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2011-06-20, 02:07 PM
Latly me and a friend have been looking at doing a campain with only 2 pc's. Now i know that groups of 2 can be difficult due to the lack of specialist avalible to sidable traps be a meat shild and a glass cannon. However as she is playing a rogue i was looking at making a cleric now i just cant fogureout how the best way how to optamize the hell out of him. I was looking at going negative energy gnome and focus on being somewhat like a meat shild and using my channel as a aoe for times then the cannon fooder is overweming us. The only porblem i see with this is that i cant heal if i use negative energy (we are using a mix of pathfinder and D&D 3.5 content but most is from pathdinder) and i was woudering if it would be better to make the Cleric a possive energy to heal. Any Help/input on whats the best way to go in this situation woudl be greatly apriciated. On a side not we will be using a 32 point buy system and will start at level 5.

2011-06-20, 02:11 PM
I believe Tomb Tainted Soul allows you to heal from negative energy.
Or you could both play necropolitans.

2011-06-20, 02:21 PM
sorry i forgot to mention we are using motly core 3.5 dnd and pathfinder with the exception of races of the wild, races of stone, complete adventurer, and complete worrior.

Big Fau
2011-06-20, 02:29 PM
Don't bother using spells to heal. It isn't efficient, even in Pathfinder (especially considering Paizo likely didn't adjust the healing spells anywhere near what they needed to). Use Wands and Staves (not potions or scrolls, those suck too hard).

2011-06-20, 02:51 PM
ok so the only thing i need help with then is how to optamize the hell out of a negative energy cleric (with out going for controling massive armys of undead) tring to keep track of 20-30 minions attack turns can get greating. also plz remmber we do get a 32 point by and start at level 5.

2011-06-21, 03:52 AM
With a cleric there are so many ways to go:


I think you should flesh out your idea a little more.