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2011-07-09, 09:05 PM
I'm working on a character for a Pathfinder campaign, and would like the playground's help.

At first I was planing on making an Arcane Archer, with Ranger and Wizard levels, but as I reading Elves of Golarion, I found the section on alchemical archery. Clearly, this lends itself to the Alchemist class. Would there be a way to make a good Alchemical Archer?

What I want
BAB =< 15
Some form of spell casting
Moderate skills (dd, stealth, perception, acrobatics, etc)
A way to craft or otherwise obtain large quantities of alchemical arrows.
Pathfinder classes only, maybe feats from 3.5

I was thinking of using the Raining Arrows as a way to deliver the Alchemist's bombs. Using a Fighter(archer) dip for feats and proficiencies. I will have a masterwork potion belt and the accelerated drinker trait to drink a potion as a move action.

Thanks in advance.

2011-07-09, 09:27 PM
Here is the best approach, as I see it. Either start as Rogue or Fighter and have them centered on long distance attacks (eg; archery). Rogues are automatically proficient with the light crossbow and light bow, fighters can take proficiencies in it. Rangers will work too but you become limited in some respects in the area of skills and feats. After 5th level fighter multiclass into the Alchemist class from the Advanced Players Guidebook. Multiclass back and forth for the rest of your class levels. You'll have a BAB by 20th' level of +18 and three attacks per round.

Feat suggestions: quick draw, rapid shot, rapid reload. Master Alchemist. For the alchemist's discoveries take Sticky Bomb and delayed bomb.

If you go rogue I suggest you focus on crossbows and take crossbow mastery which allows you to reload an arrow as a free action.

2011-07-09, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the reply.

I'm picking Elf for the race, so I will probably go with Fighter(archer).
Would switching back and fourth really be the best thing to do tho? Fighters do not get that many skill points, and taking Alchemist every other level after 5th leaves the Alchemist... lacking.

With the Practised Spellcaster feat, I can basic discount the loss of caster level from multiclassing. Caster level will not be that big of an issue with an Alchemist, but four more levels couldn't hurt.

Would Fighter 5/Alchemist 15 be worth doing if I plan to be more of a skill monkey than a damage dealer?

2011-07-09, 10:07 PM
Well you don't have to, its just depends on how you're starting the game. If you're starting at a later level then it doesn't matter really. Though it'd be smarter to play an Elven Rogue Alchemist for the archer part. Since Elves are already proficient with long bows you don't have to take a feat to be proficient with them and you'd get the benefits of being a rogue in skill points which will play heavily later with the Alchemist's crafting needs.

2011-07-09, 11:15 PM
Does Rogue give me anything unique tho? If I already have the weapon and armor proficiency, and disable device, Rogue gives me trapfindng and 4 more skill points... well, I guess those are good, and I could always take the Vivisectionist archetype.

The trick with taking Fighter means that I may be able to get some mithral version of medium armor, and I can give up Weapon Familiarity in place of Silent Hunter.