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2011-07-01, 11:39 AM
I'm DMing a group of 4e players. They worship Vecna, Cyric and Hoar. I allow all the pantheons to mix, using a sort of hybrid of all the settings. I think all I need is more info on Hoar, but I'll give the entire situation anyway. I'm open to opinions.

They're in the heart of a pregnant comatose earth primordial, who's been comatose since the Dawn War. It's pregnant with a half-primordial, half-god that it got pregnant with during the Dawn War. There's a cracked orb in the heart. They know they have at least the following options (more if they think of more):
1 Use orb to defeat incoming encounter - Either the primordial or it's child dies (They can choose).
2 Fight the incoming encounter. If they defend the orb well enough, they can still use it.
a Find a way to heal the crack in the orb - Primordial returns to life. Child is born.
b Take the orb - Both the primordial and it's child die. (Questgiver has said they want the item, but didn't know what it was when they said this.)
c Use the orb to cause the child to complete development and get born. Mother dies. Then take the orb.
d Use the orb to heal the primordial so she returns to life. Child dies.
e Leave, try to find an undeath ritual of some sort. Return and try to use it on the primordial and/or it's child.

I'm not that familiar with the gods... I've looked up what info I could, and am solving for these three gods opinions on each of these actions.

What I think based on what I've read:

Vecna: e is the best option. A powerful undead mountain? That's great.
c - Well, Children are fairly impressionable. Perhaps it can be of some use.
b - Taking a powerful artifact for use by his own followers? That's pretty good.
a/d - Meh, maybe it might take out a few other gods before it gets killed again. That's a plus, at least.

a/c/d/e - Yay! Mayhem will happen!
b - Meh

I'm really not sure... From what I can tell, Hoar's whole thing is "An eye for an eye". I can't tell whether or not Hoar would've been around during the Dawn War or not. If not, I don't see how they'd care about any of these possibilities.

So... I mostly just need a bit more info on Hoar. Unless you think my logic for the other gods opinions might be off.

The players have decided to fight the battle. Bulettes are going to enter the room momentarily and they're rolling initiative. The Changling Vampire (worships Vecna) will then fly back to the city and discuss this with the questgiver, a black dragon (head of a temple to Vecna).