View Full Version : (PF) Items to burrow through stone?

2011-06-19, 09:59 PM
Hey guys, here pretty much the thread title is the question. I'm currently playing a Synthesist Summoner in a Pathfinder game (with very little 3.5 on exception basis) and I'm looking for items that would allow me to burrow through stone.

I know there is the burrow evolution, but it doesn't specify stone, and I would rather have some sort of item that would allow me to do that. I don't have any feats for it, so I'm pretty much looking for items.

So TLDR: Any items in pathfinder (or maybe 3.5) that would allow something to burrow through stone?

Update: Oh and I want to stay true to my summoner class, so I'm not looking for any classes either, just items.

2011-06-19, 10:25 PM
An adamantine dagger.

2011-06-20, 04:01 AM
In 3.5, I'd summon a thoqqua (Summon Nature's Ally III), which would be much faster than using an adamantine tool. Sorry that it's not a PF answer.

2011-06-20, 09:28 AM
You could get a wand of Burrow. It only gives a 5ft speed through stone, but lasts for 1 minute/level.