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2011-06-16, 12:59 PM
So to give my first attempt at DMing i decided to try some new things for fun and run Red Hand of Doom, so far it has been going pretty good. (atleast i think so i will leave my players to judge)

the first thing that i did that was out of standard was i allowed blood lines from unearthed arcane. i gave everyone a major blood line for their first char (i realise there will be pc deaths before the end) next char's have to role random

what i changed with how blood lines worked is that i told everyone that if they took the free blood line they had to use a back story and role play their char. (im encouraging the role play in this campaign alot of our past campaigns have been hack and slash) as long as they did that they wouldnt have to put in any levels to their bloodline it would be free bonus

so far within we have had few crazy encounters which have made me feel successful as a dm nothing like when putting the pcs in a crazy position (mostly do to their own fault) and having people who laughing and yelling at each other.

so before assualting a important position to the campaign the group decides to camp, well one the players built a tent out of "spider bars" (i think it was called oh the irony) well this tent of many bars he made only had one entrance, in order to make it more "defensible". the only problem is they set camp under the webs of 3 large monstrous spiders and a ettercap.

the encounter started with when the horses started to become up set (at this point the spiders where creepingup on them) so the one player who was on guard blew his rape whistle (yes it was specificaly called a silver rape whistle) which woke up the party,as the group started to attempt to get out of the single exit one person (ranger) managed to get out of the entrance in time and attack the mobs, the etter cap seeing the damage to the spider that the ranger attacked decided to web the the person who blew the whistle (just standing next to the entrance of the tent) so now the duskblade and the entrance of the tent are covered in webs (trapping everyone else inside)

when it came round the warmages turn he used a fire aoe spell to get the spiders. coincedentaly setting the webs on the tree above them aflame and dealing massave damage to 2 of the spiders and killing 1 on the mobs turn the 2 fled from the fight and etter cap was engaged with the ranger and stayed to fight. soon the ranger realised the threat to his tent as the flames spread from the webs in the tree to the branches over his tent the only problem at this point was his defendable tent just became the burning death pit for the rest of the party. luckily our dusk blade had a whip and dimension hop that aloud him to pull himself out of the web and another party member.the rest of the group inside decided to to untie the tarp from the cage and (it soon become known as a cage not a tent anymore) and lift up the cage and run with it (only weighing 30 ibs or so) leaving the tarp to burn attached to spider webs. but form now on when ever the ranger/scout suggests building a tent our planar ranger starts screaming "never again ! NEVER AGAIN!!!"

anythoughts for handling rhd please feel free to private message me or post warning i found this forum thanks to my players and i know they read sorta waiting for their input to correct me and explain in better detail their side of this encounter.

2011-06-16, 01:43 PM
I love the spider event.

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2011-06-16, 02:01 PM
the resulting laughter and screaming from this event made my day and gave me a sense of accomplishment. i enjoy these types of situation where people are annoyed but laughing at the situation they have gotten themselves into.

2011-06-16, 02:19 PM
this campaign i have been delaying the day count to make some more room for minor side quests like in included a pack of werewolves who had been terrorizing drellins ferry 3 nights a month (full moon) i have been working extra stuff in for players who have given me a background, such as the ranger/scout (the owner of the cage) he has a major vampire blood line and he is constantly hunting were wolves do to the guild that he is part of the silver flame i believe (aka Team edward) the group failed to win over the the speaker and the guard when they arrived so i gave them this side quest to improve their relations and to give the scout/ranger something to play off of for his backstory.

i have been having some fun encouraging the parties roleplay amongst each other, we have on player who is gathering devil's weed and selling it to another member of the party who happens to be addicted. this has proved to be very enteresting and fun.