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2011-07-04, 10:51 AM
ok so the setting for my group in pathfinder is a city that is a huge export for cheap but weak magical items. The idea is the city has a large number of mages and artificers who make a living selling magical trinkets.

I need some ideas for small magical items that the normal middle class person can buy, something in the area of under 100 gold.

Any ideas would be helpfull!

2011-07-04, 11:22 AM
Here are some useful threads. Note that, because they have so little game effect, almost any of the pets I designed could have a market-price of less than 100 gp.

Now, originally I was just going to search up the "Candy" thread, but it turns out I had posted the Gummy Spheres in several different threads, each of which has different items by OTHER people that might fit your bill, so I will throw them all in.

Boots of Fascination are listed at 100 GP, but I think that they need a "outside of threatening situations" clause since I am not sure if they properly inherited that from the parent spell... or maybe auto-success in threatening situations? Does the spell give that? Too lazy to look it up right now... anyway, the link: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=173917

You will have to pick through it to find ones that are low enough cost, but there are a few in the following thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=174262

And the Candy thread (no not Candyland, that is a different thread).

2011-07-04, 11:29 AM
I have one idea for you. First, take every cantrip you can imagine, and most of the "non-killer and ubber" 1st level spells (don't know, locate animal?). Imagine now a held item that is capable of doing something similar, if a little bit more limited, than this spell in question. instead of finding any kind of animal, it locates, for example, the presence of 5+ rats in a X radius for example.

All these items are made to be used by the common folk using some easy to obtain magical batteries (call them crystals, ressonators, whatever, it would be cool if they were interchangeable), because they are all charged items. You as the dm set every kind of item something around 20 charges for the level 0 and 5 charges for the level 1 spells. These items could cost something like 100 gp (still very over the head of the commons) and their batteries should cost a fraction of that (5gp?).

The you have it: There are many magical trinkets avaible, with different effects, and even a nice market on magical batteries. Maybe a greasy market on used and recharged batteries or things like that even. With that players can play with the market and use the items, however they won't be carrying this awesome technology all around the world as the greatest new thing around because they are charged, and charges are costly and hard to finde someone who can manufature them outside that city. they city could export the items and the charges, and this could even become the center of a espionage plot.

But back to the examples of limited items, from the pfsrd.

Noblewoman's Circlet: Creates tiny lights and sparks that shower over the user for a full hour. Comes in the Fey (green and looking like sprites), Angelic (golden glow that rains down), Winter Ice (glistening crystals) or Regal Warlord (swirling colors and dramatic effects).

Mother's Rest: This baby-sized bed makes the baby put in sleepy and more confortable. The baby may be awaken by anything, but once sated, he can sleep really fast.

Warlord's Zippo: There are many varieties of magical zippos, but this one in particular sports a roaring mini dragon on the flame. Used by the right warlord with the right cigar and the right momment, it gives +2 to a single intimidation check made when using the item.

Mytical Vistas Mess Kit: Made to be used for elegant tea parties, this kit not only purifies any water pt in it but also makes hot teas with it. There are five flavours currently in the kit, of five different and exotic lands. there's a variation called "Mess kit of the winter depths" that makes cold tea, but only in mint and apple flavor.

Nurse's Merthiolate: This small flask contains a powerful and very painful liquid that can kill any infection on small wounds. it's manly used on the hands and feet of works who suffer accidents. usually a community pays for the recharge so a local nurse can help everyone, but brave is the man who doesn't dread the curative liquid.

See? This kind of cute small things.

2011-07-04, 12:31 PM
some good items!!! i love it!

2011-07-04, 12:47 PM
You might want to look at the Prestidigitation spell for ideas, as it tends to have the sorts of effects that might be appropriate here.