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2011-06-22, 05:57 PM
Anyone played it much?
I have a time or two, but only briefly.
I vacillate between being intrigued and disgusted by it.

The setting/rulebook leaves a bit to be desired in many ways...but the concept I like.


2011-06-22, 08:12 PM
I've only read reviews of it, as I've not been able to get my hands on a rulebook, but I want to playrun it so badly. (I just realized I don't want to play it at all. Strange.)

2011-06-24, 11:04 AM
I played it quite a lot and it is a blast. The group I played with had great chemistry and one of the best bits is you get encounters you'd be hard pressed to get in your average campaign.

We also got some great stories like we were fighting this epic bat abberation thing and we were all dying (my bard took measures to prevent dying like last time by casting iron body than he exploded we said it was shrapnel) when the one guy just thinks for a second and casts petrification on it. Boom dead.

My bard has died from time to time I made up this whole background where he was an immortal who cast stasis clone a few million times and dated back to babylonian times. He had one great moment where due to his love for hats he was given a magic one. The whole party was about to face a jabberwock and we saw glass domes containing weapons based off our personalities. The necromancer got a vorpal ritual dagger, the troll some kind of staff (he was a genius troll named Dunlap who was forced by law to act stupid for the cameras). The bard he was given a vorpal straw hat. No one else used their weapons I kept my hat. Later on we fought a adamantine golem, my iron golem could do nothing to him and my magic did nothing so when he was thoroughly beaten down I just threw my hat at it just do do something. It had a dr of 15 I did sixteen damage with my hat.

The straw hat dinged off the massive golem and than it fell, the whole group started laughing while in game everyone was stunned just looked at the bard.Everyone went silent and the bard just raised his arms in the air and went "woo". Than we pushed the golem off the edge of a platfom because we needed to kill it.

So yeah Xcrawl is fun if you guys play a game on the forums bring me along.

2011-08-04, 04:46 PM
With the right mindset, Xcrawl can be a riot (in a good way). Speaking as the person who ends up running the crawls foir my group, I do think it's most fun in small doses and I agree that some of the rules leave a lot to be desired (the fame awards in-crawl are a bit too generous as written).