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Gan The Grey
2011-07-08, 02:58 AM
Tonight, during my regularly scheduled E6 3.5 DnD session, my players were investigating the hideout of a group of thugs who had, just earlier that day, unsuccessfully attempted to rob them. After breaking into the backdoor of this abandoned trade shop, the PCs both circumvented and then sprang two traps before making their way upstairs. Here they found a collection of crates and bags, each chock-full of ill-gotten goods.

During the search, one of my players came across a pile of clothes. Beneath the clothes lay a well-made buckler (+1 magical). The player noticed that the clothes were covered in dark stains, but was too focused on the buckler to examine closely. As he drew the clothes out of the crate, they sprang to life, attempted to entangle him in their folds!

Raggomuffyn(MMII) - basically, an animated pile of clothes or other items. They have the ability to envelope and dominate a target. When this happens, the target gains a hefty armor bonus, construct traits, and the Str, Dex, and Wis of the Raggomuffyn. They also share damage with the creature.

My players had dealt with one of these before, and rightly feared them. One of the PCs in the group and been dominated by a similar Raggomuffyn before, and the resulting battle had left his character with a broken back (custom wounds system). He nearly lost it right there.

The Raggomuffyn turned to the 3rd level druid and took control of him within two rounds, leaving the rogue and the ranger to face off against their heavily-buffed evil companion. Both the druid and the Raggomuffyn were at low HP by this time, but the joining had increased the druid's AC to nearly unreachable levels. One lucky hit would have done them in, but a series of bad roles cost them any chance at that.

The druid, still being controlled by the player, emotionlessly struck down the rogue. It was then that the ranger realized that he would be unable to take down the creature alone, and his companion would die without his help. Dodging past the druid's scimitar, the ranger scooped up the rogue and bolted downstairs. The druid followed close behind.

Luckily, the ranger's modified movement (even while carrying the rogue) proved to be too much for the druid to keep up with, and the rogue and ranger escaped. The druid was actually not upset with this turn of events, as he has a second character ready to go, and is very interested to see where this ends up. I told him the druid might pop up from time to time, and he would be controlling him when he did. He is eagerly looking forward to it.

Anyone else have any cool stories like this? Bad things happen and the players don't seem to mind, maybe they even enjoy it?

Mark Hall
2011-07-08, 10:46 AM
Truthfully, the best stories come out of bad things. "And everything went perfect" is usually a pretty boring story.

Like once, in Shadowrun, we were supposed to be doing a distraction run... break into a warehouse, start some fires. We were told it was a transit warehouse for toys, to be given to poor children in the 3rd world. It was... if by "toys" you mean "autocannons" and by "children" you mean "conscripted troll soldiers".

Non-plussed, after tasing some of the security, we set our charges and got out of there. Sounds great, save for two things.

1) A large amount of munitions RADICALLY changes how much damage your explosives will do, especially when you're pretty much guesstimating (we had 1 point of demolitions for the 4 of us). So the boom was bigger than we expected. Being the hacker/rigger, I was a click away in an abandoned building, with a drone watching over me. The rest of the party was fortunate to wind up in the troll's blast shadow and only MOST die.

2) Military grade autocannons have this neat kind of ammo. It's called "depleted uranium", and it's used because it's very dense. Means a LOT of energy gets transferred. It's also slightly radioactive. When you blow a lot of it, however, your neat smashy-smashy run turns into "Hey, we've just set off a lovely dirty bomb in Denver."


Another game, same group. We're doing a snatch of a witness. Now, the plan is for the assassin put on his bandersnatch suit, while the social adept delivers flowers to the next door neighbor. The social adept is then supposed to eat lunch, giving him a reason to loiter, so when the assassin barrels out of the building, we can leave with our getaway car.

Yeah, the lady we're delivering flowers to happens to be hot and home, and the adept decides that, since she's willing, he's going to get laid. Right now. In the middle of the run. Meanwhile, the assassin decides that, since he's got all these squishy people around him, he might as well kill some people on his way to grab the witness.

Needless to say, my hacker/rigger spent a LOT of time cursing, especially when the adept got himself handcuffed to the bed and TAZED, and the simple snatch turned into yet another bloodbath.

It's about that time that all my drones started going about armed.

2011-07-08, 10:48 AM
It's about that time that all my drones started going about armed.I don't even risk it - my drones are generally armed from the start. :smallamused:

Mark Hall
2011-07-08, 10:56 AM
I don't even risk it - my drones are generally armed from the start. :smallamused:

Money, money, money makes the world go round. Since I was primarily a hacker, I had several drones but only one SMG; I switched it out, depending on the mission.

My fixer REALLY liked me after that, especially since I was willing to take drones who were a bit beat up (one of my other contacts was a junkyard; I could MAKE stuff work).

2011-07-09, 02:07 AM
As a player I would love to have that type of death.

"And than the Ogre smashed my guy to his last breath. How about you?"

"I was strangled to death by an angry fashion sense! Bell bottoms and fluffy shirts came from no where till I was neck deep in ankle socks!"