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2011-06-14, 03:24 PM
I don't know what to think about any of this. :I
I read too many webcomics or something because I keep wanting to make my own, even though my art and writing skills make me shudder. :smallannoyed:
Michael teases Aaron constantly, who denies any feelings for Michael. Grace loves fanfiction, anime, whatnot and her twin Gabriel likes to play video games. SIMPLE, RIGHT?
I'm not that happy with Grace. I have this feeling that anyone who actually likes anime and fanfiction would be offended or think it's not accurate.
Grace wishes Gabriel was gay. :I
Oh my god I made Drew and Roxanne's heads so BIG compared to the rest of them. Drew and Alex are dating blah blah blah I don't have much for Roxanne other than her love for fairies. That one guy with the hard to spell name influenced a lot of the ealier images of her. (Funny thing, she's the first one I drew and she's the one I don't have much of a personality for.)
Since I actually have more stuff for Drew and Alex, I GUESS i'll talk slightly more about them. Even though I feel wierd about it. :smallannoyed: Drew is supposed to be the cool guy in public, but when he's alone with alex he's really sweet. Alex is shy and meek but he has a lot of strong opinions about things. He has that hair because I want that hair.
GOD THOSE HEADS ARE BIG. Look at those things.
I'm glad the text is almost unreadable. :smallredface: It's all stupid and noone but me would understand any of it because this whole situation was in my head and I only drew this instead of like pages of comics.
I always put too much crap in the foreground and then the background is pathetic and it ends up looking really bad. Drew is leaning on a bean bag chair and he has a controler in his hands, by the way. If his neck was smaller it would be easier to see.
The only line of text i'm not totally ashamed of is "Grace, don't let Roxanne stab you like that."
Er, Gabriel and Alex are supposed to be wearing socks.
I read fanfiction all night and then sometime early in the morning I came up with this.
I messed up on the big head's chin.
Meh. I wish I could erase that huge black line on the pink haired girl's face.
I'm surprised I only made 1 and a half of the characters gay, actually.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love sharpie?

2011-06-14, 04:05 PM
Is that cheekmouth i spot there? :smallwink:

2011-06-14, 04:11 PM
Ofcourse not, it's a trick of the light. Solar flares... A hot air balloon...