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2011-07-29, 08:43 PM
First off, thanks a ton for reading!

The Long Version:

My artist friend is big on OCTs and pointed me towards a fantastic one to enter (as a writer, since I can't draw ^_^), which is unfortunately dead in the water due to too few contestants. Given the awesome premise, I'm inclined to blame a lack of awareness. I've seen so many fantastic writers and artists on this forum that I could think of no better place to inquire. :smallsmile:

For those who don't know, here (http://yamiredpen.deviantart.com/art/A-Guide-to-OCTs-132017087)'s what an OCT is.

For the rest, it takes places in a not-too-distant-future Earth setting with some advanced technology, but any original character with a reason to be there works. The prizes are schweet; my artist friend ponied up her stellar arts plus premium subscription time.

Some Background on the Setting

Intro in Flash Vid form! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EddabZalCn4)
Intro Comic

The fate of world pivots on an isolated island research facility.
Owned by a Private military contracting company, the facility had nearly completed it's masterpiece weapon of untold destructive power when one of its researchers became disgruntled, turned the installations' security on his fellow researchers and took control of the base. All communications are cut off, a security satellite network makes a large-scale assault impossible, and the weapons' target is unknown. The only chance to stop the device is a short window of opportunity 20 minutes before its activation where in the person can enter the launch sequences' failsafe codeword into the central computer.

Rapidly exploding into an international crisis, nations and private interests across the planet are offering rewards beyond anyone's wildest dreams to the person who can reach the main console first. Their motives are varied. Many just want the weapon stopped, others want to change its target to their enemies, and some and want to claim the weapon and all the technological wonders of the facility for themselves.

Whatever the reason , the competition is going to fierce as competitors try to outmatch each other for their prize.

and all the while the clock will be ticking...

The Short Version:

I'm trying to inject fresh talent into an OCT. The dAer running it wants to take his competitions to the next level, which means having enough entries that he can afford to be selective.

Tons of other information and example entries (#5 is my kickarse friend) can be found hither (http://bwarchtor.deviantart.com).

Hopefully, some of you will seriously check it out/spread the word/whatevers, but even reading this far has earned you my undying affection.

Thanks again! :smallbiggrin: