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2011-08-03, 02:31 AM
I have long toyed with the idea of a campaign setting which employs Psionics as the main magic system, with no arcane or divine magic allowed. It would of course incorporate some homebrew healing powers, plus Tome of Battle mechanics, maybe Incarnum too, but that's a discussion for another time.

More to the point, I was thinking about the Pathfinder Summoner class today. It's always bugged me a bit. Seems like a neat class, but there seems to be a significant mismatch between its fluff and crunch. And it occurred to me that the gap would be closed if it was dropped into that Psionics setting I keep coming back to. Eidolons make much more sense as literal Monsters From the Id than extraplanar creatures. But making that shift is going to entail giving the summoner power points, converting his spell list into Powers, and maybe tossing power point costs onto some of his abilities, and I'm at a bit of a loss of where to start. Anyone care to help out a bit?

2011-08-05, 12:45 PM
A lot of what you're looking for (psionic healing and summoning) can be done with material from Complete Psionic, Hyperconscious and the web enhancements for each. Pretty much any psion can take hyperconscious' Psychic chirurgeon prestige class and gain significant healing capability, and an Egoist with the true healer ACF (see expanded classes 2, below) can be an incredibly efficient healer with the right feats.

web enhancement links:
Mind's Eye, Expanded Classes 1 (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070214a)
Mind's Eye, Expanded Classes 2 (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070314a)
Mind's Eye, Expanded Classes 3 (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070411a)
Mind's Eye, Expanded Classes 4 (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20070629a)
Hyperconscious Web Enhancement (http://www.montecook.com/arch_stuff75.html)

Now, specifically for the summoner. It has medium BAB and 6th level spells. The psionic class that is closest would be the psychic warrior (it even gains access to new power levels at the same rate as the summoner gains spell levels). We'll use that as a base, and throw together an ACF. Something like this...

Psychic Summoner

Many psionicists use ectoplasm to form constructs mimicing shapes that only exist in their nightmares, and it is an effective tactic indeed. However, only psychic summoners dare to spike the mix of horror and ectoplasm with material drawn directly from the outer planes. Fools do not last long in this dangerous game, so psychic summoners who survive long enough to be recognized are cautious, canny folk. Though their martial studies are neglected, psychic summoners can manipulate space with an ease that makes traditional conjurors sputter.

Replaces: The Psychic Warrior's bonus feats. The power known at first level and the martial weapon, medium armor, heavy armor and shield proficiencies.

Add Knowledge (The Planes) and Psicraft to the list of class skills.

The psychic summoner gains powers at the same rate as the psychic warrior, but from a different list (see below).

1st: The psychic warrior gains astral construct as a power known. Gain Boost Construct and Durable Construct (from hyperconscious, waive the "manifester level: 3rd" requirement. Astral constructs last 10 minutes, static) as bonus feats. Also, the psychic summoner gains the ability to use Call beast of the Id (Hyperconscious) as a psi-like ability a number of times per day equal to his/her wisdom modifier plus three. Use the psychic summoner's normal manifester level.

2nd: As Personal Construct (the Shaper ACF in expanded classes part 3, above), with the following addition. Whenever the personal construct is created, it gains benefits as if it were a psicrystal, except it never gains the self-propulsion and flight abilities. If this would cause the construct to become intelligent, it gains feats according to its hit dice. The player can select these feats, but they can only be changed whenever he/she gains a level (as if they were features of the personal construct). The personal construct loses its immunity to mind-affecting effects. When you gain this ability, choose a personality for your personal construct (as per the psicrystal ability); it cannot be changed later. You gain the listed benefit of the personality at all times, even when your personal construct is not manifested.

5th: The psychic summoner can share powers with his/her personal construct whenever it is within 5 feet per manifester level, maximum 100 feet.

7th, 11th and 17th: Your astral construct power is automatically augmented with 2 (4 at 11th, 6 at 17th) power points at no cost to you. This affects all of your manifestations of astral construct (even if it is not your personal construct), but you still cannot augment the power beyond your manifester level.

14th: The psychic summoner may use Fusion as a psi-like ability once per day. He/she can only use this power to fuse with his/her personal construct (ignore Fusion's normal requirement of matching creature types), and does not pay the experience cost for the power. Use the psychic summoner's normal manifester level.

20th: When you use your Fusion psi-like ability, you create a copy of your personal construct, which persists for the duration of the fusion effect. This new construct forms adjacent to you and takes its first turn immediately after yours ends. This is an exception to the usual restriction of one astral construct per manifester.

Psychic Summoner power list:

Astral Construct (automatically learned at level 1)
Astral Traveler
Detect Psionics
Detect Teleportation
Dimension Hop
Dissipating Touch
Ecto Protection
Force Screen
Inertial Armor
Psionic Grease
Psionic Protection from Good/Evil
Sense Link
Urban Strider

Animal Affinity
Call Beast of the Id
Construct Toughness
Dimension Swap
Dismiss Ectoplasm
Larval Flayers
Psionic Levitate
Psionic Repair Damage
Psionic See Invisibility
Share Pain
Strength of My Enemy

Astral Caravan
Dimension Slide
Dimension Twister
Dispel Psionics
Energy Wall
Heavy Earth
Mindful Aura
Psionic Glyph of Warding
Time Hop

Double Dimension
Ectoplasmic Swarm
Planar Apotheosis
Psionic Dimension Door
Psionic Dimensional Anchor
Psionic Dismissal
Psionic Fly
Psionic Freedom of Movement
Shadow Eft
Trace Teleport
Wall of Ectoplasm

Baleful Teleport
Celestial Conduit
Dimensional Obstruction
Ethereal Agent
Fiendish Conduit
Psionic Plane Shift
Psionic Teleport
Psionic True Seeing
Unleash Idbeast

Defer Fatality
Ethereal Abduction
Form of Doom
Inconstant Location
Personal Mind Blank
Planar Champion
Planar Embrace (when a psychic summoner manifests this power on his/her personal construct using share powers, the construct gains spell-like abilities according to its full hit dice rather than half the psychic summoner's manifester level)
Psionic Banishment
Psionic Overland Flight
Stygian Touch
Temporal Acceleration