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2011-07-16, 06:41 PM
Bluh bluh, I hate making threads. ._.

I think I'm going to Comic-con and I don't want to wear regular clothes. That would be boring. I wanted to dress as John in his God Tier costume. Or atleast something that resembled it. Getting the shirt would be easy, just go to the online store and get one. Where can I find neon green/yellow shoes and sky blue skinny jeans? (A shade a bit lighter than this: http://www.whatpumpkin.com/store/images/windy_tee_large.jpg)

If you can help me find what i'm looking for, i'll gladly make art for you. Uh huh. I know what you want, and I can deliver.

Thanks. :smallsmile:


I'm not even going to try to make the hood. >_> Never mind, my grandmother can sew. :smallsmile:

Oo, i'll need to redye my hair and wear my glasses...