, summon monster 5, summon natures ally 6, restoration, liveoak, stone tell*, transport via plants. The save DCs are wisdom based.
*Sylven can only commune with wild animals and plants and natural stone.

Dalek Zek
2011-06-12, 09:53 AM
I was told that pleople could shapechange into a Sylven to get the spell like abilities. Is there a way to prevend this?

2011-06-12, 11:45 AM
I was told that pleople could shapechange into a Sylven to get the spell like abilities. Is there a way to prevend this?

Not without changing the Shapechange spell, no.

Dalek Zek
2011-06-12, 03:45 PM
Not without changing the Shapechange spell, no.

Not even if I give it a define rank 0?

2011-06-12, 04:19 PM
Sorry, beg your pardon, I was just believing some of the RAW-liers on this site. I'd not actually read the spell before...

You DON'T gain Spell-like abilities, according to the SRD, just Supernatural abilities, which these aren't.

It doesn't say anything, anywhere about whether you can adopt forms with divine rank, though you have to both be familiar [i.e. have encountered] the thing and have a CL equal to or greater than its HD, ruling out most divine things.

Another interesting note is that shapechanging into a demigod is mostly pointless anyway, as Salient Divine Abilities are their own class of ability, not supernatural abilities and thus can't be copied. Aside from Alter Form, which is Shapechange anyway...