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big teej
2011-08-05, 06:29 AM
greetings playgrounders,

at the request of a summer player, I have been tasked to help create a Big Daddy for him.

I wanted to run by what I've come up with and see what you think.

Step 1 - Warforged - player's insistence
Step 2 - one level in the Warforged paragon class found below
Step 3 - for the Feature, take the Poweful build, to make it larger.
Step 4 - give character a harpoon and locked gauntlets.
Step 5 - be okay with "short hafting" the harpoon so it can be used in melee.
Step 6 - apply "Flesh-Grinding" from BOVD and fluff it as a drill.
Step 7 - at some point, allow another level from the Paragon class
Step 8 - take the "ranged slam" warforged feature, so he can shoot his drill at people.
Step 9 - ???
Step 10 - Profit!

so what do you think?
I'd post the sources I have to work with, but I think what I've got here is pretty solid.... and they're all out in my car.

warforged paragon class

2011-08-05, 12:28 PM
Big daddies are not constructs, living or otherwise.

big teej
2011-08-05, 01:57 PM
Big daddies are not constructs, living or otherwise.

I am aware. I asked the player if he wanted to be a warforged or a living being.

he picked warforged.