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2011-06-15, 01:33 PM
Alright! I'm already working on the underlying maths (I plan to have a mix of FATE 2e and your system, with 4 main underlying statistics, with 4 dice spread between them (1d6-1, 1d6, 1d6, and 1d6+1). Essentially, you roll as with FATE, but you alter the die up or down depending on which is your strong statistic (1d4-1d6-1d6-d8 resulted in too much variance). In essence, let's take Dr. Thomas White from above; if he tried to do something related to machismo, he would roll 4d6, and subtract 1 from the amount shown on each die, and calculate his fate +/- based off of that.

I'll be keeping Steam and Pipes (with suitably altered names, of course), using them to replace Fate points. Gimmicks in your system will be replaced with Aspects (or whatever they are called in FATE), and the skill pyramid concept.

The culture/profession creation method would, in essence, be the same as chargen in FATE (because I love it so), but with a predetermined range of Aspects and Skills (however, you do get to pick others beyond the small amount that are forced onto you, so you will be able to customize your character quite well.)

Burns will be used as a way to move up and down the scale. For example, if you are Mediocre at Fisticuffs, and someone bashes you in the arm, your Fisticuffin' ability drops down to Poor.

So, in essence, I'm not using your system as-is. However, you will definitely get a lot of the essence of your system coming through (for one thing, Burns are far more elegant than that table of scaling MoS that you need for combat/skill checks, and Steam is much, much more elegant (and awesome) than Fate Points.)

Anyway, kudos on the great system. My obsessive tweaking will pervert it into forms that no man has ever seen the like of before! (Or something.)

Anyway, to understand these changes/suggestions, take out your copy of Fate 2e and Tales of Bohemian Metal. Mix them up like the above. How would this affect the maths?

2011-06-15, 02:10 PM
For clarification folks, he's got this thing (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=202166), and wants crossbreed it with one of these (http://www.faterpg.com/2011/the-core-of-fate-core/) to make this thing (http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?390518-Game-Create-a-Game-Through-Spoilers) with it.

On to my critique...
For one thing, players couldn't use FUDGE dice anymore. I also worry that the extra calculation time might slow the game down a little. The beauty of the 4dFUDGE is the bell-curve favoring Zero, thus allowing the game to operate as a dice-less system in disguise. Maybe you could have it like the bog standard Attribute+Skill set up?

I assume you'll have a result of 1 or 0 be the target number? Modded solely by Burns? Part of the point of the mechanic I created in the first place was to allow instant feed back to the player on their result. The GM asks you if the roll was enough rather then the other way around.

Accessories=Stunts you can gain and lose from moment to moment.

Give any thought to how Skills will be bought? +2 for expending a Stunt slot and +1 for every slot spend there after? Keeping or ditching the pyramid?

Sounds like you'll have Personal Burns work more or less as Condition Aspects do now, but without the stress track to get in the way and no limit on number and variety you may suffer from?

At the end of the day a Steam point is just a Fate point that can only reduce a penalty or grant a re-roll but doesn't need narrative authority to do so.

2011-06-15, 03:57 PM
Well, I'm aware that it would slow the game a bit. My suggestion is that you take 12 dice, and cover over the numbers with +s, 0s, and -s, equal to the amount necessary. Bam, modded Fate dice.

What I meant to happen is that the probabilities are shifted up/down, depending on what dice you use. For example, a +4 from a d6-1 is about a .3% chance, while the same +4 from the d6+1 is about a 2%.

The idea I'm having is that you're rolling against how well you want to do, for any unopposed rolls. For example, how gracefully do you want to climb that wall? You want to bound up it like a monkey? Alright, jack up the target from Mediocre to Excellent, for example.

Of course, for opposed rolls you're just trying to get higher on the fate "ladder" than your opponent.

Burns will, instead of forcing rerolls, will lower your own ranks in an Aspect (for example, in the above example with the wall, that Excellent just got a bit harder to achieve.) You'll get a burn by failing a roll (?static?) or if an opponent surpasses you (opposed.)

A concept I'm thinking of adding is the concept of a scalar, or a special color burn, that is used to represent the size of a group. So, for example, you might be facing a group with Scalar 2. If you are Scalar 0, you have a Color Burn of 2 when opposed to them; If you have Scalar 4, they have a Color Burn of 2 vs. you. This allows for entire armies or cultures to be represented by a character, rather than needing to add entirely new rulesets.

Hey, who doesn't want to, through excessive luck and judicious Steam usage, manipulate a culture into declaring war on the BBEG?