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Lord Ruby34
2011-07-08, 12:13 AM
So yeah I need help with a BBEG, a 20th level Water Orc Warblade, likely with the paragon template or something that has him approaching "Oh ****" from a lesser deity. I need him to be able to easily, and cinematic be able to curb stomp a level six/seven party, (I.E parrying a blow and sending someone flying, sending the earth flying with his swings, rearranging terrain to suit his needs, have a chance of not one hitting them...) Be able to take on a level 15 human rouge/ranger 2 , a elven sorcerer 14, and a level 15~ Dwarf Warblade, in about ten rounds, and destroy a city wall in one swing, while still being a viable and dangerous threat at level twenty.

I know how to optimize him to be dangerous and take advantage of White Raven Tactics, but I don't know how to have him do all of the above by RAW.

Oh, and he has to be awesome, capable of all sorts of cinematic bad*** stuff. That's really the hard part.

Oh, and a preemptive thank you to anyone who tries to help.

2011-07-08, 12:24 AM
For earth-themed (and CON-draining or immobilizing or trampling) single attacks, stone dragon fits the bill. It's not the strongest of disciplines (it's among the weakest) but there are some great cinematic effects.

If you need to thwomp multiple mooks at the same time, adamantine hurricane gives 2 attacks against every foe you threaten. Manticore parry deflects an attack into an opponent, and wall of blades as the cool ability to block rays (or anything else). You get autostun maneuvers with white raven hammer (and nearly autostun with swooping dragon), cinematic leap-in-the-air-and-rip-your-throat-out maneuvers with tiger claw, and extra attacks (2 per hand!) with raging mongoose. Lightning throw lets you hurl your weapon as a melee attack, hit everyone in a line, and have it come back. Time stands still gives two consecutive full attacks in a round. Those are some of the more cinematic awesome maneuvers, IMO.

But basically, you really just need to pick three disciplines to focus on, because that's about all you'll be able to get the capstones on without taking the martial study feat to back you up.

Lord Ruby34
2011-07-08, 12:42 AM
Eh, he does have a bonus feat to work with, that he doesn't necessarily have to meet the prerequisites for, I've told my players that all boss encounters will have one.

And I'd like to avoid Stone Dragon, because aside from the mountain hammer line it sorta blows.

Oh and flaws are allowed, as is everything that doesn't use arcane magic. (We use psionics instead, with bard and any other class that was asked for using a power point progression.)

2011-07-08, 07:18 AM
Any npc with the paragon template would in theory be able to curbstomp a lv14-15 party, no tweaks needed. Nor should you normally be able to use WRT on yourself.

Also, must he be a water orc? :smallamused:

Lord Ruby34
2011-07-08, 09:39 AM
He is an orc of some kind. That is nonnegotiable. What other templates he has, well, :smallamused:.