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2011-07-23, 02:55 AM
It seems to me that the vast majority of item creation has gone untapped. The following are just a few thoughts on how to push item creation into much more usable formats than say the normal 50% cost, 4% xp requirement of conventional crafting.
The following calculations will involve these reductions.
DMG, PG 282 - Restrict a created item to a certain skill to get them to function.
DMG, PG 282 - Restrict a created item to a certain Class or Alignment to use.
ECS PG 49 - Extraordinary Artisan (feat) - Reduce the GP cost of item creation by 25%
ECS PG 49 - Legendary Artisan (feat) - Reduce the XP cost of item creation by 25%

Also, let us assume that the person in question is in fact a LVL 1 Human Artificer. 32 point buy gives us str8/dex14/con10/int14/wis10/cha18, Feats Extraordinary Artisan, Legendary Artisan, Skill Focus (UMD), Magical Aptitude. Forget the other skills, Max UMD. Ranks 4 , Cha Mod 4 , Skill Focus (UMD) 3, Magical Aptitude 2, +2 Artificer Bonus(as he can make the scrolls we're about to be playing with) gives us a UMD of 16 on a 1.
Now this is where the fun starts. Reviewing the DMG PG 237, It says a scroll is a spell (OR COLLECTION OF SPELLS) that has been stored in written form.
I'll say it again. OR COLLECTION OF SPELLS. As in, when you're creating a scroll, you can create MULTIPLE SPELLS on the SAME SCROLL. This is important as each scroll has a minimum creation time of 1 scroll per day- whereas a properly built artificer can drop any number of spells into a scroll (in a single day) from ANY SPELL LIST. That offers dramatically more versatility (much faster) than many people seem to realize.
This is where the cost reduction comes in. 90%*70%*75% = 47.25% GP cost. Same math for XP gives us the same reduction. A LVL 1 Scroll costs 12.5 gp and 1 xp per SPELL. Applying the previous mods, we get 5.91gp, and just under half an XP (.47). Thus, we can make TWO LVL 1 spells on a single scroll for 11.82gp, and 1xp in just one day.
Also, based on the calculations for creating scrolls from DMG pg285, we find that scroll costs are Caster lvl*Spell Level*25gp. Due to the unique way an artificer creates scrolls, his caster level is treated as 1, yet he can make up to 2nd lvl spell scrolls with a UMD check of 22 (two chances at this). Therefore, a scroll of say...Scorching Ray, Ray of Stupidity, or Cure Mod all only cost 1*2*25= 50gp*.4725=23.625gp and .945xp. This is...dramatically better than the usual rate.
Now, until we can guarantee success on the requisite 21/22 checks for lvl 1 and lvl 2 scrolls (easily done at lvl 2 with synergies) we probably don't want to try to craft all of our scrolls in one go. Lets say we make a few double scrolls like this, but 125 gp won't get us very far. Setting aside 60~ gp for basic gear gives us about 65 gp and 20 xp in the craft reserve for scrolls.
This is the main reason for this post. According to normal sale rules, you could sell items for half cost. Is it possible to get ahead of regular starting gold in this manner? If so, what is the best way to optimize a level 1 Artificer, or otherwise gain wealth early to take advantage of these reductions?
~Thanks for Reading!!

Thrice Dead Cat
2011-07-23, 04:14 AM
It's been done before. If someone with more memory on creation abuse than myself could provide, I know at one point someone made a character who could craft stuff at an effective ~5% market price. I may be off on that.

However, why would our artificer stop at just two spells a day? If you has the money and XP (definitely the latter! :smalltongue:) why not just blow one day creating a bunch of spells?

It is part of why the class is so very, very optimization friendly. Money is easily power in DND. Just check the Wealth By Level table you just broke!:smalltongue: