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Justin Halliday
2011-08-10, 08:17 AM
I've been working on a game system called Heroes Against Darkness for a while. It started as a reaction to extended play sessions of 4th Edition and Basic D&D, and aims to strike a balance between modern mechanics and simple play*.

The rules are available here:

The key goals of the system are:
- Take the core mechanic of d20-style rule-sets.
- Reduce the paperwork and character management through minimal character build options.
- Use defenses instead of saving throws.
- Align all stats and bonuses so bigger is better.
- Introduce balanced combat powers for all classes that offer meaningful choices and situational advantages in combat.
- Increase combat damage at higher levels.
- Introduce Anima Points and spell powers that have Anima costs (instead of Vancian magic), so that players of mage characters have options in and out of combat.
- Use simple armor and weapon proficiencies based on class.
- Replace predefined skills with class and background appropriate skills that give bonuses to Ability Checks.
- Introduce Mage classes based on five schools of magic; Warlocks for physical (red), Healers for physiological (green), Canonates for divine (white), Necromancers for death (black) and Mystics for control and influence (blue).
- Introduce separate fighting classes; Warriors, Barbarians and Berserkers.
- Introduce specialist classes; Hunters and Rogues.
- Introduce the magical cross-class; Hospiters (similar to the old-school Cleric or Priest classes, but without the divine aspects of those classes).

Right now the system is at Alpha. I've been playtesting with my group for a few months now, but I don't have enough players to cover all of the bases with the different classes and combat options.

There's lots still to do:
- The Beasts and Bastards section for monsters
- Further refinement of class powers, especially Barbarian, Berserker, Hunter
- Replacement, removal or approval of Character Background and Dungeon Design sections
- Further development of the Game Master's section

I'm looking for feedback on the following:
- Class powers
- Magic system and spells for each Magi class
- Are the unique differences and qualities of the system clear from just reading the document, or are they 'buried.'
- Game balance, progression, balance between classes
- Playtest results!

Ultimately I plan to release the game for free, but I do want to make sure it's a usable system.

Thanks guys.

* So I'm sure it could be categorized as a fantasy heartbreaker... :-)