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2011-07-21, 11:47 AM
I'm making a Wizard 5/Incanatrix 5, and I'm trying to find ways to get my Spellcraft check up. Currently I've got:

+13 ranks
+2 synergy from Knowledge(Arcana)
+13 from Item Familiar feat
+3 Skill Focus(Spellcraft) feat
+9 Int mod

A total of +40 to my Spellcraft. I already have in mind Masterwork Spellcraft Tools(+2 circumstance), and a +10 competence Spellcraft item, so I'm looking at +52 now.

Is there anything else I can do to boost this more?

2011-07-21, 11:52 AM
I know it isn't really an answer, but why would you ever need a Spellcraft higher than a +52 at 10th level?

2011-07-21, 12:20 PM
Get a wand of Guidance of the Avatar (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/article.asp?x=dnd/sb/sb20010504a) and UMD it.
Divine Insight (SpC) would be good too, but it's CL-dependent, so it might be better on your actual spell list, if you can hack it on. The Extra Spell feat, maybe?

You're missing a few bonus types. Luck (Stone of Good Luck, but there has to be a bigger bonus available from a spell somewhere), Morale (Heroism? Greater Heroism?), and Sacred/Profane (Can't think of anything off-hand) at least.

2011-07-21, 01:03 PM
Shape Soulmeld: Mage's Spectacles gives you +4 +2/ess. insight bonus to Spellcraft, UMD and Decipher Script. I would take that instead of Skill Focus, unless you need it for a Prereq.

2011-07-21, 01:05 PM
I don't remember if Item Familiars are mutually exclusive with normal familiars. If they're not, a Butterfly familiar (some Dragon Magazine, would have to search to find which) gives +3 on Spellcraft, doubled to +6 with Elven Generalist should you go that route.

2011-07-21, 05:50 PM
I know it isn't really an answer, but why would you ever need a Spellcraft higher than a +52 at 10th level?

Incantatrix has the ability to do really nifty things with metamagic requiring Spellcraft checks with a DC of 18 + [modified spell level]x3, where modified spell level is the spell level slot that a metamagic'ed version of the spell would normally use. A +52 spellcraft only guarantees being able to simulate a 15th level spell slot. Which sounds like it would be sufficient until you want to start stacking huge amounts of metamagic on a spell (e.g. a Maximized Empowered Extended Energy Admixture (Cold)'d Energy Admixture (Acid)'d Wall of Fire takes an 18th level spell slot. Not sure if that's completely legal, but you get the idea).

2011-07-21, 06:01 PM
Aaaaand with that, every "melee can't have nice things" DM has just crapped their pants.

2011-07-21, 06:19 PM
And how can you have 28 Int at level 10? o_o.

2011-07-21, 06:27 PM
20 base, 2 from leveling, +6 item. That's my guess, anyways.

2011-07-21, 06:37 PM
Ok, that works, I checked on the DMG. I was somehow convinced that level 10 players had 16000 gp to spend. That's what our DM told us when we made our level 10 characters. :smallannoyed:

2011-07-21, 07:40 PM
Be a Spellscale from Races of the Dragon and always pick Io for your daily Blood-Quickening Meditation. That'll get you a racial spellcraft bonus equal to half your character level.