View Full Version : DM Tools for Linux or Android?

2011-07-25, 01:45 AM
I've been searching for some solid DM tools, maybe something alike to Masterplan (http://www.habitualindolence.net/masterplan/) for Windows, that are compatible for Linux. Right now I'm usually running Virtual machines of windows in order to use things like masterplan, and I would like to cut that down (And installing it onto WINE Doesn't count :P).

I also have my Android phone by me at all times.

I'm interested in 3.5, 4e, and generic system tools.

Right now I'm using:
- Org mode for Linux (For stuff happening now)
- Maptool as a mapping/combat tracking solution.
- Spellbook - 3.5 for Android
- Locally hosted wiki on my laptop (For looking stuff up)

If all else fails I might code myself something up, but I rather would just use the work of others.

On-line tools are... all right, but I'd prefer offline ones, since I do a lot of my work separately.