View Full Version : Freind looking for help with Disgaea sprite series.

Draconi Redfir
2011-07-18, 10:44 PM
So for approximately two years now a very close friend of mine has been attempting to create a web series for youtube to allow for a creative outlet and a way to pass the time. unfortunately, it's not going so well. This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxM1lyUrSqY) is an example of what he can do alone, he's worked long and hard on every second of the video, but without proper writers, voice actors, scripters, and just general all-around assistance, he's pretty sure he won't be able to get the series off the ground.

That's were you come in playground, Iím looking to recruit anyone I can to help my buddy out here and create something that I believe at least, has a lot of potential. If you believe you can help in some way, even if it's just lending a voice, a joke, or some background images, it would be a big help, and both of us would greatly appreciate the effort.

Post here or in the comments section of the video if you are interested and Iíll PM you my friends email so the two of you can talk directly.

Many thanks, -Gicko.

edit: And/or check out the forum (http://disgaeasss.activeboard.com/)

2011-07-21, 08:55 AM
I'd suggest posting something on the Voice Acting Alliance (http://voiceactingalliance.com/) forums.

2011-07-23, 07:39 PM
I'm willing to write a storyline and episodes, but I need something to work off. PM the email ASAP so I can begin.
Sorry if I sound like a pretentious *******. I just think this really has potential and I want to start writing soon.

2011-07-25, 04:41 PM
Say could you upload a link to the videos? I have experience writing, and if your interested in having me, I kinda want to know what the story is.

2011-07-25, 04:55 PM
Heres the Episode (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxM1lyUrSqY) the link was in the first post but it was kinda easy to miss.

(by the way I'm the friend)

2011-07-25, 05:09 PM
thanks, nice to meet you by the way

2011-07-25, 05:11 PM
Nice to meet you too (")=^-^=(")

2011-07-25, 05:44 PM
So, anyway I've never actually heard of this game series before, but with enough information I can probably make something of it, I also know another forum that does have a bunch of really talented artists called www.furrypile.com so if you can't find enough of those you could probably find some there. Also I think we should probably continue this over mail, my email is tacobill122@yahoo.ca

2011-07-25, 05:47 PM
Copy sent you an email so you have mine

2011-07-25, 05:53 PM
cool, see yah later

Draconi Redfir
2011-07-26, 06:36 AM
Welp, looks my job here is done:smallbiggrin:

And yeah sorry i didint message any of you guys, i was looking for Prin's go-ahead first, but aparently he just made an account :P

2011-07-26, 09:19 AM
We are not. get back to work :p