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2011-07-21, 02:14 PM
I'm brainstorming some ideas for a Cleric in an upcoming campaign. The idea is a Good worshiper of a Death deity.

The campaign won't be happening for a few months yet, so a bit of this is still up in the air. No word yet on the setting, but I can probably argue pretty much any god into it, possibly changing an alignment up to one step. But a couple things are probably going to be the case: Divine Metamagic is probably going to be banned; if it isn't, it will be nerfed significantly. Anyone suggesting metamagic reducers will be eaten by a Grue. Warblade is banned. Other ToB classes and material may be considered but I'm not counting on it. Likewise not counting on Strongheart Halflings being available; if they are I switch the race ASAP. The other people in the group are probably about mid-level optimizers.

So far, this is what I've come up with:

Female Halfling
LG, worships Urogalan (Hopefully to be considered an LG deity)
Domains: Repose, Protection

Build: Cleric 1-3/Church Inquisitor 1-4/Sacred Purifier1-5 (Libris Mortis)/Church Inquisitor 5-10(CDiv)/Cleric 4-5
If Urogalan is not considered LG: Cleric 1-7/Sacred Purifier 1-5/Cleric 8-15
(I know Sacred Purifier loses a caster level, but it fits the theme precisely, and I can't figure out a better way to get a Greater Turning given the deity).

1 Extend Spell
3 Reach Spell (CDiv)
6 Extra Turning (Prereq for Sacred Purifier)
9 Divine Defiance (FCII)
12 Sacred Boost (CDiv)
15 ?
18 ?

Basic idea is to be a buffer/debuffer, not much emphasis on melee combat. I'm thinking of playing her like a very pleasant and understanding funeral director. Her motivation is mainly based on protecting her friends and community. Undead infuriate her. She's reserved for a Halfling, but definitely not somber. (She'd be as comfortable performing a wedding as she is performing a funeral). I'm considering starting her as Middle-Age.

So, the questions. First and most obviously, Feat selection. Am I missing any good ones? (I'm considering DMM "not an option" until I hear otherwise from the DM). I'm totally blanking on feats for 15 and 18. I don't just want to blow them on Extra Turning, but since she's not really melee-focused (and since DMM is out of the picture) I'm a bit at a loss as to what ought to go there.

Second, additional PrC's. Those last two levels of Cleric in the first build are just bothering me. But I don't see any other PrCs that would really add to either the power or the theme, that I could get with just two spare feats in the build to spend on Prereqs.

Last, I'm not sure if Cloistered Cleric and/or Knowledge Devotion will be available. Would it be worth it to argue it in for this character?

2011-07-21, 08:31 PM
Bump ... any takers? Suggestions, feat options?

2011-07-21, 08:47 PM
Urogalan (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Urogalan) is apparently LN, although there isn't any problem with playing a LG worshipper. Kelemvor (http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Kelemvor) is another, similar option, if you want something not tied specifically to halflings. He even has his own anti-undead prestige class, the Doomguard, although I don't recall its features.

If you are planning on debuffing, perhaps Spell Penetration? Unlike Wizard spells, Clerics don't necessarily get a large number of no-SR options on their spell list. Then again, 15th level is far enough along that you will have already come up with a way to deal with SR or you would be avoiding the SR-dependant spells at that point.