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2011-08-14, 01:53 PM
Because I don't feel like thinking up an imaginative title.

I draw a lot, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it (though I can only really draw in one (cartoony) style). I want to see if the Playground agrees with me.

Yeah, just one for now. I'll add more drawings over time, mostly because I don't have many scanned yet.

What do you think?

2011-08-14, 02:40 PM
Nice framing, but needs less cheekmouth. :smallsmile:

Doktor Per
2011-08-16, 06:37 AM
Where are their noses?

You got all the basics, great lines and curves. But it lacks life and the heads are terrible.

2011-08-18, 10:36 AM
Where are their noses?
...My official excuse is that it's a stylistic choice.

But it lacks life and the heads are terrible.
Yeah, I think I see what you mean. Any suggestions for how I can fix that?

2011-08-18, 12:14 PM
Hm, personally i'd say it would need some basic greys and better defined eyes, to convey emotion. And of course better defined facial profiles. :smallwink:

2011-08-18, 03:47 PM
the only thing that gets me is, the woman in the center panel, it kinda looks like her face is the triangle top, with hair falling away from the center peak, rather than it being a hairline. some shading and not elongating her eyebrow so much might fix that. doesn't seem lifeless to me at all, emotion comes through quite well!

2011-08-23, 08:50 PM
I like it. Maybe you'd wanna clean it up a little with inking, but it also works this way. It reads well even without words, which I find that a lot of stuff does not these days.

To be honest though, if you put it up on the internet and it doesn't have a gripping storyline, I wouldn't follow it. I would like cleaner lines and a little more detail, but it looks like a good storyboarding method to get you generally where you'd want to go with a story.

Dr. Roboto
2011-08-23, 09:42 PM
I like it as well. Maybe I'm just used to seeing more cartoon-y art, but I dig the style of the noses. I could really see the emotion, both in the eyes and in small touches, like the hunched shoulders and the hands holding the upper arms.

One thing that I noticed is that the characters, at least to me, are fairly androgynous. That might be a decision on your part, or just a side effect of the style, but I thought I'd bring it up. Also, whenever I try to draw, I find myself straying away from areas in which I'm not proficient, which for me are hands. You seem to avoid drawing legs, so maybe you should practice those a bit more.

Of course, I'm no artist, so take that with a grain of salt. :smallwink:

2011-08-26, 05:19 AM
Maybe I'm just used to seeing more cartoon-y art, but I dig the style of the noses

The problem with the noses is that there's no 'in' bit. They stay out, so they're snouts not noses. People will look at this (especially people not familiar with anime) and think "Why do these folk have snouts?"
It's very important in profile to give your people noses and not snouts, if you're going for simple cartoon style then just leave it out altogether.

The second major problem is, as previously mentioned, cheek-mouth. When your people are in profile, their mouths are in their cheeks. This is done in animation to save money (because they don't need to animate the whole face, just the mouth), but you shouldn't do it in drawings.

I really think it's very cute, though. You say you can only draw in one style, but that umbrella is well shaped and shows you can't only draw one thing! If you want a piece to be really super proud of, maybe you could ink it (like previously suggested) to make the lines nice and black.

2011-08-26, 10:02 AM
sorry pal, "stylistic choice" only works as an excuse after you learn to draw from life first. That said, you can tell a story visually - well done.

I'd change the fourth panel a bit though. It's too abrupt coming from #3.