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2011-07-27, 10:38 PM

Ugly was a child who could best be described as... "unique" He wasn't exactly human, though the rest of his village was. Then again, he was an orphan who was found in the forest by one of the village elders, so people gave him some respect. You do NOT mess with the son of one of the villages elders, even if they are adopted. Ugly was part human. He was also, in fact, part elf, orc, ogre, cloud giant, stone giant, storm giant, fire giant, frost giant, troll, illithid, slaad, demon, daemon, devil, modron, archon, guardinal, eladrin, red dragon, green dragon, blue dragon, black dragon, white dragon, copper dragon, brass dragon, bronze dragon, silver dragon, gold dragon, werewolf, wererat, weretiger, vampire, and who knows what else. For some reason, though, he just looked like a very ugly human.

One day Ugly left the village to see the wider world. Little did he know how wide the world(s) would be...

[Outside story comment (Osc)]The story is eventually going to be "Lovecraft Lite" with a focus on action-y stuff.[/Osc]

2011-07-28, 12:09 PM

After a few days of wandering, Ugly came across a big city. When I say a big city, however, I don't mean as big as New York... I mean a footprint the size of Texas with most buildings 10 miles high. Like I said, a BIG city. Soon after arriving, he noticed that there were very few people out in the streets, and there were posters pasted all around warning of things called "venomfire crawlers." Some other posters mentioned a large reward for anyone who could drive away that menace. Ugly went to the police station, hoping for details. He got them. The police very nervously told him that venomfire crawlers were large, magical spiders with venom acidic enough to dissolve steel in seconds, as well as having the fiery breath of red dragons. They also explained that the only person ever to defeat such a large horde so far was now dead, and was once king of a great kingdom, for which this city was the capital... and the last remnant. "That's his sword on the table," said the police chief. "You seem like a worthy feller, so why don't ya take it and try to stop those crawlers? Good luck!" and as Ugly heard the door lock behind him, he also heard the phrase "you'll need it..."

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