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2011-06-21, 06:44 PM
This a little idea that I had due to all of my Bloodlines recently. Or that one which is actually like twelve (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=203394). The concept is pretty simple: What happens when you have more than one bloodline? Well? Do they simply stack, causing you to forfeit two levels when you would forfeit one? Naw, that doesn't sound right. Well here's my attempt at a solution. Though a bit odd, it allows for all sorts of interesting characters. Like one with Intermediate Celestial and Demonic Bloodlines.

It's not terribly complicated. You simply alternate between a number of Bloodlines. These Bloodlines are denoted as Bloodlines A, B, C and D.


Not everyone can have a clean bloodline. Some people can trace their ancestries back to supernatural entities. These individuals still benefit from this heritage. Then there are the people who have more than one such entity in their family tree. Then things start getting... weird. "Oh yeah, my father was a vampire, mother was a half-dragon. Long story."

Two Minor (Intermediate)
One Intermediate, Two Minor (Major)
Two Intermediate (Major)
Four Minor (Major)1 Skill A1 +2 Skill A1 +2 Skill A1 +22 Skill A1 +2 Skill B1 +2 Skill B1 +2 Skill B1 +23 Special A1 Special A1 Skill C1 +24 Skill B1 +2 Skill C1 +2 Special A2 Skill D1 +25 Ability A1 +1 Ability A1 +1 Special A16 Special A1 Special B1 Ability B1 +1 Special B17 Special A2 Special A2 Special C18 Special B1 Special C1 Special B2 Special D19 Affinity A +2 Affinity A +2 Ability A1 +110 Ability A1 +1 Ability B1 +1 Affinity B +2 Ability B1 +111 Special A3 Special A3 Ability C1 +112 Ability B1 +1 Ability C1 +1 Special B3 Ability D1 +113 Skill A2 +2 Skill A2 +2 Special A214 Special A2 Special B2 Skill B2 +2 Special B215 Special A4 Special A4 Special C216 Special B2 Special C2 Special B4 Special D217 Ability A2 +1 Ability A2 +1 Affinity A +218 Affinity A +2 Affinity B +2 Ability B2 +1 Affinity B +219 Special A5 Special A5 Affinity C +220 Affinity B +2 Affinity C +2 Special B5 Affinity D +2

This may appear a bit daunting. And it also may be easier to put it like this:

{table=head] Bloodlines Involved | Order
2 Minor | A,B,A,B
1 Intermediate, 2 Minor | A,B,A,C
2 Intermediate | A,B,A,B
4 Minor | A,B,C,D

I really haven't made anything here. This is just a way to put existing bloodlines together.

Special Notes:

When Hero-Born (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=203394) is used more than once in a Mudblood, Destined may either stack or be ignored at the player's choice. The latter means that only Class Specials count as Specials for the purpose of Mudblood. And it means more lineage differentiation.
The Divine Power points of the Half-Bloods (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=192154) stack.
The Breath Weapons of Dragon Descendants with multiple Descendant bloodlines can be used simultaneously, but require separate saves. If only one is used, the Descendant must still wait the full cooldown period before using one or both again.
Any time a character would get the same scaling ability from two or more bloodlines (Common when you have the same bloodline twice, but with different lineages) the abilities stack. So for example, an individual with two Intermediate Dragon Descendant bloodlines that have Fire Breath Weapons which are cones would use their full character level (1/2 level + 1/2 level) for determining the damage and DC of the breath weapon as well as the amount of Fire Resistance that they possess. The Con on the other hand is not added twice as it does not scale based on bloodline strength.
Affinity bonuses stack if multiple apply.

Yes, I realize that leveling up through these can be kind of odd. Especially Four Minor. This is because you get the Skills together, then specials together, abilities together, specials again, followed by the affinities. However, I think this is actually quite interesting. I can imagine a character who's the descendent of a whole menagerie of creatures being absolutely dumbfounded when he has these odd bursts of growth.

My primary concern is when multiple bloodlines that are very similar are used. I was trying to make an example just a second ago, and realized that a Vampire/Black Dragon bloodline would get +2 to Strength. However, I do not see an easy way for this to be avoided.

Anyways, that's it for this. Primarily meant to go with my odd bloodlines. And if anyone tries to nest Mudblood inside of Mudblood, I will strangle them with their yo dawg.

2011-06-22, 11:32 AM
This is an awesome idea! I never thought of multiple bloodlines before but this actually works!

2011-06-22, 02:32 PM
This is an awesome idea! I never thought of multiple bloodlines before but this actually works!

Hoorah! Someone not only understood it, but enjoyed it!

2011-07-30, 12:50 AM
So, I made a Mudblood integrating Mudblood four times. It was... impressive.

I really like these rules, and I may need to talk with a DM about making a certain character. =3

2011-07-30, 09:12 AM
So, I made a Mudblood integrating Mudblood four times. It was... impressive.

I really like these rules, and I may need to talk with a DM about making a certain character. =3

Truth is if you try to nest Mudblood inside of Mudblood or try having more than four bloodlines, you just end up with a bunch of skill bonuses.

Actually, a Four Minor could make for an interesting Skill Monkey...

What, may I ask, is the character which you are hoping to create? :smallamused:

2011-07-30, 10:47 AM
Mudblood Double Dragon. (Shadow/Radiant) :smallamused:

2011-07-30, 11:42 AM
Mudblood Double Dragon. (Shadow/Radiant) :smallamused:

That should make for an interesting character. And quite an interesting backstory.

2018-11-05, 10:29 AM
I'm sorry to come along and nitpick years and years after the fact, but shouldn't the bonus at level 4 be 'Special B1' instead of 'Special A2' for the two intermediate bloodlines?