View Full Version : Disregard this.

2011-07-31, 07:15 PM
Never mind.

2011-08-01, 02:17 PM
Hmm? Is this here for anything?

Elder Tsofu
2011-08-01, 02:30 PM
I think that you missed the title "Disregard this", and the content of the post, which was "Never mind".

I would deduce from these clues that the thread was created either by mistake, or for some reason became superfluous after its creation.
The removal off all content, except an note about disregarding the thread, was probably done in the hope that none would reply to said thread and that it thus would die the death of inactivity. Alone and forgotten.

So to answer your question: Yes, it is here to not be replied in. :smalltongue: